Apr 132019

Woke up, meditated, wrote my morning pages and was all set to start writing at six when the boy turned up to take a shower (he usually showers in the evenings but had so much school stuff to do the night before that he decided to get up early instead) and he also wanted an early breakfast.

So I decided to write after breakfast because there would be ample time then, got up and made breakfast. And then didn’t write.

My husband got up, we talked and I knitted a few rounds on the toe socks and then we got going. I changed the sheets on my bed and started a load of laundry and did most of the weekly cleaning. And then it was time to go out for lunch:

IMG 2416

IMG 2417

The food was rather good and the restaurant not crowded at all.

Then we went back home, I published the podcast and taught all the students.

After that the boy and I decided to reschedule bodyweight training and to just watch ‚Star Trek: Beyond‘. I liked it even though it is completely different than all Star Trek before. It bothered me until I reframed it into the ‚alternate universe‘-narrative. And made peace with how contemporary movies are structured. It’s all about the visuals and the action.

Then I went to bed.

Today marks the start of Easter break. I have plans but I am not sure if I should do taxes or sort wool first. Which is always a little dangerous because if I have two things that I want to achieve on a day off I usually end up doing neither. Oh, and then writing would be a very good idea, indeed. And I want to set up the Knaben board again. It has been bare for a week now and the pen and sticky notes are sitting there all ready.

Okay, I’ll decide right after breakfast and stick to the plan then. There will certainly be running and I need to cut the boy’s hair and help him pack for his upcoming trip.

Apr 122019

I woke up early again but had slept a little longer than the nights before, so that was good. The night before I had been so limp that I forgot to write in my journal and make a list for the next day. That never happens.

I did make the list right away and meditated and then I started reading. And that was it for most of the day.

There were all the usual things, no writing, no newsletter, no exercise (that was planned, at least), I walked to the grocery store and back and after breakfast I had finished turning the heel on the toe sock and found that the sock fit. In that process I had switched back to metal needles. I keep switching between carbon and metal dpns, finding both sets slightly uncomfortable. The KnitPro carbons are very bendy and a little blunt and the very fine sock yarn keeps snagging on them. The HiyaHiya metal needles are more rigid and the right amount of slippery but they have tips so sharp that they keep splicing the yarn and poking them into my fingers is rather uncomfortable. I might have to look for yet another set of 1 mm needles, a size that is hard to get.

When I came back home my husband had company, a friend of his had showed up. They were talking about the horrors of climate change which made lunch a little later than usual but I was okay with that. It was rather good. No veggie option because the boy was eating at his grandmother’s:

IMG 2415

Because I felt so meh (I was even wearing my ‚meh‘-t.shirt.) I had bought too much chocolate at the grocery store and eaten it all. Which was a dumb idea because it made me feel worse. Story of my life: doing things that I think will feel good and feel worse later because of them instead.

By then I had basically decided to call the day a loss. My husband was complaining about feeling off as well, might have been an infection, or not.

I taught my first two students and the third one cancelled and then the day petered out. I did finally write the newsletter, though, and I did watch a webinar on using data to sell books on Amazon but unfortunately I fell asleep during the webinar. Barely managed to brush my teeth. The webinar was a good one, I need to watch the replay. I did turn the lights out at an almost reasonable time.

Today I will clean, do some walking, have Chinese for lunch, teach quite a few students and then flop down in front of TV. We might even watch a movie together, the three of us, which never happens but my husband just realized that the boy will be away for a whole week starting Sunday. So in order to spend some time together we might interrupt our regular watching of ‚Star Trek‘ and ‚The Big Band Theory‘ for something like ‚The Big Lebowski‘. We’ll see.

Apr 112019

Another packed day. I didn’t sleep well again and woke fifteen minutes before the alarm. After turning the lights out too late, of course.

I did manage morning pages, meditation and some writing but felt myself nodding off while typing so I cut the writing a little short and got up. And then I found that I had forgotten to take my thyroid medication which meant waiting thirty minutes before eating breakfast.

Then I started weaving in ends on the knitted t-shirt I had been working on. Boring and tedious work but it needs to be done and I’d rather not leave it until the tee is done. I’m about to divide the body from the sleeves so this felt like a good time.

My husband got up and had breakfast while I was doing that. I did the breakfast dishes, cut my husband’s hair, made a doctor’s appointment for the boy and went for a run:

IMG 2410

It was drizzling which was a good thing (still with the lack of rain) and I enjoyed the run a lot. Found myself thinking how nice it was to run after two days of rest until I remembered that I had been running both days. What can I say, my excuse is lack of sleep.

IMG 2411

I came back home and helped to make lunch:

IMG 2412

Penne arrabbiata with salad and extra bresaola. I’m drinking water because we’re out of alcohol-free beer and no one had time to go to the store.

My husband started teaching early and when the boy came we both managed to overlook the pot full of veggie tomato sauce and instead he took the rest of our sauce. There was no bacon left, only tomato sauce but the boy said that it tasted funny. Oops.

Well, nothing we could do. And he had a nice big portion of penne with tomato sauce ready for dinner.

For once he didn’t have to go back to school after lunch which meant more time to spend on preparing the presentation for his German class.

I taught all the students and everything went surprisingly smooth. The six-week old baby of my first student slept all through the lesson and everything else went well too.

Then the boy and I did some bodyweight training. He was complaining that there were so many classes where he wasn’t sure how to prepare and I offered to help him but he decided to head upstairs and study on his own.

I got ready for bed, ate too much cheese and chocolate and for once turned the lights out early. Phew.

Today there will be grocery shopping and writing and teaching and another early bedtime. At least I hope so.

Apr 102019

Didn’t sleep all that well, there was quite a bit of tossing and turning. After the alarm I ended up just lying around for another fifteen minutes.

I still managed to meditate for five minutes and write morning pages and then I got myself to write for 40 minutes. Phew.

Then breakfast and some reluctance to get off the kitchen bench, I was rather comfortably knitting there and reading. My husband told me about a DVD he watched the night before of two Miles Davis concerts.

I did the dishes and then went for a rather short run:

IMG 2408

IMG 2409

I came back and the boy came home almost at the same time. He needed to get back to school after lunch, though. We had mashed potatoes, wieners, peas and carrots for lunch and I distinctly remember taking a picture but can’t find it now.

I was teaching only a few students, always one student, then a long break and another student and another break until 7.15. I used the breaks to get the podcast ready for publishing and finally got everything done shortly after eight. Which meant that I did not do any bodyweight training. Again.

I made my way to bed quickly and read a little. I did buy another book yesterday, „You are a badass“ because I was in need of a little self-help motivation. I’m not sure if it’s good or not but it does make me feel better which is why I bought it.

Today there will be some running, and the writing of the newsletter and the teaching of quite a few students. I’m still somewhat exhausted, unfortunately. I’m hoping for lots of sleep over the next few nights so that I’ll feel better.

Apr 092019

I didn’t sleep all that well and woke up before the alarm. This might have been due to the champagne and a beer the night before. Drat.

I was all set to start writing but the words weren’t there. In the end I compiled what I had into a file that I could put on my ebook reader and spent twenty minutes just reading. Sometimes things just move slowly.

My head was all filled with the topic for the podcast and I did preparation for that after breakfast. My husband got up late and I plied some yarn on a spindle during his breakfast.

Then there were dishes and a quick trip to the health food store (I didn’t really have time for that but we were in dire need of bananas.) and the bakery and then I went running. In the rain. Husband is feeling much more optimistic because it is raining again. (He had these visions of the apocalypse arriving right this instant where we were stuck in a perpetual draught that would leave a desert behind. I don’t think we’re quite there yet.)

Running was meh, my whole body just wanted to crawl back into bed all day to get more sleep:

IMG 2403

IMG 2404

I hopped into the shower instead of helping to make lunch because I needed my hair as dry as possible for the podcast. Lunch was black beans and rice:

IMG 2406

Then I put on makeup, did my singing warmup, set up the microphone and lights and recorded the podcast. The mic disconnected twice which was making me grumpy. I will look into going back to the old laptop for recording the next time because this is ridiculous. And all because of that thunderbolt socket which calls for using two adapters to connect it to FireWire.

But. I did get the podcast recorded before my first student.

I taught the students of the day, signed up for a webinar about finances for women on the same day, started this post, did some planning for the second quarter of the year, watched the webinar while plying more yarn and went to bed almost on time.

Today there will be a short run, teaching from three to 7.30 with loads of breaks during which I will probably work on the podcast and then strength training. Okay, I admit that that is unlikely to happen that late. We’ll see.

I also signed up for yet another webinar about money and mindset at midnight but I won’t watch that live, there will be a recording. I’m only a little crazy, not completely off the rocker.

Apr 082019

Woke up from the alarm and read around until it was time for breakfast. Lazy morning, no writing or anything. Very enjoyable.

Then breakfast, then my husband showed up and then we spent an hour or two waiting for the boy to get up. When I finally went upstairs at 11 he was still fast asleep. He had turned his alarm off. Seemed he had needed the sleep.

We did the breakfast dishes, I called my mother on the phone and then it was time to start making lunch. I only helped a little because the Tour of Flanders was on TV. So I pulled out my sock yarn spinning project in progress and watched that.

Lunch was extra-yummy:

IMG 2398

It is our version of  paella. Then I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon with my spinning and actually managed to finish the sock yarn singles and started plying. Productive but not in the way I had planned.

After that I went back to the kitchen for doing the lunch dishes and it turned out that my husband had already done them. Neat. I am rather grateful.

Then I pulled out some spinning books and socks with holes in them in preparation for today’s recording of the podcast and almost got lost in research. Very enjoyable.

I cleaned the two weaving looms and put them back into the bedroom. I’m hoping that having two looms on top of a dresser and the warping board on pegs above it doesn’t look too messy. At least the riding heddle loom and the warping board aren’t sitting on the floor anymore.

Then the boy and I watched some Star Trek and we opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate that we’re done with the renovations and then it was time to get ready for the new week.

My main goal for that week? Getting enough sleep. Mostly.

Apr 072019

I woke up from the alarm but did not work on the novel or so any of the things that make me feel good. It’s funny how I keep skipping the happy-making stuff for indulgences that ultimately don’t do anything for me. I’m working on it, though.

I had to get out of bed a little earlier than usual because the boy had to leave for a math-lab-thing at university. We had breakfast and he got ready at 7.30. When my husband came over for breakfast 45 minutes later he looked into the bag with the lone pastry saying, „There’s only one!“ Yeah. „So, what is the boy supposed to have for breakfast?”

He had forgotten that the boy had already had breakfast and left.

We talked about climate change and how people are behaving in a way that dooms us all for the rest of the morning which didn’t exactly cheer me up. Meanwhile I was in a bad mood anyway because of the not-writing. I did the dishes and the usual morning chores while my husband went for his run and I was feeling so down that I almost skipped my run.

Then I decided that skipping the run would not make me feel better at all and went outside. The weather was nice and my podcast was great and everything was fine and I met my husband who was on his way back home:

IMG 2395

That was my turning point after 4 k. (For those of you being jealous of the idyllic landscape remember that there is an Autobahn behind me, one to the left and a highway going across and the place I’m running is the only piece of woods and fields around. If you pass that church you see a big area that used to be fields but is now warehouses and high rises as far as the eye can see, right up to Munich.

Still, I don’t dwell on the highways, I feast on nature as much as I can while running. I passed trees in bloom on my way home, feels like spring:IMG 2396

When I came home my husband had just started cooking lunch, and we were a little late with that but it was delicious:

IMG 2397

We had bulgur with tomato sauce (lunch was late because my husband initially forgot to make the sauce), hamburgers, fried eggplant, tsatsiki and red beet salad. Pseudo-Greek food. Yummy. Especially if you haven’t eaten for five hours and have just come back from an 8k run/walk.

Then I did fall into a bit of a slump which I used to do some research for my upcoming Hamburg trip but I managed to pull myself out again around four, did the lunch dishes, a load of laundry, changed the sheets on my bed, and then my husband started to mount the new lamp in the kitchen.

Drilling holes into the walls of our house is always tricky. Usually you end up with a hole three times the size that you intended to make that sits nowhere near where you started drilling and is full of pieces of gravel and sand. Same with the lamp. Also, we have these fabulous aluminum wires in the old part of the house. Not only are they not grounded, and aluminum, they also have a textile coating that is starting to disintegrate. So as long as you leave those wires alone everything is fine. But the minutes you start moving the wires around, say, if you want to mount a lamp you’re screwed.

Getting the lamp up involved 2 1/2 hours of work and a lot of swearing. It still isn’t properly fixed, the screws need to get tightened later today but it is up there, pretty level all things considered and is working.

Interestingly the socket we used to power the drill initially worked and then stopped. No idea if that one broke or not. Since the wiring in this part of the house is so ancient there is just one fuse for most of the basement and ground floor but there are weird exceptions. So the washing machine in the basement was still working through all of this. The wifi repeater didn’t which was not the best thing for the poor boy who was talking to his friends over Discord because they have yet another presentation for German coming up.

I did solve that problem by moving the boy over to my laptop in the annex that still had electricity and internet access.

While my husband was swearing and working and needing my opinion and a little hand-holding I did manage to clean the bathroom. So now things are looking pretty good. I also moved some of the yarn back to the bedroom and got a new rug for the bathroom yesterday, one that I really love.

Let’s just say that it might be a good idea to get a new rug if the old one starts disintegrating. I’m not quite sure how old it is but I’d say we bought it some time around 1995.

It took my husband until 7.30 to put the lamp up but then the boy and I watched an episode of „Deep Space Nine“ (a very good one) and then I called it a day. The boy was looking rather pale by then as well.

Now I only need to sort through all the yarn including the one that I moved back into the bedroom yesterday, deal with all the mending and the unfinished knitting and weaving projects and then we’ll be good.

Today there will be yoga, I hope, and writing and my mother demanded a phone call and then I will probably prepare the podcast, write the newsletter (finally) and sort through the yarn.

Apr 062019

And it might take a few more days.

I woke up at 5.15, meditated, wrote morning pages and worked on the novel for 45 minutes. Go me!

Made breakfast, the boy was early and my husband at his normal time. After breakfast my husband dealt with those shelf brackets a little more but still couldn’t finish mounting them. I did the dishes and the usual morning chores and mounted the two new shower heads and the new shower hose for the old part of the house. We now have shiny, new showering facilities. With paint stains in lots of places but we’ll deal with those soon.

I did part of my usual Friday cleaning and had planned to deep clean the bathroom that we just painted but ran out of time and decided that going for a run for the first time in a week was more important than a clean bathtub. Running was nice:

IMG 2392

Despite the dark clouds it stayed dry, too dry all day. There was a mini-sprinkling in the morning and that was it. We’ll see if those seeds there will grow into something, or not.

IMG 2393

I came back home where my husband was hard at work making pizza. I immediately started chopping for the salad and helped get the pizza ready.

The boy showed up and was a little grumpy that lunch was decidedly not ready. I think he forgot that he was coming home earlier than usual and he was overestimating the time it takes to bake pizza.

IMG 2394

Pizza was very yummy and the boy was finished with lunch in time to go back to school for a debate on climate something which he had to attend because of the one time he went to one of the „Fridays for Future“ marches.

I had great plans to do the dishes and clean the bathroom before my first student and failed. I just sat there, extending my lunch break as long as I could because I was still so exhausted.

Then I taught a handful of students, watched some Star Trek with the boy while knitting, finally did the dishes, wrote in my journal and went to bed early.

Today there will be: running, something with eggplant for lunch, the cleaning of the bathroom, no, for realz this time, and the sorting of the yarn. I hope.

I mean, the way I feel a big time slump is imminent but I really don’t want to. I’d like to come out of this weekend with the newsletter written, the bathroom clean and all the yarn and weaving tucked away neatly.

Apr 052019

I set my alarm fifteen minutes earlier in an attempt to be more productive before breakfast but that didn’t work out. Then I told myself that I could work on the novel later in the day. (Spoiler: I didn’t.)

I was a little anxious about my gynecologist appointment even though it was only the yearly check-up but I wanted to talk to him about not being able to get the pill a week ago and about trying to not take progesterone anymore.

So I got up a little late while the boy was early and came down before his tea was ready. I was still in pajamas when he showed. We had breakfast nonetheless and he left for school on time and my husband was a little later. When he showed up it was time for me to take a shower so we didn’t really talk much. I did sit a little after I had gotten ready and knitted while he was finishing his breakfast so that was nice.

Then I went to the train station and took a train and then a bus to Munich for my appointment. I had to wait for an hour, unfortunately, while being drowned in easy listening music that was driving me up the walls. (I’m pretty sure that most people find that music soothing and nice.)

I was still out of sorts all day, partly because I had an appointment at all and partly because of still being exhausted and discombobulated from the whole renovation thing. Still, everything was fine and I got praise for having had both a colposcopy and a mammography last year.

We decided that I’ll leave the progesterone off and see how it goes.

And I apparently have moved from „When was your last period?“ to „Did you have your period since we last spoke?“ I am giddily looking forward to menopause, especially since right now I’m not having any symptoms. I hope it will stay that way, let’s knock on would, shall we?

I came home in time to help t make the salad. My husband had been busy all morning. He started fixing the shelf over the bed that has a loose bracket and cleaned even more things and ran errands. Lunch was very good yet again:

IMG 2391

Then I sat and read for a bit, did the dishes, vacuumed and mopped the bathroom, kitchen and part of the living room and then got ready for teaching.

Teaching was nice as it often is and afterwards I did more dishes, helped my husband decide that the hole he patched for the shelf bracket was still not looking dry and couldn’t be drilled into yet, got ready for bed and spent the rest of the evening holed up there with a nice book.

Today I should get into a more productive mode again.

There will probably be pizza for lunch, I have plans to deep clean the parts of the bathroom that haven’t been done yet, and I will probably mount the new shower head. There will also be teaching. And I need to write the newsletter ASAP but that needs the kind of headspace that is hard to come by in all that chaos.

Since it’s Friday I’m also looking forward to watching some TV with the boy. Maybe not a whole movie tonight, something shorter.

And then I’m hoping to spend the weekend putting all the things back again. Or I might fall into a massive two-day slump. Either one or the other.

Apr 042019

So, sleeping in my own bed is really, really good. And even better when the bed is standing in the right place. (I’m only now realizing how much it was bugging me when we moved the bed to the other side.) It is as if something in me that hasn’t relaxed in years has let go.

I woke up from the alarm, wrote some morning pages, meditated and spent 25 minutes on the novel. I got up later than usual because the boy had the first two periods off. Which meant that the boy was still eating breakfast when my husband showed shortly before eight.

And then my husband and I went into cleaning mode again. He scrubbed the bedroom floor on his knees while I was going to the bakery and health food store and then I scraped paint off everything in the bathroom (at least I hope that I got everything) while he was going for a run.

I ate lunch in my painting clothes yet again:

IMG 2390

Then I took a short break and went back to cleaning things that hadn’t been cleaned in decades. Then dishes. And more cleaning. And then I put on cleaner clothes and makeup and taught a couple of students.

The boy had mentioned that he needed a new sweatshirt (one of the three he owns is seriously disintegrating and that was the only one he could wear that day) and a belt and socks. My first plan was to do that today in the afternoon but then I realized that I would stop teaching at five and that there would be enough time to go clothes and grocery shopping together.

Which we did. But first I helped him inflate his bike tires with the new, shiny bike pump that I bought a few months ago. It even shows the tire pressure.

We went to what passes for a mall in our town and spent a long time looking for a hoodie or sweatshirt with no dumb message or picture printed on it, preferably in only one color. And definitely without a zipper. We finally found something plus an okay belt, inoffensive underpants and socks.

And then we went grocery shopping and I realized that I had forgotten to take the bike pannier. Which left us with only our backpacks for everything we were planning to buy.

But since I’m good at packing I managed to fit everything in there.

We went home, unpacked the groceries, ate dinner and then my husband and I moved the two dressers back into the bedroom and the rugs. I had already washed the curtains in the morning and hung them up after lunch so the room is now almost back to normal.

I still have to go through the rest of the piles and sort them and then put everything away that I want to keep but my husband emptied a dresser drawer for me and so I think I have enough space for the yarn.

Then I started this post, got ready for bed, read a little and turned the lights off.

Today there will be my annual visit to the gynecologist, then hopefully time for the patron newsletter (that one is late again) and maybe some planning for the month that has already started and some teaching. I guess we’ll be skipping bodyweight training again.

And tomorrow I’m hoping to clean the bathroom properly and then I only need to go through all the yarn stuff, sort and move it and things will be back to normal.