Jun 292007

Well, at least for me. All the participants who still haven’t started their scripts can try to reach the goal of 20,000 words until tomorrow evening. But for me the frenzy stops.

My heroes are celebrating, they have won, the bad witches are defeated. Or so they think. Though I have reached 20,000 words, the story isn’t finished yet. Just when everybody thinks it’s over the bad guys will realize that something has happened, the good guys will be captured, and then…
Well, I’m not entirely sure yet but I’d like to blow up the mad professor’s house thereby destroying all of the bad warlocks with my heroes just barely escaping.

But for now I’ll take the weekend off from script writing, have some champagne, and watch a movie with my husband. Something sensible. Like maybe “Hogfather“.

Jun 072007

Firstly, please remember that today is the last day of nomination and contribution to the Just Post roundtables for May.

Secondly, the good weather has hit us. So my husband and I are deep into sanding and painting the porch now. The first coat of paint is up. Due to a severe paint shortage (I recommend to actually think about how much paint you’ll need before starting a renovation project. And then go and buy as much as needed. Just saying.) and due to today being a very catholic holiday here in Bavaria (so all the shops are closed) I won’t be painting today. My poor husband though is just heading towards our tallest ladder so that he can apply the second coat of paint to the outside of the balcony/porch. This will be especially uncomfortable for him since he has a newly developed allergy to some pollen or other that causes his eyes to itch and turn all red and inflamed.

husband with protective spectacles while sanding

husband on ladder with more protection gear (wet towel)

The porch/balcony sanded:
and with the first coat of paint:

The script has been going nicely up until the day before yesterday. Today writing feels like I’m squeezing water out of desert sand. I have written 4,852 words so far. Only 15,148 to go. Right now I’m writing a scene that was inspired by Mary Wigman‘s mask dance. I couldn’t find a video of that but there is one of her witch dance here.

The stove has been installed.

If you’re somehow new to my blog and don’t know what I’m talking about, please read the post before this in which I announced my current projects.

Oh, and to those of you who wondered when I’m doing all this stuff, and if I’m like manic or something? Well, just for scale, knitting half a cardigan has taken about two months. I’m knitting while watching DVDs. The Buffy-watching so far took about half a year. Only six more episodes to go. Apart from “Buffy” and an episode of “Deep Space 9” about once a week I’m not watching any TV. Nor am I going to the cinema or reading newspapers. The bag-project will have to wait at least until July, maybe longer. And, most important: We have yet another two-week long vacation. No students for the last ten days, and five days without child, because my mother-in-law took him to visit my parents.

And here’s a bonus:

our son banging loudly on the piano

And sorry that I haven’t visited any blogs. I still read yours and yours and yours… I hope to catch up on Sunday.