Oct 222017

So I started yesterday rather chipper, and went on my first 10K run. It was a lot of fun which is something I would not have thought possible. And afterwards I still had energy enougn to go and buy some more groceries and two cases of alcohol-free beer. Usually that’s my husband’s task but he was extra-busy yesterday so I offered to help.

My legs were feeling very good but biking up the hill with the beer in the bike trailer was a little harder than usual.

Then I did a ton of dishes, all of them starting with dinner on Friday, and took a shower, gave myself a pedicure (tried a new nail polish which is called „chocolate cake“, I really love it), and then my energy for the day ran out. 

I did a voice warm-up but then never got around to recording anything.

At six I decided to have dinner in front of TV with the boy, and that was it for the day. I did pull out the spinning wheel and spun a bit but other than that nothing got done.

Which of course means that I need to record everything today. I really hope I manage. My voice could be better, I’m either having a slight cold or allergies, I don’t know.

I also will need to start outlining the novel I want to write in November, at the moment I’m all procrastination on that front.

There will be a running commentary on today’s actvities on my other blog later but I’m not expecting anything all that exciting.

Oct 212017

Yay, I actually managed to sleep in! Until eight o’clock!

Last night’s concert was great but I’m no longer suited to going out, I actually dozed off towards the end. Ahem. My usual bedtime doesn’t mesh with things like concerts. At least my husband was nice enough to prod me before I started snoring.

Yesterday was pretty good, even though I didn’t actually do anything on the novel. I did think about the characters and scenes for the next one I want to write, so that’s good, and I managed to clean the house (well, parts of it) for the first time in weeks. Phew.

Now I’m really looking forward to the weekend.

Today I have planned to run 10K (not quite sure if my inertia will allow me to do so), and to record the songs for my mother’s birthday present (of course I’m a little sniffly with a slightly sore throat, figures). I will also have to squeeze a grocery run in there somewhere.

Speaking of mothers, while my mother is still in the hospital recuperating my mother-in-law actually fell down yesterday morning as well. Fortunately she didn’t break anything but she did go to the doctor because she was concerned, and so she will go to the hospital on Monday to get checked out. Fun times.

This is one of the few occasions where we wish we had a car so we could drive her but then she will just take a taxi. Which is more convenient and cheaper in the long run anyways. It’s just that my husband and I felt that we should drive her.

At times like these I’m very happy that she lives upstairs, so we can check in on her several times a day.

So today will be rather busy, I guess, we’ll see how that goes.

Oct 202017

So for once I had a satisfying and productive day. I went for a run, I helped making lunch, I played the piano and sang briefly, I recorded the next podcast episode, and wrote the shownotes, and I looked at the songs I want to record for my mother. Phew. And on top of that I went to bed on time. And didn’t bing-eat.

And the most interesting thing is that I was not all fatigued all day. I’m starting to think that I do better when I do more. Well, up to a certain point.

My husband told me yesterday that he thinks I have too many projects in the pipeline, and that I should drop something. He was rather confused by all the podcasting that’s happening. Well, I did record two in a row because the English episode doesn’t really fit into my schedule.

He also is not looking forward to me doing NaNoWriMo – which I can understand – but not really because I want to write that much but rather because, „And then you’ll do all kinds of things with people and are on the forums all the time.“ Which I found rather interesting because it didn’t feel like that to me. Well, I am on ravelry all the time but that’s different. That’s not a November-thing. And I bet I will have to spend less time there next month so I can spend more time writing.

Last year I really would have wanted to meet fellow NaNo-writers in person even but I didn’t because I felt I couldn’t spare the time. And I bet this year will be the same.

As I said before I am showing admirable restraint because I did not start another podcast (though I really want to), and I also haven’t signed up for a craftsy class in bra-making (even though I really want to), and I have indeed set aside quite a few projects because now is not the time to work on them.

Today should be a rather busy and full day as well, there will be the cleaning of the house (yeah, finally!), and the making pizza with my husband, and the teaching, and then there will be a very quick sandwich for dinner before my husband and I go out to see another free improvisation concert. Which will surely throw me off like crazy tomorrow. Better to plan for that in advance.

Oct 192017

I just started writing that yesterday was even more of the same, and somewhat predictable and boring but then I remembered that we finally found out what’s wrong with my mother.

As you recall she fell a week ago, hurt her back, and had to go to the hospital. Well, unfortunately she actually did break a spinal disc. Which means she has to spend the next three months in a corset (which she already owns because she had back surgery a couple of years back). She won’t be able to do anything, bear no weight, and probably will only be allowed to either lie in bed or stand but not sit. Which is making for a rather boring and uncomfortable life. The good news is that she does not have to have surgery for this one.

She’s happy to be staying in the hospital a little longer. I have no idea how my father is doing alone at home but I’m guessing I would have heard if there were a problem.

Other than that yesterday was pretty routine, running, teaching, practice, no work on any novel, early-ish to bed.

The one remarkable thing was that I did pull out the spinning wheel and started spinning the second half of the purple merino that has been sitting around for ages.

Today there will be even more of the same with bonus podcast recording, and strength training (I hope). My track record for strength training on Thursday – when I’m running in the mornings – isn’t good.

So I guess we’ll see.

Oct 182017

Yesterday went pretty well, I ran all the errands, went to the tea shop, the bakery, the post office, the health food store, and the regular supermarket, I sold the now obsolete old router (well, three months old), wrapped it up and sent it off, I bought a new binder for the printed manuscript of novel three, and found that I don’t have enough shelf space for all the printed manuscripts. I need to finish things so that I can throw the print-outs away. Soon.

I also decided on what to work on next. I think I’ll go through novel one again and pull out all the song lyrics. I love them, and they are rather atmospheric but then letting them in would be a pain because I would need to get the rights, and pay for them. So I’ll better write my own atmosphere.

I acutally forgot to practice. Which shows you how scatterbrained I am at the moment.

I did hear from my mother but she still has no idea what’s going on. I think small town medical care is not my favorite thing at the moment. This is a thing that might contribute to me being scatterbrained. Somewhat.

I didn’t clean anything but I finally managed to change the sheets on my bed, so there’s that. Progress.

Today I will go for a run, teach, start working on novel one yet again, and maybe clean a thing or two. Oh, and not forget about practice. And maybe find the energy and time to get the songs sorted that I have to record on the weekend. The problem with my energy levels at the moment is that while I have an hour or two in the evenings where I could get stuff done I’m usually so brain-dead and fatigued by then that all I can do is sit and read. Or stare blankly into space. And eat.

This definitely needs to change. Also the low-level headache I’ve been having for almost a week now.

I’m really looking forward to that doctor’s appointment…

Oct 172017

Well, on the bright side I managed to get an email out of the way that I had been procrastinating about for days, and I made a doctor’s appointment because of the tiredness/fatigue I’m feeling all the time. I won’t get to see my favorite doctor, unfortunately, he has been scaling back lately, instead I’ll see someone I never met before in the same practice.

I also did all my teaching, I ran (and it was actually fun), I punched holes in the two manuscripts I had printed out, and everything went very well, and then some time around 4 pm I completely ran out of energy, and that was that with the day. The house looks terribly dirty with dust bunnies everywhere, and I haven’t changed my sheets in weeks.

Well, new day new luck. Today is errand day, and I will only teach a few students, so – of course – I have a list of to-dos that’s a mile long. We’ll see how that goes.

At least the weather is sunny and warm again. The leaves are turning, and everything looks just gorgeous.

Oct 162017

No, really, nothing. I spent all day yesterday sitting around, reading and knitting and crocheting and faffing around on the internet.

Now you’d think that would be totally relaxing, and I guess it was, but in the end I realized that that kind of day doesn’t do me any good. Unless I’m sick or something. I was in a bad mood most of the day, and ate way too much chocolate. By dinnterime I was snapping at everyone around me.

So I need to remind myself for next time that I don’t actually enjoy days where I don’t do anything.

Fortunately there is lots to do today, and I’m already feeling a little better even though I woke up too early yet again. Not drinking alcohol doesn’t seem to make a difference in regards to sleep. I do feel a little better, though. It’s only been a week so far but it’s clear that drinking less does me good. Which is not that unexpected.

Today I will run and teach and practice, and help cooking, and deal with laundry, and do stupid small things that need to be done, and hopefully go to bed early again.

The weather is still gorgeous, and I’m really looking forward to running.

Much better than sitting around all day.

And I would never have thought that I would be the one saying that. When I was in my twenties my idea of the ideal weekend was staying in bed reading, only to get up to buy cake in the afternoon.

Yeah, people actually do change occasionally.

Oct 152017

Yesterday was a most pleasant day, and I’m chuffed that I managed the 8K of running and the 10K of biking without feeling bad at any point. At the end of my bike ride home I had the feeling that yes, my legs had done enough for the day but I’m not even sore today.

The new spinning meeting was great, very nice people, and it was warm and sunny so we could sit outside on the patio spinning. I even stayed longer than planned which I only rarely do. So I’ll definitely be back.

Today I’m hoping for a slow day, I want to knit, and read, and not do much. I can feel a cold coming, and I’d like to stave that off as much as possible.

The idea for the new novel is percolating in the back of my mind while I’m thinking about story structure, turning points and crises.

There are no cookies left today, the met with wild approval. Maybe I’ll make waffles this afternoon, we’ll see.

I’m really looking forward to a day off.

Oct 142017

So yesterday was a really busy day as planned. I did record the English podcast episode in the morning, even though my voice was not in the best shape, and then, just when we were about to leave for lunch, I got an email from my sister and a phone call from my aunt telling me that my mother had to go to the hospital the day before.

Nothing life-threatening, she hurt her back, and they will only be able to tell what’s wrong after Monday because they need to do an MRI, and the very small hospital she’s at doesn’t do MRIs every day. I’m very grateful for my sister and aunt keeping me in the loop because my father is not the type of person who’d call in a situation like this. These are the times when sometimes I wish I lived a little closer to my family but then if I did live a little closer I would have to be right in the middle of all these people trying to communicate and figure things out, and failing. And I would probably feel obligated to look after my father who will be completely able to care for himself for a few days. And my aunt is checking in on him and on my mother as well.

So guess what? I did not clean anything yesterday. I know, shocking. Also the most important thing right now, I know.

The rest of the day went pretty well, we had Chinese and sushi at the restaurant near us, and the owner remarked on how tall the boy has grown, and about how his voice has changed, and then I went back home, and taught a student, and then I phoned my aunt and tried calling my mother, and then I taught some more, and I was so confused that I forgot to remind my last student to pay for her lesson (I did put a post-it in her file, though, so I can remind her next time.), and then I talked to my mother on the phone who did not sound as loopy as I would have thought with all the painkillers, and then we had dinner, and the boy and I watched another episode of „Star Trek: The Next Generation“ (one with Q that was really excellent), and then I baked cookies for the spinning meeting today, and then I went to bed way too late.

I only slept for 6 1/2 hours but I got 3 hours of deep sleep according to my sleep tracker, so yeah? I guess? Have a cookie to distract you:

IMG 0927

Today there will be running, and then I’ll take off for the meeting. I already have my spinning stuff and my purse packed, I only need to add the cookies and a spindle. I am also participating in the „Herbstlesen“-event again even though I don’t really have the time for that today. On the other hand I have already spent about 90 minutes reading because I woke up before 6 am, and it’s 8 right now.

Tomorrow is blissfully empty, no appointments (well, we could go out to brunch to meet people but I guess we won’t), only a little puttering around and some singing to do. I guess I’ll need that.

Oct 132017

I just tried to turn my laptop on to write my daily post but it itsn't booting properly. I've been waiting for this computer to die on me for more than a year now. I hope it isn't quite time yet. I has been somewhat quirky but functional. Which is okay if you remember that this computer is more than seven years old. (And now that I'm typing this (on the tablet) I find that the laptop has decided to boot after all. Phew. I can do most things on the tablet but I can't record a podcast on it which is what I'll be doing this morning. At least if everything goes as planned.

Yesterday I was pretty good, the only thing I skipped was the strength training. I guess I have to find a different way of doing it because after running, teaching, and doing other work all day by 6.30 I'm rather reluctant to do something strenuous before getting dinner.

I did learn some things about how to market books, though, I did watch a video I had been wanting to watch for weeks, and I finally found all the lyrics to the songs I want to record for my mother's birthday and printed them out. Baby steps all the way. Same with the novel I want to write in November, I now have a document in Scrivener with parts that say “beginning”, “middle A”, “middle B”, and “ending”. Very important steps for sure.

And I managed to go to bed almost on time, and can now say that according to the last days' experiments every time I turn the lights out at 9.30 I will get enough sleep, every time I turn the lights out at 10 I don't. I have no idea why I wake up an hour earlier after turning the lights out half an hour later but that's what it is. It does remind me of the days when I still had a toddler who found it impossible to fall asleep. Often when we tucked him in a little earlier falling asleep would be much easier for him.

Though I have to say that I don't have any problems falling asleep. According to my sleep tracker it takes me 11 minutes every night without fail. Unless I'm seriously overtired, then it takes four.

I know, sleep is just so fascinating. Well, it is when you're not getting enough.

Today will be extra, extra busy but fun (I hope). I will attempt to finally record the next English episode of the podcast, go to the Asian place around the corner for lunch with my husband and son (which I've been looking forward to for days now), then teach a lot, in between do some cleaning (wish me luck), then listen to the podcast so I can publish it tomorrow, then watch something on TV with the boy while my husband goes to the city to see a free improvisation concert, and then bake cookies for tomorrow's spinning meeting.

And then go to bed on time.

Should be completely doable if I don't spend all my time on the internet.

We'll see how that goes.