Jan 212018

So the house concert is over.

We basically spent all day yesterday preparing and dreading it. I baked lots of rolls, and we got all our equipment to the space where we did the concert, and we only had to go back because we had forgotten something twice.

There were only very few people there, unfortunately, the weather was rather bad with lots of snow coming down, maybe that was part of it. There had been lots of people saying that they had something else but would try coming anyway, and that didn’t really work out, of course.

The music was fun, my husband did several solo improvisations, and his friend played sitar, and I played my two songs, and was very pleased with how it went.

We came home around 1 am, the boy included, and so I only got five hours of sleep.

So I’m expecting today to involve a lot of sitting around and doing nothing, and I hope that that will restore me enough to tackle the next week.

I’m proud that I managed to get my 500 words in yesterday even though I was so nervous about the preformance, and was so busy all day, so that’s good.

And since there are only four more rounds to crochet on the huge blanket I have actually started to make plans for another huge crochet blanket. For the boy’s bed. A ripple blanket in grays and black. In acrylic. The horrors.

The planning stage of any project is always so exciting! I’m loving it.

There are pictures of the concert but they are on the big camera, and I will have to look at them, and get them on the computer first. I’m hoping that the boy took one of me playing that is not blurry.

Jan 202018

Sp yesterday was again filled to the brim. I gave up on cleaning after folding and putting away two loads of laundry, and instead sat down with the bank statements for our mortgage and tried to find out how soon we can be mortgage-free if we pay and extra 1,000 € every year. (The answer seems to be 2024.) And I weighed and measured the yarn I made from the advent calendar-fiber:

IMG 1114

Then things turned a  little weird because I hadn’t heard my husband come back from his run and started to worry (that’s the downside of having a house in two parts). When I decided to take a shower I saw his running clothes laying on the floor of the guest room, so he had come back, and then I couldn’t find him anywhere in the house, and thought he might have gone to get beer and soda because we’re low, but then the time to start cooking lunch came and went and I realized that he had in fact gone out for lunch. Without telling me.

Turns out that he thought he had told me, and I didn’t know a thing. Which meant I had to scramble to do something for lunch for the boy and me. Take-out is a marvelous thing is all I can say, and the boy even came home in time to get it which was very good because at that point my hair was still dripping wet, and going outside with wet hair in the snow is not my idea of fun.

I was pretty flustered after that but managed to teach all my students, and had a talk with my husband later in the afternoon.

The boy and I did not watch anything last night because he still has his report to write, and I still had to practice the songs that I will be playing tonight.

IMG 1115

So today there is cake for breakfast, and then there will be the baking of the Indian rolls, and then we will pack everything we need for the performance, and have stage-fright, and possibly fight (which we tend to do before performing but we have become better over the years), and then there will be lots of people (unless nobody comes which would be worse), and there will be music and beer, and a party, and going to bed late.

And then on Sunday there will probably not be much of anything to make up for it.

Jan 192018

I had another rather slow day yesterday because of my leg but it’s doing better and better. Sitting in bed most of the morning just reading and crocheting and doing nothing did nothing for my mood yet again. Funny how much better I feel when I run around outside even if the weather is dreary.

But I will have to sit this out just a little longer, and so I will.

I made frozen pizza for lunch, and managed to write most of my words before teaching, that new student who kept coming way too early seems to have gotten the message this time, and showed up only five minutes early, and things went pretty smoothly.

In the evening my husband and I rehearsed for tomorrow’s concert, and we didn’t even fight or disagree or anything. I still can’t play the bridge of „Creep“ but it turns out that I can fake my way through it well enough so that’s good. Then I had one of those blackout moments where I couldn’t remember the third chord of the next song and got stuck. So I have now searched for the sheet music and put it in my concert folder.

Today I will write a list of things I need to remember for tomorrow, maybe clean a bit, write some, teach a lot and I’m hoping to watch some „Star Trek“ tonight with the boy. (Though he just made noises about having to finish his report for the science fair today, and maybe not having time. Well, I can watch something without him, no problem.)

No pizza today but just ordinary lunch in order to make things easier.

I’m still all tired all the way but am trying to not let that drag me down. Also to plan for times to sit around staring blankly into space every day. Better to plan for it if it will be happening anyways.

Oh, and I had this idea for a non-fiction book in German that would tie in with the teaching. I started outlining it yesterday, and am planning to both put it on the business blog in chapters, and to publish it. Eventually. I’m really excited.

And also I broke my promise to myself to not drink alcohol and eat sugar until I have lost those six kilos I packed back on last year. I’ve been doing moderately well, I did eat a ton of cheese and nuts but no sugar and no alcohol. Which was following the letter of the rule but not the spirit. So I already had my doubts about the whole thing because I started this to make me eat less not more. And I did lose 200 grams the past week. Um. Yeah?

But I’m starting to think that that’s a dumb rule if it makes me mainline cheese in the evenings, and so I’m reconsidering. I’ll be tweaking this on an ongoing basis, I think.

I don’t really feel like I failed because I made the rule to serve a purpose and it didn’t work so now I’ll try something new. And if that doesn’t work I’ll change it up again.

Jan 182018

I had a rather low-key day yesterday because of the hurt calf. I spent most of the morning in bed with my leg up, iced and in a compression bandage. Sitting there, reading and crocheting felt kind of nice for an hour or so, and then my mood turned pretty low. I know why I don’t spend days in bed anymore if I can help it.IMG 1113

Huddling under the blanket in progress, resting my leg.

Still the leg was feeling much better. I had my husband and son do most of the carrying and fetching for me, and tried to enjoy the slow days as much as I could.

Teaching in the afternoon, and then I had a hard time making myself practice for Saturday and write the second half of my 500 words but I wrote. And I have an inkling how to get the story from where I am now to where I want it to end, so that’s good as well. I now have 74,000 words of this novel, and it looks to be about 80,000 long which is rather long for me, and also for a mystery novel. Huh. This still will need revision even though I tried writing as clean as I could so we’ll see.

I’m also pretty excited about a non-fiction book I’m thinking of writing, and of course now I’d rather start that than finishing the one in progress. Like always. Finishing things is really hard.

Other than that ther eisn’t much happening which is good but doesn’t make for riveting blog posts.

I’m planning to stay in all day today again, and to huddle under my nice and cozy blanket for the half of the day that I won’t be teaching. Since my husband is meeting a friend for lunch today I will be responsible for providing food for the boy and me which means there will be frozen pizza. Yes, I do know how to cook, only I haven’t done so in so long that I’m completely out of practice. I guess I should start cooking regularly again. We’ll see.

Other than that and the obligatory 500 words (and maybe the start of an outline for the non-fiction book, ahem) there will be rehearsal for Saturday with my husband tonight.

The very good thing is that my leg barely hurts anymore, and I can almost walk properly again. I won’t go running for the next few days but I am contemplating a walk on Monday.

Jan 172018

So yesterday was another full steam ahead day until I was stopped in my tracks.

I did the massive grocery shopping. I’m still finding my way around the new supermarket, and it takes a lot of time. Also the new supermarket is in a small mall which means I have to schlep everything for ages before I can put it on my bike. The layout is much more convenient for people who use cars. Of course.

After lunch I did the dishes right away, and finally started writing my epic to-do-list. Then the firewood delivery came. In my hurry to open the garden gate I jumped down the front stairs a little awkwardly, and now I seem to have pulled a muscle in my right calf. Of course I then spent about an hour stacking firewood and pushing the wheelbarrow (in the pouring rain, I was wet all through) before teaching.

Only about an house later did I google „pulled muscle“ and found that moving the leg was not the best thing to do in this instant. And it really hurt.

So I spent the rest of the afternoon teaching with my right leg propped up on a chair, and then put on a compression bandage and started icing and applying ibuprofen.

The good thing is that it’s feeling better already.

I guess I won’t be running for the rest of the week, maybe longer. It’s funny how one careless moment can change things. Also I have been a little too accident-prone the past few days. I ran into the same door twice in the same day (I have a thick bottom lip and a sore spot on my chin), and now this. I guess it’s time to slow down.

So today will be a lot of sitting around with my leg elevated and iced, also a lot of teaching, and an early night in. I think I’ll cancel the thing I had planned for tomorrow night, meeting other MENSA parents in a restaurant. With no car I would have to walk several kilometers, and I guess that would be foolish.

So I’ll write today, and practice, and rest a lot. That will be fun!

Jan 162018

So that was rather expected but I’m glad to know for sure.

Yesterday I actually went running at nine, something I never do, so that I could get my exercise in before going to the ENT. There I had to wait for half an hour (the doctor apologized, it was a Monday after all) and then the doctor told me that I don’t have sleep apnea, I’m not even snoring, everything is fine. He was rather puzzled why someone would order that kind of test for me, and I told him it was because I’m tired all the time. So he said, „Do you have any sleep problems?“ No, I don’t.

So we’re back to square one with a little more information than before. I made an appointment with the doctor I had seen first in November again, and am glad that I can see her next week already.

I’m still thinking that my hormones are wonky, be it thyroid or not, but we’ll see. Hopefully. I’d hate to come out of this with a diagnosis of „it’s all in your head, deal with it“.

Yesterday was a pretty good day where I did everything I wanted. I just skipped watching a video about writing a non-fiction book in 90 days and spinning because I was so tired in the evening that I just went to bed, and turned off the lights at nine.

So I woke up at around six this morning, well rested.

Today will be another busy day, there will be grocery shopping, and teaching, and we’ve ordered firewood that will be delivered some time this afternoon, and I will practice and write. I’m hoping that the wood delivery will arrive early in the afternoon before I have to teach. The boy has orders to come home quickly after school so that he can open the door and tell them where to put the wood. And then we will have to get the wood from in front of the garage to a safe place where it won’t be rained upon.

This is a good thing if a bit hectic today because we’re running out of wood already. And the warmth from the stove is just so much nicer than from central heating. Also doesn’t burn fossil fuel.

Jan 152018

So today brings my highly anticipated ENT visit to learn about the results of the sleep test last month. I’m not quite sure if I want to have sleep  apnea but then it’s not really up to me, and it is also highly unlikely.

Yesterday went reasonably well even if I didn’t sew yet again. I did put new strings on my concert ukulele, though, and I think I like those better than the ones I was using before. I also practiced all my instruments and the songs for Saturday’s concert, and I wrote 330 words. I just couldn’t be bothered to write more which is a bad thing.

And in the evening I sat down and spun. I’d like to start knitting another sweater but that means I will first have to finish spinning the yarn.

And then I didn’t want to go to bed because I both wanted to write more words to reach my 500 word goal, and not write, and also I didn’t want this week to start because this one will be a little stressful.

Which is a great reason not to go to bed and eat all the things. Why yes, I do remember my little speech about the importance of sleep the other day.

So today there will be a ot of sleepiness, and also running, the ENT visit, maybe a visit to the nice health food store a town over (because it’s right next to the doctor’s office), lots of teaching, practice, writing, and then – hopefully – early to bed. If I want to run today I will have to do it much earlier than usual which will cut into the time I have talking with my husband but maybe exercise is more important today than that. We’ll see.

I am already wearing my running clothes which in the past has always lead to not exercising but maybe this time will be different…

Jan 142018

And yesterday was another full day.

It started out a little weird because I didn’t want to get up at all, and sat in bed with my phone for an hour before having breakfast. And then the boy slept and slept and slept until I finally woke him up at noon which is really unusual. Well, we do have a rule that he needs to be downstairs for breakfast at 9.30 but he forgot to set an alarm, and also seems to have needed the sleep.

I waffled about baking for ages but finally decided to make salty rolls after all. So I made the dough, went running, made the rolls and put them in the oven, took a shower, and went to spinning meeting a little late.

IMG 1109

I had thought about riding my bike but was afraid it would be too cold, and also maybe a little icy on the way back but in the end biking would have been completely fine.

The bus takes a little longer but not really long, and on my way back I was so fed up with sitting all the time that I got off the bus two stations early so I could walk a little.

Spinning meeting was really nice as usual, and we sat and talked and spun but then I was getting a little restless, thinking about all the things I want to do, and also in need of a bit of downtime so I left early.

At first I had wanted to make good use of the hour or so I had until dinnertime but then I decided to just hang around and do nothing for a change, and now I’m hoping that that was enough of a weekend slump for this week.

We all had dinner together, and then we all did the dishes (my husband thought if I’d leave them until later they wouldn’t get done – since I had been away nobody had washed anything since breakfast), and then it was so late that the boy and I only watched one episode of „How I Met Your Mother“, and then I basically went to bed, turned out the light at nine and slept for 9 1/2 blissful hours. I really need to go to bed earlier during the week.

The boy has decided to get a grip on his life (again, but then that really never stops, doesn’t it?) and cleaned his room yesterday including cleaning the toilet and changing the sheets on his bed (without prompting!). And then he told his grandmother that he wants to change for the better, and that he needs more sleep during the week, and wants to attempt getting ready for bed at eight every night. Which is a good plan, if he does that he will be able to spend some time reading before turning out the lights, and will get his ten hours of sleep.

Well, he shouldn’t have talked about needing ten hours of sleep. She basically went at him saying that we’re the only people who think that people need that much sleep, and that nobody else thinks this. Did you know that teenagers need more sleep than children who are a little younger? Yeah, I found that surprising as well. (And no, that’s not just my opinion, look it up on the internet.) I think that’s the reason why they all sleep all day on the weekends. So if the boy turns out his lights at nine he should be good.

But then we live in a world where everybody thinks that six hours of sleep is plenty, no matter what science and your own experience says. Of course, if you’re all sleep deprived and you sleep in once in a while you feel terrible. Your body basically goes into hibernation mode, and you’re foggy and tired. But. If you get enough sleep every single day your life is so much better. You feel better, your brain works better, you don’t get fat as easily, and you reduce your risk of cancer.

So what’s better: watching another thing on Netflix while being brain-dead, or getting an hour more of sleep?

And the cool thing with sleep is that it is really hard to overdose. If you just go to bed early every day, and then you sleep soundly you’ll just wake up when you’ve slept enough.

Speaking of sleep, tomorrow I’ll have my ENT appointment where we discuss my sleep test. That will be interesting. Or not.

Jan 132018

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Jan 132018

And then yesterday was go, go, go all through the day until I turned the lights out too late at eleven.

I did manage to clean the house in the morning, and we had delicious homemade pizza, and then I sang a bit before teaching all.the.students all afternoon. Did not hav enough energy for strength training yet again, then dinner and some „Enterprise“ with the boy, then I finished getting the podcast ready for today and that was it.

Doesn’t sound like much, doesn’t it?

I was out of energy by four in the afternoon but kept going. Not something I like doing. Bad idea. At least I had written in the morning this time so at least that got done.

And it was too late to bake something for the spinning meeting so I’ll have to do that this morning.

Today there will be: writing, running, showering, baking (probably), and then rushing off to spinning meeting where I will stay all afternoon, then hopefully practice some time afterwards, and a leisurely evening doing nothing.

Funny how crowded the days become when you put a major project (like learning three new songs and preparing a house concert) on top of an already pretty full life.