Feb 112017

Today it’s eleven years that I started this blog. Every year I am a little surprised by the growing number. A little like looking at my growing son who might have to start shaving in the near future.

But the blog is still the blog.

And I’m still me.

I will be turning fifty this year, that will be a milstone, and I’m busy as ever, and I think I’m better organized and more productive but who knows.

Still living in the same house, doing the same job, married to the same guy, though. There are things that I don’t want to change as well.

I really should open a bottle of champagne later to celebrate.

And everyone of you, the people who read this gets a glass (or something different if they want), and some cinnamon rolls (I’ll be baking those soon), and a big thank you for coming back here to read time and again.


Feb 112016

This year marks ten years since I started blogging. I’m not quite sure if that’s a really long time or not. Ten years on the internet is rather long, isn’t it?

And when I think about how I started this when my son was three and now he is a full-blown teenager – yes, ten years is quite some time.

It is rather nice to have a place on the web that is mine, one where I can make the rules and do what I please. Of course that leads to a somewhat weird mixture of topics and also to a place where you can find an English-speaking blog and a German-speaking podcast.

Ten years ago there was almost no knitting and certainly no spinning, weaving or sewing in my life. Since beginning this blog I have gotten back to playing guitar, I have begun playing ukulele, and I’m still singing and playing the piano. The thing with the writing started the same year I started this blog. I know that because 2006 was the first time I did NaNoWriMo, my first very bad attempt at writing a novel.

I am certainly busy as ever with all the things I want to do in my life, and also all the things I need to do. But busy is good.

I’m sitting here in that quiet space between me getting up and the rest of the family rolling out of bed. It is carnival break, so I’m the only one who got up at seven. I think that might be my very favorite time of day, when I have had breakfast, and am now enjoying that bit of time and space to myself.

Getting the writing done first thing in the morning (after breakfast) is very important because it is pretty hard to fit it in elsewhere. For writing – even if it is a blog post – you need to hear yourself think, and that’s not all that easy in the hustle of everyday life.

Of course there are people who write in the evenings, and sometimes I like doing that as well, but it’s much better to do it right away in the morning. Because no matter what happens the rest of the day there’s one thing I’ve already done.

So today I will go to Munich and meet a friend whom I haven’t seen in months, and I’m really looking forward to it.

But before I go I wanted to say hello, and say thank you that you are reading here, and occasionally leave a comment, and give me the feeling I’m not all alone with the things that go round in my head.

So I’m pretty curious to see where the blog will go in the future, for now I raise my tea mug to ten years and still going strong.

Feb 112015

Nine years ago today I started blogging in earnest. Actually using the space I had made for myself on the internet. I don’t know what I would have thought about the fact that I would still be doing this nine years later then.

I do know that my life was both very different, and very much the same as now. In that first official post I wrote:

You’d think that having your preschooler finally in kindergarten would make live easier on the music front, but for now we’re living in constant upheaval. But then, there’s nothing special about this. The whole family is thriving on drama. ‘Though recently we started trying to calm things down. (And we’re almost as successful as this wording.)

Yep, that was the time my son started going to kindergarten. And like many mothers that was the time when I started having just a little more time to myself.

Mind you, I have never been one to forget all about myself and my own life but actually doing something about it is much easier when you have a few hours a week to yourself. When playing the piano doesn’t mean doing it while your toddler bangs on the keys right along, and when meditating doesn’t mean having a squirming child on your lap.

These days I don’t write much about my son. He is very much his own person now, and while he is still rather important to my life there is more of a sense of his life over there, and my life over here. Much of my schedule and quite a few of my obligations are determined by his life but I don’t have to micro-manage him anymore, and there are moments when he is actually helping. Like yesterday when I called for Chinese takeout, and he was the one getting it, or like last Friday when we made the deal that if he helped with the dishes there would be time enough to watch “Star Trek” together.

Interestingly I still don’t manage to play the piano every day but then I have picked up both guitar and ukulele since starting this blog. Not to forget writing fiction. And all sorts of crafts like spinning and weaving. No wonder I often feel like I can’t do everything I want.

In the last year I have not posted as often as I wanted, and at times I thought about quitting. About not doing the blog anymore like so many other bloggers that have started out with me, just post on ravelry, and continue doing the podcast. But then I still like reading blogs, and I feel that writing here is good for me. And there do seem to be people reading.

So you might have noticed that I have been trying to update once a week since the beginning of the year. I like having a schedule, it makes me a little less lazy.

I have no idea how long this will go on but I raise my glass to nine years of writing, and reading, and you, my lovely readers being part of this.

Thanks a lot for listening which was extemely important to me when I sat here, all alone with a small child trying to make new friends and failing. If it hadn’t been for the internet, for you, my life would have been much, much worse.

Thanks again.


Feb 122014

Well, it’s not exactly my blog anniversary today, first the anniversary was yesterday but I was just too busy for writing a post. (Yes, I could have written it before. But I didn’t. Sorry.) And also there was one other post on the blog, a year before that. But that post sat there, lonely and sad for a year without anything else happening which is why I declared February 11, 2006 to be the birthday of this blog.

Back then the blog was called “Diapers and Music”, and was hosted on blogger. My son had just started kindergarten, and there were still diapers and zippy cups in my life. Not for long, though, which is why I changed the name of the blog. And now my son is in 5th grade, and parenting is just a little less energy-consuming, and the blog is still here.

I have been thinking of stopping it at times. Especially since I don’t post here nearly as often as I used to. I do most of my writing on ravelry these days, and anyone who wants to find out what I’m doing day in and day out can go there and post-stalk me. But as much as I like that forum I still love reading blogs as well. So even though this here blog has become mostly a place where I post my podcast (and I know I should record another episode, and I will, soon) I still want it to be blog as well.

Two people who brought home to me what I love about blogs versus twitter or Facebook or things like that were Neil Gaiman and Frau Kaltmamsell. Neil Gaiman is taking a sabbatical from twitter and such at the moment, and has therefore started to post blog entries again. I do like following him on twitter but reading his blog is just so nice. Everything in one place, and it’s a proper read, I like it very much.

And Frau Kaltmamsell is currently writing a daily journal on her blog again. She does this from time to time, and while she feels that her daily life is rather boring I love reading about other people’s days. I’m immensely curious about how people spend their days, or what they put in their bags, or the small ordinary things. I often find those details interesting, and soothing.

So I’m thinking of doing a little daily journal blogging of my own for a bit of time. I’m not quite sure I can do this, and I definitely don’t know for how long. I also am not quite sure what you, my readers, will think of this. I know that I often quit reading blogs when they are updated too often. One post a day, when it is entertaining and interesting, I can handle. Multiple posts? Then the blog better be really, really good and interesting, or mostly pictures.

But I think there should be some kind of celebration for eight years of blogging. So there will be extra posts for a while. It might be that each of them starts with, “I meant to post yesterday but then I didn’t because…” We’ll see.

Anyways, thank you a lot for reading here. Because without readers and listeners the whole blog would be rather futile. I do have a paper journal for that. Thank you for reading, and being curious about my life, and for sharing your lives back with me.

Feb 112013

Wow. Seven years. Every year on the date when I first started blogging in earnest it gets a little more unreal.

And just this morning I thought about what teenager me back in the day who was just starting to keep a journal (and struggling mightily to write in it regularly) would have said if anybody could have told her that now, more than thirty years later she’d have a journal that is read by dozens of people, that can be accessed by anyone in the world, and also her own private radio show.

And that all of this would be done by computer, by a computer network that spans the globe, and the computer she does this on is small enough to carry around in her purse (and that she’ll have two more, even smaller ones, both smaller than the communicators in Star Trek).

I’m not quite sure she would have believed me. Or else she would have thought that flying cars, and household robots would be widespread as well.

And that most of her friends would live in her computer, and that she would spend most of her time there, and she never even had to write a program to make it work ever. (Teenager me went to computer group in school, which was open to students in 9th grade or up, when she was in 7th grade. Those were the days when computer group was led by two physics teachers, and after the first year a 12th grader took over because he knew more about programming than the teachers.)

All in all – it’s a marvel!

And having found people who usually are interested in what I have to say is rather thrilling. And being able to do all of this just for fun is even better.

So I hope you all still enjoy this as much as I do – here’s to the next seven years!

Feb 132012

Last Saturday was the actual day but I was too busy to write something on the blog. This blog started out on blogger in 2006. Phew! Six years already!

I know I’ve been rather quiet here lately but that doesn’t mean I want to stop anytime soon. Even when I feel like nobody wants to read, I still can’t imagine not to write.

A lot of the discussion we used to have on our blogs has moved to twitter and Facebook but I still like to read and write in a format that’s just slightly longer. That can go a bit deeper, or show more pictures.

I often chuckle when I remember the time when I tried to make money from blogging. When I had ads on her and blogging started to feel like a chore. When I read blogs about how to do this successfully, from people to told me to keep a blog for each of my interests. A writing blog, a mommy blog, a knitting blog, a blog for the podcast, a blog for pictures, a blog for changing habits.

But I never wanted to do that. I’m one person, singular, with all the different things that I like and think about I still don’t have compartments in my head.

Last Saturday, my actual anniversary day, I spent the day showing my photos, reading stories, and singing songs at a pop-up gallery. An event that possibly never could have happened if it weren’t for the internet. Real people, meeting each other through the computer. (If you want to get an impression of the event you can read about it on Lia’s blog.)

I started out a little more than six years ago because I was feeling very lonely, sitting around at home with my son, and I hadn’t found friends in my hometown, even though I tried. And then, all of a sudden, there were all these people in my computer. And then it turned out that some of those computer people lived right next door.

I think that’s pretty amazing.

Thanks, my dear readers, for coming back here, even if I don’t have a regular posting schedule or anything. Thanks a lot, and here’s to the next six years or so.

Feb 122011

Just about five minutes ago I thought, “Well, if it’s February I should see when I posted my first post. Because of the blog anniversary.” And see, my blog anniversary was February 11th.

So happy belated blog anniversary to creative.mother.thinking. I don’t think the blog will mind that I’m late, it’s quite used to me and my procrastinate ways by now.

Five years is a long time. Especially in blogland. My posts have gotten longer and farther between, I am no longer posting about my son as much as I did before, there is way more knitting on the blog, also the podcast – but then things change, that’s the nature of life.

To be frank I’m never quite sure when my blog anniversary is precisely. I deleted my very first post which I posted about a year before my now official first post. I posted in German disclosing both my son’s name and the town where I live. This blog also wasn’t named “creative.mother.thinking” then, it was “diapers and music”. And it didn’t have it’s own domain.

And when I think about it the most amazing thing is that there are people who have been reading and commenting here for years now. Almost five years. All my imaginary friends who only live in the computer. This is amazing.

Who would have thought that there are so many friendly people out there? I was sitting here, trying to make friends where I live and not succeeding. And then I found communities on the internet. Making it possible to say that I’m not that weird, there are others like me out there. And some of them don’t live that far away and the circle sometimes closes again.

So thank you all for reading, there would not be a blog without you,


Feb 112010

I know, it’s crazy, two posts in two days. But four years ago today I wrote my first post on this blog in English. there had been another first post, almost a year before but that wasn’t the real starting point.

I’ve read a few of my earliest posts this week, and I still like them. I also still struggle with the same things but then I’m slowly making my peace with the fact that I’m me, and that I’ll stay me for most of the rest of my life.

Nonetheless this blog has been a good thing to do, I have gotten to know all sorts of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, and I’m very grateful for that.

When I started this blog I had no idea who was going to read it. And then there was a time when I started learning more about who’s reading here, and there was a steady stream of comments on my posts. In those days we all didn’t spend time on twitter and facebook and ravelry, and in those days I used to write a lot more comments too. So it’s a bit weird to have gone back to the days where every post just sits there, and then I check my stats, and then I still don’t really know. It’s okay because mostly I’m writing for me.

But for my fourth anniversary it would be really nice if you could just say Hi in the comments so that I know you’re there.

And for my German readers, it’s really alright to write comments in German.

This is my own personal de-lurking day.

Mar 102009

when you forget that it is, and then a blogger friend announces the third anniversary of her blog, and you think, “Wait a minute, when she’s been blogging for three years I must have been too!”

So, my blog turned three. In February. Without me noticing. Seems like the honeymoon is over. Still, three years, that’s a lot of time. In blog years, anyway.

And then I went back to the beginning (I had to because I had to look up how long I’ve been blogging), and I found that in my third post I had written about temper tantrums, about conflict with my son, and how to cope. By changing just a few words I could have posted the same post last week. That surely makes me feel a bit strange, as if my life were an endless loop of repeated behavior.

But then I can’t take every post from three years ago and post it as new without changing much. I guess it all evens out.

You probably know this from your own experience, I constantly think about how much blogging and blog-reading I want to do, or I can do with all the other commitments in my life. About every other week I have the feeling that I don’t have anything to say that’s worth reading, and then I contemplate quitting.

But I won’t. Not now anyway.

My head is full of things I’d like to write about if I had a bit of space in my life. Some day I’ll get around to do it. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll even post some more music here.

And I would never had thought, back in 2006 when I started blogging for real that I’d still be doing it 295 posts later. That’s a lot of words. And the most amazing thing is that some of you have been reading all of them. Thanks.

Dec 112008

It has been a full week since I spent an evening in the big city to meet other bloggers. Frau Kaltmamsell asked us because a blogger from Berlin came visiting, and wanted to skip a business dinner in order to meet Munich bloggers. I, of course, was the first one to say yes because, well, meeting bloggers, for beer, and my mother-in-law was free to babysit. (In case you’re wondering why I’m mentioning beer that often Frau Kaltmamsell’s post announcing the meeting had been titled “Bloggerbierchen in München am Donnerstag” which means “blogger beer (um, a small one) in Munich on Thursday”.)

As usual with these things I was very nervous beforehand, and also couldn’t stop thinking about what to wear. As usual I wore the same thing I always wear, in this case the new turtleneck I had made (sorry, still no pictures), jeans, and boots. And lipstick. And perfume. Also, as usual I left home way too early because every time I ask my mother-in-law to look after my son for something in the evening I feel weird staying at home after she fetched him from kindergarten at 4 p.m. It is as if everybody is just waiting for me to leave.

I had vague plans to sit in a café and write a bit but ended up wandering the streets until I was only half an hour too early for the meeting. The cafè/bar/bistro where we were supposed to meet is located in a part of town where I only have been once before (for a job interview 18 years ago; I didn’t get the job and was glad about it). I left the subway station and immediately was confused about where to go. Interestingly the house numbers weren’t progressing in any logical way. So I went first in one direction only to end up in a place that didn’t look like there would be a café, and when I turned back to look elsewhere there was Frau Kaltmamsell walking in the direction I had just abandoned. I wasn’t entirely sure if it really was her (what if I had approached a total stranger asking “Are you Frau Kaltmamsell?”) so I chickened out and let her pass me, only to follow her. Because that’s entirely not weird, letting strangers pass, and then follow them, ahem. At the next corner she came to the same conclusion I had reached before her, that this was the wrong direction, and turned around. I think you would be proud of me because at this point I approached her saying; “I’m Susanne.” I’m still happy that it really was her. So both of us looked for the café and found it in the direction I would have looked first if I hadn’t been so concerned with street numbers.

(If you wonder why I knew her but she didn’t know me, I happened to attend two blog readings where she read something. Usually it’s easier for someone in the audience to recognize a speaker on the podium than the other way around.)

The bistro/café thing was medium nice, we only chose it because it was near the hotel were the bloggers from Berlin stayed. There were seven of us: Frau Kaltmamsell, Creezy and Wolf from Berlin, Sabine, Nicole, and Volker (sadly without public blog as far as I can see). We talked and talked and talked until Nicole reminded us that some people have to get up in the morning (well, me too but then I’m used to sleep deprivation by now).

We talked about the difference between German and English-speaking blogs (Germans comment less and think they are very clever, English-speaking bloggers comment more, mostly “Awesome!”), between Munich and Berlin bloggers (there is no blogger community in Munich), language (why you shouldn’t say “Pölter” when speaking to a Bavarian (Pölter is Westphalian and means nightgown), wine (there is Chinese wine, apparently, and it’s good, only I didn’t catch its name because at that moment my beer arrived and there was no more wine talk (I was the only one drinking beer, by the way)). It was a very nice evening, all in all. I might have talked a little too much but then I always do, there seems to be no way around it. (As you might already have noticed.)