Jul 312010

Sorry, still spinning. First day of summer break and I spent the whole afternoon spinning samples for my big cardigan project. And managed to do a real one-handed long draw for the first time ever. Now I know there’ll be a lot of you who don’t know anything about spinning technique, and that’s totally fine, but what I basically did was let go of control and spin with only one hand. Which – of course – gave me the idea of trying to spin and take a picture at the same time. Which then looked like this:


Beer is really essential to this, Abby said so. (And here’s a video of it.) To show you a bit more than speed I fiddled a bit and got this:


Apart from my new (to me) Majacraft Little Gem that I totally love you can also see the beer cup holder I got myself. It was a dire necessity because I kept knocking over my drink while spinning. I would always put it on the floor and then accidentally bump into it. Not good. We also tried a new brand of beer…

The weather was actually beautiful today for a change but I stayed inside mostly. Shame on me.

Jul 302010

Since I’m wearing both make-up and my new handspun cardigan today I thought it might be a good day to take a self-portrait:


The slightly crazy look on my face comes from me trying to smile at the right time. While getting the picture real quick. Also, my glasses are dirty. (I can’t be expected to have everything under control, can’t I?)

For those of you who are interested in things like that you can read about the making of the cardigan on my project page, and a bit about the motivation for making it in “The Want“.

To celebrate the last day of school we made lactose-free pizza together. It’s really rare to meet all of us in the kitchen for cooking, and so that felt very special to me.


I’ve also come to realize that lunch feels special to me very often. My husband’s cooking is that good. – Mine’s not that bad either. And pizza is one of my very favorite things in the world. Homemade pizza with my family? Very, very good thing.