Jul 312010

Sorry, still spinning. First day of summer break and I spent the whole afternoon spinning samples for my big cardigan project. And managed to do a real one-handed long draw for the first time ever. Now I know there’ll be a lot of you who don’t know anything about spinning technique, and that’s totally fine, but what I basically did was let go of control and spin with only one hand. Which – of course – gave me the idea of trying to spin and take a picture at the same time. Which then looked like this:


Beer is really essential to this, Abby said so. (And here’s a video of it.) To show you a bit more than speed I fiddled a bit and got this:


Apart from my new (to me) Majacraft Little Gem that I totally love you can also see the beer cup holder I got myself. It was a dire necessity because I kept knocking over my drink while spinning. I would always put it on the floor and then accidentally bump into it. Not good. We also tried a new brand of beer…

The weather was actually beautiful today for a change but I stayed inside mostly. Shame on me.

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  1. I can see the motion in this. Nice. And I love the colour in the vest in the sp.

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