Aug 042018

Woke up half an hour early, had breakfast, talked with my husband but only briefly because I needed to take my shower before going to the doctor.

The doctor (different one than last time) said that my foot is fine and I don’t need to take more antibiotics. I hope she is right. The foot is still painful and a little red but way less than before.

Then I went to the pharmacy to get stuff for the rest of the family, and then to another one because the first one didn’t have what I needed. The second one didn’t have it either but I gave up and had them order the anti-allergy spray.

Went to the health food store. I have been to that store every day this week now. Bad organization.

Went back home, talked briefly with my husband again, found that the boy ran out of his favorite almond creme, started cleaning but had a really slow low-energy day.

We went to the Greek restaurant for lunch. Unfortunately none of us was in a great mood and all of us were super-sensitive to sound and such. There were people talking loudly in the restaurant, in fact, there was a woman three tables behind us who overpowered our conversation.

People were smoking, of course, because we were sitting outside.

The loudspeakers of the restaurant were so high-quality that all you could hear was the high-hat of the music they had put on, and that was just a hissing in the background. Felt like something crawling over my skin. Fun.

Still, the food was good. Sorry that I didn’t take a picture. I had fish. It was very good and I didn’t have to help cooking it and didn’t have to do the dishes afterwards. My poor husband had to drink three ouzos because the waiter just put them on our table. I said I didn’t want one because I can’t drink alcohol at the moment, and the boy certainly didn’t want one but no dice.

At least we did something together and at least we were all affected by the noise in the same way.

We went home again, I sat and read and knit for a while and then I braved the heat again to walk to the pharmacy again. And to the health food store. For almond creme and chocolate.

Back home I managed to clean with lots of breaks in between. Did a load of laundry.

The boy and I had dinner in front of the TV watching Star Trek again.

Talked some more with my husband. This time we might have reached a sort of conclusion to his problem. Phew.

Went to bed early and vowed to do even better today.

There was talk of hiking to Andechs today maybe but two of us had the feeling that it was just too hot.

So if we’re staying at home I am planning the same things I always do.

Best thing about yesterday was that I managed to write 100 words on the novel. While vacuuming the annex I started to write the next story in my head. I really should finish the one I’m working on so that I can start that. It’s way more exciting, of course…

Hung up the laundry, started writing this post.

Aug 032018

I’d say that I could get used to doing nothing but I know that I can’t. It’s time to get going again.

I woke up and had breakfast and all the usual and knitted a bit on the mystery shawl.

My husband wanted to make Greek food at home and we cooked for almost two hours:

IMG 1639

That’s pasta with tomato sauce (tomatoes from our garden), meatballs, red beet salad (red beets from our garden, salad made from scratch and eggplant creme (eggplant from the yard as well). And then it was so hot that I didn’t really want to eat anything, something that doesn’t happen to me often.

And then I went out, bought a bag of gummy bears and ate it all. I did bribe the boy with more gummy bears and he finally agreed to empty the wastepaper baskets in his room. He said that the recycling made him all nostalgic, seems there were Christmas candy wrappers in there still. I suggested emptying the baskets weekly from now on. We’ll see how that goes.

Then I hung around knitting and reading and trying to make myself shower, practice or write to no avail until it was time for the first webinar of the day about developing a daily writing habit.

IMG 1640

Just before the thing started it occurred to me that I already have a daily writing habit. Ahem. I am writing here on this blog daily and have been doing so for almost a year now. Duh.

I did get a lot of fiber carded so it wasn’t a waste.

Then I wanted to finally take a shower but my husband’s student showed up at the wrong time and I didn’t want to risk getting caught in my bathrobe in the hallway.

I sat around knitting and reading and elevating my foot and then it was time for the second webinar about kicking your inner critic to the curb. Also not all that helpful to me.

Then the boy and I watched some Star Trek and had dinner, then my husband wanted to talk at length as I was trying to wind down for bedtime and then I went to bed slightly too late.

I am hoping for today because today everything will be better. Of course.

I will finally take that shower, then go to the doctor again because I think I need more antibiotics. I’d like to clean the house because not cleaning it last week is showing and I don’t like it. We’ll be going out for lunch all three of us.

My husband is teaching this afternoon again and I will try to finally get my projects going, at least a little.

It is rather hot, though, and that makes things somewhat harder.

No gummy bears today.

Aug 022018

Woke up from the alarm. My goal is to go to bed so early that I’ll wake up without it but that might take some time.

Managed to get to the dentist almost on time. When I left my husband wasn’t up yet and I didn’t have the time to leave him a note. Later it turned out that he was rather confused. Especially since I had left the living room window wide open.

My cavity was filled in quickly. It wasn’t exactly fun but I’m a big girl. Then I went to the bakery and the health food store since I was already out. And I knew that we were out of a few things again.

Went home, explained to my husband where I had been and sat down to knit. I even started reading a romance novel because I felt I needed a day off from everything.

When we talked about what to make for lunch it turned out that we were out of other things as well so I decided to go grocery shopping after all.

It is really hot at the moment and I was really tired and exhausted and my body is fighting the infection so that was fun.

Lunch was rice and dal again. (My husband said, „I could make chicken as well.“ I didn’t want to add anything. I just wanted something easy and soothing.)

IMG 1638

I had big plans of writing and making music and sewing but found that I was just too low on energy to do anything.

So I sat and knitted and read and went online.

Taught a student at five and another at six, sat down with the boy to watch Star Trek and went to bed early.

I’m hoping for a bit more writing a sewing today. There will be no errands and no leaving the house. I will sit here with my foot up and rest.

I also signed up for not one but two webinars today, one about developing a daily writing habit and the other about kicking the inner critic to the curb. We’ll see how that goes. I’m planning to use the first one to card more merino. During the second one I’ll probably take notes like crazy.

And of course, listening to those will mean that I’ll be a totally different person afterwards who gets up in the morning and sits down to write with a big smile on her face.


Aug 012018

So yesterday I got up early after not enough sleep, had breakfast, walked with my husband, took a shower, ironed my skirt and went off to Munich. I left the whole pile of dishes from dinner and lunch for my husband. (Spoiler, they were still all there with more added in the evening but it was him who did them eventually.)

I met with Eliandhra and we had a great day. Sat in a café knitting, walked around (we did try to keep in the shade and I had planned a route that went along the Isar river a lot):

IMG 1635

We went to a beer garden for Weißwurst for lunch (non-alcoholic beer for me because of the antibiotic):

IMG 1637

Walked some more, went to a yarn shop as one does and then I went back home again because I had to teach another student.

Watched some Star Trek with the boy and went to bed slightly exhausted.

Today there will be the going to the dentist to get a cavity filled, and the teaching of more students and otherwise I’m planning to just sit there with my feet up in a cool room.

And then I’ll make a plan for August.


Jul 312018

I have to say yesterday morning seems so far away now that it’s actually hard to remember.

It took me ages to get going but I managed to show up at the doctor’s office half an hour after they opened. Was told to sit down in a little room and wait. Phew. I had to wait a little more than half an hour for the doctor but that is pretty good without an appointment and on a Monday morning.

Doctor who was wearing very distracting red and blue checkered shorts looked at my foot, listened to my story and asked if I wanted an antibiotic. Yep. I got a nice little bandage on my foot as well and went my merry way with instructions to show up again if it wasn’t better by Friday.

Then I went to the pharmacy for my prescription, to the bakery, to the health food store and to the tea shop, as one does.

And back home.

Did the dishes, talked to my husband whom I had barely seen in the morning. We had pasta and homemade arugula pesto for lunch:

IMG 1632

I’m still not all that happy with that pesto but my husband loves it. I did start to take the antibiotics.

Then I taught two students, prepared cucumbers for making pickles and did a pile of dishes again. I managed to rest my foot for about ten minutes before I had to go.

Then I went out for Stammtisch and to meet Eliandhra who is in Munich at the moment. Couldn’t have real beer because of the antibiotic but I did have dinner so I could take that pill so that’s alright.

I went home and got here around 11.30 which means that I didn’t get quite enough sleep but that’s okay. The bandage looks a little worse for wear, I don’t think it was meant to be walked on for more than 10,000 steps. It feels as if the foot is getting better, though.

Today I will leave for Munich yet again to meet Eliandhra and tonight I have another student at six. I have firm plans to spend Wednesday firmly planted on my easy chair with my foot up on the ottoman doing nothing.

I am hoping to get back to writing eventually, though.

Jul 302018

So yeah, I will definitely try to get a doctor’s appointment today. This is not fun. I’m hoping that I will only need antibiotics.

Another rather slow day yesterday. Had breakfast pretty late (around 8) hung around cooling and elevating my foot while knitting and reading and helped to make stuffed bell peppers (from the garden again):

IMG 1630

It was so hot that even my husband didn’t want to eat on the porch.

Then I retreated to my bed and started to get the podcast ready for publication. Then I started uploading the video to youtube. Several hours later it was still uploading, sorry. I will probably publish the podcast some time today.

Then it was time to sit in the room where we keep the TV (we keep calling it the guest bedroom but there is no bed in there anymore) and spin:

IMG 1631

Last day of the Tour and I spun the rest of what I had carded a few days before. I have no idea how much I have spun at the moment but I kept a list somewhere. My goal was to finish the yarn for the mystery knitalong and to spin the burgundy merino after that. Which I did.

There is still a lot of merino left to spin but I’m okay with that.

Went to bed on time.

Today, right when the doctor’s office opens I will either call or go there. I hope that I’ll get an appointment soon. In the afternoon I will teach two students and in the evening I will go to Munich to meet people in a pub.

Full day ahead.

Jul 292018

This is starting to become a habit.

I didn’t get enough sleep and my foot was hurting so I didn’t go for a run and basically spent the day sitting around with my foot elevated and iced periodically.

I had more cake for breakfast (and now it’s all gone):

IMG 1627

My new purse arrived and I really like it but it only has one measly inside pocket and none on the outside. I might have to sew something to hold all my small stuff:

IMG 1628

The leather is really soft and nice and it is definitely big enough for what I need. I’ll keep it.

There was chili for lunch:

IMG 1629

And leftover champagne. I spent all afternoon lounging around on the easy chair watching the Tour, occasionally spinning a little.

Then I spent the evening sitting there even longer and watching Star Trek with the boy. We had potato chips and licorice for dinner.

I went to bed early. I did not work on the podcast, sorry, that will take some more time.

I did go to bed on time, at least.

Today I will do nothing some more. Also get the podcast ready for publishing. And watch the final stage of the Tour. While spinning.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Jul 282018

Woke up as usual, had cake for breakfast and forgot to take a picture. The boy had the first two periods off (well, that was the part where the whole school goes to church that isn’t mandatory) and so he and my husband got up around the same time.

I unpacked my presents:

IMG 1608

A card from my mother, a great book from my sister (plus a rather nice card, my mother resents spending money on things like birthday cards), and a drawing by the boy. The flower was from my husband. Apparently those grow in our yard, I had no idea. He also gave me some money with the words, „You are always so strict with your budget so I thought you’d like this.“ He was right.

I loved the drawing:

IMG 1609

Then I sat down to knit. In between I pulled out the new bluetooth keyboard I got for my phone and found it covered with the remnants of the black purse that I had thrown in the bin after the last time I had used it. It was disintegrating so hard that I was covered with flecks of black „vegetarian-friendly leather“.

So I took my husband’s birthday present and ordered myself a new black purse. Apparently I’m still at that stage where money can buy happiness.

Then I got ready and decided to mend my orange dress. I was too lazy to pull out the sewing machine and did it all by hand. Sloppily:

IMG 1607

Then I taught a student, there was champagne, sandwiches and an omelette for lunch and then I taught some more. Watched the Tour and spun in between.

I was very happy that I only had a few students, it was as hot inside my studio as outside.

In the evening we went out for dinner. It’s a medium-fancy Italian restaurant that we usually like a lot. The food was great but our waiter wasn’t.

When we came they were in the middle of a rush so we were okay with waiting a little longer for our menus and to order. But then the rush subsided and a lot of people who had arrived later than us got their food and left much earlier. Most of them just had pizza instead of a four-course menu, but still.

Ihre was an attempt to calm myself down (the restaurant was rather loud as well, serves us right for going out on the last day of school):

IMG 1612

We had an aperitif and then carpaccio made from guinea fowl with baked tomatoes, mushrooms and figs (I was too hungry and impatient at this point to remember to take a picture before starting to eat):

IMG 1617

The waiter had forgotten our bottle of wine, when we reminded him he brought a glass of wine, and then he brought the wrong wine first. The boy had mozzarella caprese:

IMG 1618

For our pasta course we had panzerotti with mushrooms and ricotta. The boy didn’t get anything at this point (he had ordered no meat course; no idea why they decided to let him sit hungry while we were eating our pasta – the waiter might have forgotten, most likely):

IMG 1620

Then we waited for about half an hour again. Another waiter took our empty plates and asked if we wanted anything? We said that we had ordered the menu and weren’t done yet. He was a little surprised. A few minutes later our waiter re-emerged, brought us some more bread while trying to charm us and told us it would only be two more minutes now!

We think that he probably only ordered our meat then.

By then I was not hungry any more and tired enough to want to go home. But we waited a little longer for our veal with mushrooms:

IMG 1621

It was very tasty. The poor boy still didn’t have his pasta at this point and I found it interesting that we only got the meat, nothing else. We started eating, our waiter breezed by, saw the boy and said, „Two minutes, only two minutes!“ when he saw the boy didn’t have any food.

Then somebody else showed up with pasta for the boy (he had the panzerotti too) and – mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli for us.

When I had told the waiter in the beginning that I would like my dessert without strawberries (I really hate strawberries.) he had wanted to discuss this at the end. No idea why he couldn’t have jotted that down and remembered but apparently that was not doable.

So when we were finished with out main course we sat and waited some more (the mood was not quite as nice at that point; behind us a family had started fighting over dinner which was a little distracting as well) then he came up saying, „Dessert!“ Before vanishing again.

We started hoping. At this point I was rather sure that I would get my dessert with the strawberries (mascarpone cream).

Then he came back with his notepad, „What do you want?”

Huh? We had the menu. There was dessert included in the menu. We explained that we had ordered the menu, that I didn’t want strawberries with my mascarpone cream and that the boy wanted just regular tiramisu.

„I’ll go and see if there is any mascarpone cream left,“ he said.

We did manage to convey that we’d rather have just regular tiramisu if it made no difference to him because with our fructose-intolerance both my husband and I don’t do well with fruit.

We got our tiramisu. It was good. The lunar eclipse was in full swing when we left. My husband said, „Next time I’ll just stand in the kitchen and do two courses instead of four and the food will be almost as good but we won’t have to deal with waiting for ages, car and motorbike noises, people’s perfume and cigarette smoke.”

Not to mention that it will be much cheaper.

This has been the first time that we were let down by that restaurant, every other visit was really enjoyable and the food is wonderful.

We walked home and the streets were full of people out to see the lunar eclipse. I looked at the blood-red moon for a bit and then I went to bed to elevate and ice my foot that is still looking iffy and that doesn’t like the heat.

Today I might not go for my run – because of the still infected foot – I will spin for sure and write a little and not do much of anything.

Jul 272018

I’m blaming the Tour de France/Tour de Fleece but July has always been crazy around here. School year is almost over.


Since I had gone to sleep about an hour later than usual I started the day already slightly behind. I wasn’t the only one, though, the boy overslept. Since he has been coming down for breakfast later and later each day and I refuse to panic about him being late I woke him up just in time. I think. He might have been a little late.

They spent the day tidying their classrooms, so it’s not like he missed a ton of stuff.

I talked to my husband and knitted two rounds on the shawl, then went grocery shopping. This time I managed to find out where they stash the pine nuts. It is with the candy. Of course.

Also I found out that that grocery store has my very favorite kind of licorice in stock all the time! Bavarians don’t do licorice as a rule. It is hard to find around these parts but now I know where to get it and could get it every single week!

I will have to make rules so that I don’t. (Candy is one of the things that my body doesn’t digest well. So I better don’t eat too much of it.)

Then we had leftover lasagna for lunch:

IMG 1605

And salad. While I was in the grocery store my husband set off to the health food store because we were out of salad. He has planted some more but it will take more time. (It never occurred to him to call me on my cell phone, of course.)

Then I did the dishes with speed (and the boy helped me, yeah!) and proceeded to record the next podcast episode. (It will probably go out on Saturday, not today, by the way.) I rushed the end a bit because it was time for my student to show up for his customary 15 minutes too early.

Instead he didn’t show at all. As I told you. It is July, things are crazy.

Then I finally taught some students, carded more fiber for my spinning project, wrote a few words and went to bed a little earlier.

Today there will be cake for breakfast and teaching and a very light lunch because we’re going out for dinner! In between I’m planning to spin some more.

Jul 262018

No writing at all which is bad. But otherwise it was a god day.

I went running a little earlier than usual:

IMG 1600

We do need rain.

IMG 1601

7.2 k with lots and lots of walking.

Then I helped to make lasagna:

IMG 1602

This time I forgot to take the picture before starting to eat. I was really hungry.

Did the dishes, want to write but there wasn’t enough time because I talked with the boy for too long.

I taught a few students and in between I watched the Tour and spun:

IMG 1604

Then I taught another student and went off for my monthly meeting with parents of gifted children.

The good thing was that I talked to my husband before leaving and he said that I should take a jacket even though the weather forecast said it would be hot and dry.

I started biking and it was much cooler than I had feared and then the first drops started to fall and it became really windy and then I ended up riding through a veritable downpour. At least I had my rain jacket. My skirt, sandals and hair were dripping wet but at least my tank top wasn’t soaked. I really should get a rain cover for my bike helmet.

The meeting was really nice and there were far more parents there than usual.

When I biked home everything was dry again. That downpour had been over fast and had only been in that area. There had been no rain at all at home.

When I came back home around 10 there was still light in the kitchen and the boy just had dinner. He had met with my husband at the school summer party and they had heard my husband’s students play with the school band. They had just come home.

Consequentially the boy overslept this morning.

Today I will go grocery shopping and record the podcast. There will also be teaching, of course, and I want to card some more spinning fiber because I spun up everything I had carded the day before.

Two more days before summer break …