Mar 202018

As predicted, I spent the day mostly in bed, a little bored and not feeling all that great.

I did all my teaching. I should have rescheduled the singing student, though, because he had a cold as well and so we were a sorry sight, both sniffling with no voice in my case and not much of a voice in his. We still managed to make a little progress.

My last student didn’t even show. It’s always a little weird, that waiting and not knowing.

The boy came home just when I was setting the table for dinner which was an excellent timing. He was pretty exhausted from his first full day of work. Seems he actually got things to do. Sandwiches for lunch turned out to have been the right choice.

I went to bed at 9.30, giddy about the prospect of getting all.the.sleep and then woke up at 5. I feel a bit cheated.

Today there will be some grocery shopping – but not all because I’m still sick – and some teaching, more than yesterday, and a little writing (got 250 words in yesterday).

If the cold isn’t gone by Thursday the podcast will have to be late. It can’t be helped, no voice – no podcast.

Mar 192018

I basically spent most of the day in bed, reading, surfing the web and dozing. I tried not to speak but failed.

I actually slept about nine hours last night. I’m still sick, as expected.

At least my voice isn’t completely gone. If I don’t talk much and rest a lot between students I guess I’ll be okay.

I did help making homemade gnocchi yesterday, that was good, so here’s a picture of the uncooked gnocchi:

IMG 1206

And the whole meal:

IMG 1207

Despite being sick I did manage to cut the boy’s hair yesterday. It still looks pretty wild because he wants to grow it out but at least I trimmed the bottom and he doesn’t look quite as overgrown.

Today I will be teaching but not that much. I’ll try to mostly communicate by sign language. Teaching singing will be, um, interesting but I’m pretty sure that that particular student can handle it.

The boy was pretty scared this morning because he has his first day of internship. He is nervous about finding his way there, and about the work, especially since they are putting him on the phone right away. I guess he’ll learn a lot.

I think I’ll spend the morning in bed today. No running for me, that’s for sure.

Mar 182018

So yesterday ended up being a day where I did nothing at all, apart from buying clothes with the boy. We walked to the very small mall here in town, hunted down 1 tee, 2 sweatshirts, 2 belts, and some chocolate (we both aren’t fond of clothes-shopping), failed to find pajamas that we liked, and walked back.

I did no running, only a little spinning, no writing, and no music because I’m sick. Laryngitis again. No idea where that comes from.

So today I will spend the day in bed and on the couch doing nothing, drinking lots of tea and not speaking.

My family hates it when I don’t speak, they find it spooky.

There will be crochet, and reading, and knitting, and maybe a shower. I need a pedicure but sitting around with bare feet for an hour or so might not be the best thing to do today. The boy need his hair cut.

We’ll see.

Mar 172018

The day went mostly as I wanted which is great.

I even started writing before lunchtime! My husband got up rather early which always leads to me getting more done because then we can both start into the day earlier.

I ended up writing 1,100 words which makes me happy. I also changed the sheets, cleaned most of the house, made pizza, taught four students, did some more research on how to record the video podcast better (I started breakfast late because of it but it was ready early enough for the boy to leave for school on time), made music, watched some TV show with the boy in the evening, and went to bed almost on time.

Right now I’m having a sore throat and I hope I won’t get sick. I’m not quite sure if I should run today or not. Maybe only my usual 5K.

Other than that there will be writing, and music, and family, and maybe I’ll press the fabric for the dress I want to make, and I need to cut the boy’s hair, and force him to go shopping for clothes. He will probably want me to accompany him. Most of his sweatshirts are years old and he really needs something that looks a bit better put together for the internship next week.

I’m using this weekend as a kind of dress rehearsal for Easter break. This time I will attempt to not spend my days off sitting around reading and knitting with nothing to show for at the end. I wouldn’t mind taking a few days completely off if it wouldn’t make me so cranky every time I do it.

So I’ll be trying to make good use of my weekend.

And don’t fear, there will be sitting around and reading as well as being productive. Just, I’d like there to be more than just sitting and reading.

Mar 162018

Yesterday wasn’t too bad until the evening.

I actually got out the door for my run at 9.30, something that never happens.

IMG 1204IMG 1205

Took a shower and then my husband made me lunch at 11.15 because I needed to get to the mammogram afterwards.

Found the bus, wandered around a little because I didn’t find the right way at first but google maps helped a lot, and was early at the mammogram place,

The whole experience went faster than I thought it would, and while unpleasant it was not as unpleasant as I had come to expect from other people.

Went back home and then had basically spent all my oomph for the day. In the evening I saw that I had walked 12,000 steps so that might explain it.

I did practice and I did write (but only 390 words) and then I started watching „Frankie and Grace“ and since I hadn’t activated the timer on the wifi after that webinar extravaganza I continued watching until 11 pm.

I might have had a little less sleep than I need.

I also started obsessing about making myself a new cardigan ASAP. Of course I’ll spin the fiber first, as one does. Stay tuned. And of course this will be a quick and easy project, right?

I also tried to research equipment and such for video podcasting but didn’t find the information I need. I will have to try things out with whatever cameras and microphones I have around some time on the weekend. Another big project apparently.

Today will be cleaning, and pizza-making, and teaching (but not a lot), and maybe strength training (don’t hold your breath, that’s the one thing I haven’t been doing at all lately), and watching TV. Somewhere in there I will squeeze music and writing in.

Then I will go to bed too late and feel terrible tomorrow.

At least I re-activated the timer on the wifi…

Mar 152018

So yesterday was a whirlwind of things. I ran 6 kilometers instead of my usual 5 (and actually ran for most of them, even, helped with making lunch, played all my instruments, did all the dishes on time, taught all the students, had a student show me his new electrical guitar, organized a meeting between him and my husband so that he can take electrical guitar lessons starting next month, and then I sat down to watch not one but three webinars in a row.

Yeah, I thought it a bit much as well. I did drop the third one after half an hour.

The first one was Orna Ross’ monthly thing about creative entrepreneurship and creativity. It’s funny, she keeps saying things like, „I know we covered a ton of material in this event, feel free to ask me about anything you didn’t understand,“ and I keep waiting for something I didn’t know before. So I’m recommending this class for people just starting out.

I haven’t stopped attending her webinars because I like her very much. Still, not the best use of my time.

Then there was a thing with Jessica Abel about focusing on your creative projects while living your regular life. I totally love what she is doing and writing and I would love to take her workshop but it’s not in the budget right now. I will just have to make do using her book.

And then I started watching something where Bryan Cohen was rewriting a book description live but by then I was not really able to take anything in anymore, it was past my usual bedtime and I need to focus on finishing a book first before thinking about marketing and such.

Then I found that we had two messages on voice mail for the landline. Both for my husband, of course. Ao I went over to the annex to tell him (my husband goes to bed much later than I but he doesn’t know how to check messages on the new phone; I get them to my mobile which is always on these days in case my mother-in-law needs help). Two friends of his were complaining that he hadn’t gotten in touch. This happens to him all the time. He didn’t check his email for two days and didn’t have time to answer right away for one, and the other one just complained that nobody ever answers the phone at our house. We haven’t answered the phone in decades. We do call back if you leave a message. Usually.

Then I went to bed.

Woke up at 5.15 from a dream, knocked a full glass of water over and was pretty awake. I did try to fall asleep again after mopping up most of the water with limited success. The lamp on my nightstand was standing in a puddle at one point, I just hope that it will continue working.

Today will be interesting enough, I’ll be having my first ever mammogram. For this I need to take a bus and go to a town that I don’t know very well. The appointment is right at lunchtime so I need to organize my day around that.

I really hope to go running regardless and to do all my usual things today which might even be possible because I’ll only be teaching two students.

Sorry for not putting links in, I’m already a little late in getting up to make breakfast. I guess this will just be one of those days.

Mar 142018

So yesterday was all in all a pretty good day, my husband still feels mightily overwhelmed by everything, a feeling I can totally understand, I went tot the big supermarket and am starting to find my way around it better, and I didn’t write a single word all day but managed 1,000 words right before bed but the best news yesterday was the email the boy go at lunchtime.

We were sitting around making frantic plans about how he could spend the afternoon to get an internship after all when he looked at his emails on his phone and said, „I got the internship.”

One of the two places he had called last week that had told him to send his application in will take him. He’ll start on Monday and he’ll spend half of his Easter break working there as well.

I slept all night like a log, 8 1/2 blissful hours.

And now I’m a little late and need to hustle.

There will be all the usual Wednesday things today, including running and music and writing. I have a list. A long one.

But I am almost relaxed. Which is great.

Mar 132018

It felt as if I hadn’t slept enough yesterday but I can’t really do anything if my body wakes me up an hour before the alarm.

The early start meant that there was time to go to the grocery store in the morning in addition to the run which was good. I bought red lentils that we ate right away.

IMG 0019

It was supposed to be raining but I got everywhere I wanted staying totally dry.

Lots of teaching in the afternoon, and not quite enough practice. I’m falling back into loads of bad habits at the moment. It feels like I can’t do the good ones because I don’t have the energy but I’m suspecting that I had more energy if I were using my better habits. This is always rather disheartening because I work so hard to live a certain way, and just when I think I’m almost there it’s all crumbling apart again.

Well, nothing to do but to start again.

I had really wanted to write some more in the evening but we were rather late with dinner, and then I had to wait for my husband, and the boy was taking a shower, and then I was watching a webinar about how to get reviews for your books (I might be better off actually finishing a book first.) and so the kitchen is now looking catastrophically untidy with piles of dirty dishes, and I went to bed too late.

When waiting for my webinar I started watching „Gracie and Frankie“ and it is really good and a lot of fun. I will certainly watch more of this.

Today. There will be grocery shopping by bike while it’s really windy which will take all morning, and then there will be research for how to record video properly, and then there will be teaching, and then I will probably just flop facedown into bed.

I was feeling bad this morning for not spending enough time on writing because if you look at my daily life my top priority seems to be ravelry and blogs but then I realized that the webinar counts too, and I felt a little better.

I still only wrote 500 words which doesn’t feel enough.

Today is a new day where I will certainly transform into a much better me who spends every free minutes adding to her novel with a smile on her face.

Yeah. That’s exactly what will happen. And she won’t eat any chocolate at all, and do strength training with vigor, and not drink any beer, and go to bed at nine with her face scrubbed and her teeth flossed. After having done all the dishes.


Mar 122018

I knew beforehand that I wouldn’t actually get much done yesterday and I was okay with that.

I didn’t think I would spend all afternoon procrastinating about writing, though. I got 500 words from sitting around for three hours while feeling bad. Whatever it takes.

Yesterday was also the day I caved and subscribed to Netflix. I don’t like subscriptions because you keep paying all the time, and I don’t watch that much TV but after trying to clean a faulty DVD for the third time in a row something in me snapped.

So we watched „Star Trek: The Next Generation“ in HD. Which is rather nice.

For now I’m still in the free trial month, of course, and we’ll see how long we’ll do this.

I did manage to go to bed almost on time, so I’m counting that as a win.

Today there will be running (in the rain), and quite a bit of teaching, and hopefully more writing, and music. Not much else, I guess.

I’m still shying away from listing all my „open loops“. I might press the fabric I want to make a dress out of. Yesterday I put the pattern pieces on the fabric and I think I have enough which would be great because it’s less than the pattern calls for.

I’m going for small wins here.

Mar 112018

I got up pretty late. I did wake up early but then thought about my life and my creative work and read half of Jessica Abel’s blog. I went running but didn’t take a picture and was a little faster than I have been lately. I took a little money with me and bought cookies at the store on my way home. I didn’t want to stress myself with the baking.

Slippers were finished:IMG 0018

Then I took a shower, ate something, and procrastinated about leaving for the spinning meeting for half an hour. Hopping on my bike when I have just returned from running is often somewhat hard. I should see this as triathlon training, maybe, with a shower break between.

The spinning meeting was great, there was fiber to buy that was really beautiful but I didn’t buy any, and I managed to finish spinning the singles for my current wheel project and start plying. Here are some pictures of empty spinning wheels because everybody was admiring the handdyed fiber:

IMG 0016IMG 0017

I rode my bike home through the rain, had dinner, and watched an episode of „Dollhouse“.

Today I am hoping to finally get back to writing. Not much else, I guess. Maybe watch some of the book cover design course.

Just a lazy Sunday before the mad dash of next week begins.