Jun 072018

Woke up early – a little too early – and read. Made breakfast, read some more, started writing a little. 80 words in my husband showed up for breakfast.

Went for my run. Running is more fun again. I seem to be over my slump. I’m blaming allergies, mostly, and now I’m taking a higher dose of anti-allergy meds.

IMG 1405

IMG 1406

IMG 1407

I took a shower, and sat down to write. Got 700 words. Helped make salad for lunch. Lunch was late enough that the boy ate with us:

IMG 1408

Then I did the dishes, didn’t have enough time to do my singing or piano-playing and then I taught quite a few students. Had a student rescheduled and waited for her at four but she showed up at five. Which was exactly what we had agreed on but I had put it in the wrong time-slot in my calendar.

When she showed up the thunderstorm was in full swing. Earlier it had started with rather dramatic thunder and lightning but then it became even worse. And the rain was coming down hard enough that there were puddles in the grass. And then it started hailing. I really feared for my skylight.

It was all over an hour later but my husband was devastated because the leaves of his red beets and zucchini were shredded. And then the slugs came out for their attack.

So while I was getting myself ready to write some more, for real this time, and make big progress, he needed someone to talk to and to commiserate. While I was basically shrugging my shoulders thinking, well, we need to wait until the next day to see how bad it really is, and that’s nature.

I am not my most perceptive in the evenings. Doing anything past seven pm is a struggle and making conversation is near impossible. Unfortunately both my husband and the boy are evening persons. When you ask them how they are first thing in the morning they don’t even know. But they want to have long and convoluted and philosophical conversations at night.

So no writing, instead talking with my husband about doom and gloom and climate change and then bed.

Today I will write all the words. I am only teaching two students because there were cancellations. After the last one I will dash off to the train station and visit an author meet-up by the „Selfpublisher Verband“. I am rather nervous but I have been to one of these before which makes the whole thing a little easier.

I am feeling bad because I still haven’t published anything but that can’t be helped. My goal was to at least have the current novel written until today but I really doubt that I will manage to write 10,000 to 15,000 words today. Not with all the other things I need to do.

Like printing new business cards again.

Jun 062018

One would think that writing is the worst thing in the world. (Well it is. If I haven’t written. If I have I usually feel rather giddy and sleep like a log.)

I woke up early, decided to start the day with writing and instead checked email and instagram. Yes, this is a stupid habit. I should break it.

Then I had breakfast, and read a little and went online some more and played some games on my iPad as one does after breakfast (shush, my dragons need to be fed). And then I go almost discombobulated because the boy was starting school 45 minutes later than usual which meant he came down for breakfast basically the minutes I had finished meditating and thought to myself that it would be a good thing to write now.

Just before he went out the door my husband showed up for his breakfast.

We talked and I knitted and then I did the dishes and the I waited for the wood delivery for an hour or so. Of course one can’t write when waiting for something. Clearly.

The wood came around 10.30 and then we spent an hour stacking wood. In the heat. Fun workout.

Then there was just enough time to go and get my ID that has been ready for a week. So there went another thirty minutes. Then I sat down and waited for my husband to start cooking so I could help.

Helped with making lunch, ate lunch:

IMG 1404

Sat with the boy while he was eating lunch a little later. Did the dishes, started folding laundry.

Waited for my first student because, clearly, twenty minutes aren’t worth it to start writing. Of course.

Taught students. Had an unexpected thirty minutes off but had to make a phone call first and then check email, and of course, twenty minutes aren’t really long enough to start writing. Also, I was waiting for my new sleep and fitness tracker.

Used my usual 15-minute break to print new grocery lists.

Taught some more.

Procrastinated some more.

Found that my tracker had been delivered, and went to find it.

Set the tracker up.

Started writing this post.

Packed my whole stuff together and moved myself back to the apartment.

Got ready for bed.

Decided that I was way too tired for writing, went to bed early.

So, not the most productive of days. I’m hoping to do better today.

Today there will be running and teaching quite a few students and definitely more writing than yesterday.

Jun 052018

I slept well after finally getting some writing done the day before and jumped out of bed, ready for the day.

The boy was grumpy, he didn’t want to go back to school at all.

I went running somewhat early because I also wanted to go grocery shopping as well. Today we will get a big delivery of wood for the stove for next winter, and so I won’t know how much time there will be in the morning. We need to stack the wood as well.

So I ran and took a few pictures:

IMG 1400

IMG 1401

IMG 1402

Why yes, it was rather hot.

Went to the health food store and rode my bike to the big supermarket. I seem to have almost cracked that one, I even found the capers.

I didn’t help much with lunch, I only had to grate parmesan. This is a family favorite meal, pasta e fagioli:

IMG 1403

Did the dishes, took a shower, die my singing warmup, taught a few students, and then wanted to write but didn’t.

Attended a webinar. Wrote some and managed to go to bed on time.

I’d say that was a good day.

Today there will be the wood delivery and about three more packages, teaching in the afternoon, and more writing – I hope.

Jun 042018

Woke up rather early and had breakfast. Then I went to the bakery to get some pastries for my husband and son for breakfast. They both get up later than me. And I don’t eat pastries for breakfast anymore because they make me feel bad around 11 am.

My husband and I talked, and then the boy had breakfast, and then I thought about getting a new sleep tracker/fitness tracker again. Because the company that made the one I’m using now has gone out of business. And so ask my stats are gone. So I thought about getting a Fitbit but those are pricey. I could ask to get one for my birthday but my birthday won’t be for two months.

I could also stop obsessing about data and tracking and just sleep and walk and live without that thing.

I helped my husband make pizza for lunch and we had wonderful wine again:

IMG 1398

The wine was rich and dark and fruity and really great. Even the boy liked it. (Don’t worry, he just had a small sip. He still doesn’t really want to drink.)

Then I left the dishes and watched the Tour de Dauphiné-Prologue.

And then I procrastinated about writing yet again. Fun!

It took me about three hours to get about one hour of writing done. But at least I did write. And much more than I did all week. Butt in chair really works.

Then we had pizza for dinner as well (it doesn’t really taste good reheated the next day), and some more of that fabulous wine and then I had to wait for the boy to finish taking his shower until I could finally do the mountain of dishes.

Went to bed a little later than I wanted.

Today will be the first day of school and teaching again. Medium amount of students. Running. The usual.

Jun 032018

So I called my mother on her mobile right away after breakfast. It seems that she had tried to send me a message before but it didn’t get through because of spotty wifi at the hospital. So she thought that I knew she was there.

Apparently she had an accident on Tuesday. She was riding her bike along a street and at a crossing there was a car. The car slowed down, she slowed down, she had right of way, she was sure the driver had seen her, so she went on crossing the street – and then she flew onto the car’s windshield and slid off the car’s hood.

The driver apparently hadn’t seen her. He did call the police and an ambulance and she was brought to the hospital. (I still don’t know which hospital she is at but I’m guessing the one in town.) She has loads of bruises, one of them severe enough that she had to have surgery on it on Friday. One of her lower vertebrae is broken but she says it’s way less sever than the one she broke back in November. And she broke her big toe.

My father, in his usual fashion, has not visited her or even called her on the phone, and has not told anybody.

My aunt is the one helping my mother and bringing her things like her toothbrush and nightgown and such.

I am trying hard not to dwell on what could have happened. I have the impression that she is well cared for, and it might be a good idea for her to stay in the hospital a little longer.

It is still a little surreal that she had the accident on Tuesday and I only heard about it on Friday. I’ll live, though.

I went running, and took a few different pictures that usual:

IMG 1394

Proof that it was allergies that made me miserable while running is that the use of anti-allergy medication makes me non-miserable:

IMG 1395

Then there was a delicious lunch again with superb Riesling:

IMG 1396

The boy got to try a sip and said, “Tastes like alcohol. A little bit like champagne,” while I was busy exclaiming how fruity it was, and how mild, and that it reminded me of apricots. He probably thought ‘champagne’ because the one we usually drink is made from Riesling.

And yes, my husband fries everything in egg and breadcrumbs. And there is never enough broccoli because the packages of organic broccoli are rather small.

Then I procrastinated about writing for a few hours with rather meager results. And I managed to cut out the inlay for the dress I’ve been meaning to make for ages.

I sat in the garden while procrastinating, very nice.

Today there will be procrastinating about writing yet again, and reading and not much else, I think.

Jun 022018

With older people.

My husband’s uncle and aunt came over, half an hour later than we thought they would, and then we spent the next few hours mostly listening to his uncle. Or sometimes his aunt. Often simultaneously. And his mother at times.

His uncle has been having accumulating health problems and that always takes a while to recount.

Then I finally managed to publish the podcast which is very good.

Then I found that I had made a mistake in the yoke of the sweater I had almost finished knitting. So I ripped back most of the yoke.

And then I got an odd message from my mother saying, „I am still in the hospital. Broke another vertebra but not as bad, also my big toe, and have a big hematoma.”

Which was rather confusing because I didn’t even know that she was in the hospital in the first place. Looks like she fell again? And nobody told me anything.

I only saw that message rather late so this morning I will call her on her cell phone.

As I said, this is confusing. But I’m guessing since she is in the hospital she is taken care of.

So. Today I will attempt to call my mother, and go for a run (possibly not in that order) and write. And try to get myself sorted again.

At least I hope so.

Jun 012018

I did that thing again the night before where I nod off while sitting in bed without actually going to sleep. Which is one of the dumbest things you can do. Usually I find myself about an hour later, still sitting there with a crick in my neck, finally extricating myself from the sheets to go and brush my teeth.

As I said – dumb.

I was seriously angry at myself for not reaching enough of my goals for May. Which always happens to me when I set up my bullet journal for the following month. I mean, I already knew that I didn’t finish the novel draft but somehow having to transfer that goal to the following month yet again makes me rather cranky. Maybe I should work harder to reach my goals…

I decided not to run, don’t quite know why but the crankiness was getting stronger. Again, pretty dumb, because running is usually pretty good for resolving crankiness.

I did manage to record the podcast, though, and afterwards I felt  a little better. I wrote the show notes, took pictures of my projects (and then took them again when I found they were overexposed), cut the audio, cut the video and then uploaded the video to youtube.

Then I gallivanted off and watched some Netflix with the boy. We actually reached the cliffhanger of „Big Bang Theory“ season 10 today, and then I got to introduce him to „The IT crowd“. I think it will be fun to watch that together. I haven’t seen it yet either.

Then I waited for the video to finish uploading, and then – I had uploaded the uncut raw version of the podcast (including the countdown and clap that I use to sync audio and video) and without audio for some reason. Hm.

So I get to do that again today. Fun!

At least I still had the cut version with the audio. Which was a bit of relief.

So. Today at about eleven my husband’s uncle and aunt will descend upon us, or rather upon my mother-in-law and we all get to sit around and eat Weisswurstfrühstück while listening to the pearls of wisdom they share with us for a few hours. While drinking beer. Because this kind of breakfast is a Bavarian affair.

I am predicting that the rest of the day will just go poof! again.

I have high hopes of getting some cleaning in before that. And we all know what happens to my high hopes, usually.

But the weekend is completely open (at least so far). So, high hopes again.

Yeah, I know. Dumb,

May 312018

Doing the taxes was the one, major point on my list for that day. And I did it. With only one or two minor panic attacks.

The system has changed, as I said, and for a moment there I thought I wouldn’t be able to file on time but in the end I think I figured it out.

My husband told me that he gets and instant headache when dealing with that kind of stuff as well. Fun!

So I woke up early and instead of turning to reading right away I tried something different and wrote in my journal. I think that is a good thing to start the day with.

Then breakfast, and just when I was doing the dishes the doorbell rang and an old friend of my husband’s was standing outside. I didn’t even recognize her at first. I think I haven’ seen her in fifteen years or something like that.

So that was nice, if a little weird, and then everything was a bit late. But we didn’t mind.

So later run than usual, in the heat and humidity:

IMG 1378

IMG 1381

And yes, I managed to take a picture of a part of my new phone sleeve as well.

Someone asked the other day if there were any woods where I live and I realized that I only ever show pictures of the part where I come out of the trees and the view opens up to fields. I am actually mostly running through forest. Which is pretty nice when it’s hot.

Running went better than last week and I’m thinking that might be due to the higher dose of anti-histamines. Phew.

Then we had spaghetti bolognese for lunch and then I sat down to work on the taxes some more.

Took me two more hours and then I had it done. For a moment I thought that I would have to register again to the German IRS-site (which takes about two weeks) which would have meant filing for an extension but no, I got it.

Then I taught my one student, watched Netflix with the boy and then I went to bed.

Today I want to run again, and record the podcast and if everything went as I want it to I would also write 16,000 words.

Not even I am that optimistic, so I can safely say that my goal of finishing this draft by today will not be met. Tomorrow there will be uncles and aunts visiting and then it’s the weekend and then Pentecost break will be over.

Well, that doesn’t mean my life is over, just that I will have to spend a few hours a day teaching in addition to what I do this week.

It’s all good.

May 302018

This is what happens when I plan a serious writing day.

I woke up early, I procrastinated like crazy (yes, I know) everything went fine, I went grocery shopping early, we had a wonderful Greek salad for lunch:

IMG 1377

That is salad from our own yard, and yes, we know that there are no eggs in Greek salad but we put them in anyway so that there would be more protein.

Then I didn’t actually procrastinate for once, even though I just started the new Sarina Bowen book „Speakeasy“ and sat down to do the taxes.

I thought I’d be done in an hour or two.

Then I remembered that the way freelance people like us need to do taxes had changed from last year. Then I spent an hour finding out which line of the form our expenses should go in. After running into a ton of internet sites saying that they would help me with that I found that all of them did the exact same thing the Finanzamt does, you click on the ‚help‘-button to see what other something-something expenses are („sonstige unbeschränkt abziehbare Betriebsausgaben and no, I can’t translate that properly) and there it is: „other something-something expenses“. Of course. That explains everything.

So I will be eternally grateful to that nice young man who has made a website actually explaining these things using examples. Like telling me that the category I thought I should use is only applicable if you’re actually making a physical product.

Then I sat down to wrangle the part of the taxes that I have been doing the same way for years now. So that was not easy but at least I have last year’s form to guide me. And then I realized that I needed three more pieces of paper from my husband, and that my big, fat tax-headache (yes, that’s a thing – at least for me) was telling me to stop. Also, my husband was on his way out the door.

I was a little jealous because he will be eating at „Wiesengrund“ restaurant tonight with a friend. The food there is very, very good.

Instead the boy and I did watch Netflix and have potato chips and chocolate for dinner. No, we don’t do this often. Yes, I’m still trying to lose weight, and yes, I will take up intermittent fasting today again. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy pigging out on food occasionally.

So it seems today there will be running and the usual and more taxes plus preparing the podcast. Somehow I doubt that this will be a 5,000 word-day…

May 292018

Woke up real early, decided to write and then didn’t do it.

I did write a little before lunch, though.

As planned we rode our bikes to a nearby town and went to a beergarden for lunch. I did skip my run in favor of biking but the whole thing was only mildly taxing.

It did give me the opportunity to test my hypothesis from last week, though. There were several possible reasons for my runs being bad last week. 1) The fasting, 2) allergies, 3) mindset, or 4) heat.

When we rode our bikes today I felt about as bad as running last week. So it was not the running as such because I wasn’t running. It couldn’t be the fasting either because I was not fasting. It couldn’t be the heat because I felt the same right there in the cool and shady woods, and it couldn’t be my mindset because I wasn’t running, it wasn’t really strenuous and I was biking for less than half an hour.

So – ding, ding – allergies it is.

It was again damp under the trees, things were blooming everywhere and my husband again smelled something moldy

So I guess exercise will feel a little bad for a while. I have upped my dose of anti-histamines and am hoping that that will make a difference. It is always a weird feeling when you’re muscles are feeling great and would want to do more, and your whole body is just enjoying the movement and being outside and the blood pumping and then there is just that little problem of not being able to breathe well enough.

I didn’t have the cough or the ‚elephant sitting on my chest‘-feeling of asthma but it was going in the same direction. A bit of heaviness on the chest, and the feeling that the pathways to my lungs are just a little too tight.

I might have to resort to walks for the time being. Or running or riding my bike rather slowly.

Lunch was wonderful, this was our first time in a beergarden this year, and we were happy to have the boy with us, even, and the beer and the food were very good. I only took one picture of the beergarden itself:

IMG 1374

And here’s the obligatory food picture (by now my family finds it completely normal that I do this):

IMG 1372

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the very picturesque stream running directly at our side. With a fence in between, of course, wouldn’t want anybody to fall in.

Then we biked home at a slower pace and had ice cream.

And then I didn’t really get anything done for the rest of the day, weirdly enough.

I did spend a few hours sitting on the porch with my laptop willing the words to come while surfing the web but that didn’t really add that much to my word count.

Today there will be erranding and grocery shopping and taxes. And as many words as I can manage, I hope. Also, heat and then thunderstorms.