May 202019

I slept in until 7.30 because I only turned out the lights after finishing „Top Secret“ at 1.30. Dumb move. I need a new rule that I can’t start a new Sarina Bowen novel after lunchtime or something. I still fell that it was worth it but it didn’t bode well for Sunday.

So I had breakfast a little late, talked to the rest of the family, did dishes, started reading „The 5th Gender“ by G.L. Carriger and basically sat around doing nothing but reading (and finishing) that, making my way all through the „Kiwi Blitz“ webcomic and watch the Giro. All while elevating my leg and cooling it.

Every other hour I felt that my calf was doing wonderfully and didn’t hurt anymore at all. Then I would get up and walk a few steps only to find that, no, it was not doing wonderfully. But all the resting, cooling, elevating and anti-inflammatory painkillers were doing something at least. I do doubt that I’ll  go running the next few days, though.

On the bright side that should give me a little more time for other stuff. Not that it did yesterday or the day before. As usual when something goes sideways I was thrown completely off track and didn’t do anything productive at all. It was especially weird to be watching the bike race without my spinning. I mean, I could have made progress on the spindle project but I didn’t.

I am really hoping things will go better today. I did warn the boy that he might have to go to the health food store on Tuesday instead of me.

There was lunch:

IMG 2558

I didn’t even help with it. Even though my husband is still feeling under the weather. He seems to have some virus that makes him feel meh and a little weak but not sick enough to stay in bed. On the other hand he never feels sick enough to stay in bed. I remember one winter when he was complaining about feeling bad for weeks and I kept thinking that he should either just stay in bed or not complain as much and then it turned out that he probably had had pneumonia without really realizing.

I’d rather stay in bed a little too easily than going full tilt while having pneumonia, thank you very much.

When the Giro was over and I had finished the Gail Carriger book it was time for dinner. I usually try to skip it. I haven’t been all that successful with that lately but since I was taking ibuprofen I decided that eating something was sensible:

IMG 2559

That’s fried potatoes with egg. And ketchup. And the painkiller.

Today there will be teaching. No running. Possibly the recording of the podcast but I might reschedule to Thursday even though that will mean scrambling to get it published on Friday. We’ll see.

And I started reading yet another novel, „The Bride Test“. I also have the new Patricia Briggs but I’m saving that a little. Not to mention the 199 unread novels on my ebook reader.

May 192019

I woke up from the alarm at 5.30 but couldn’t even be bothered to turn on the light and spent the next house just lying there trying to will myself into being awake. Then I ended up reading „Kiwi Blitz“ until I finally got up at 8. Nope, no writing.

My husband was rather surprised when he showed up at 8.30 and I had just started eating my breakfast. And we both were equally surprised when the boy came down at 9.28. Yes, I did look at the clock.

We talked and I knitted and I did the breakfast dishes and finally managed to leave for my run after ten. I had planned to do another 11k run. Everything went fine, my heart rate was not too high, I felt light and good and was running quite a bit instead of my usual walking most of the way. My left calf was a little cramped but I often get that and it usually goes away if I focus on loosening the muscles.

But then it hurt a little more. And some more. And so I had to start walking again. And the it seriously hurt and didn’t get better so I decided to turn around after 2.6k:

IMG 2555

Yes, it is little dry yet again. I’m still in good spirits here:

IMG 2556

Okay, reasonable good spirits, also the sun shone in my eyes. I need to get myself running sunglasses.

And then I hobbled back home. Painfully. My husband was immediately concerned when he ran past me right before our house on his way back. I have been looking at other runner’s pace a lot lately and for anybody interested my pace yesterday was 8 min/k for running with a little walking thrown in and 14 min/k for hobbling.

I think I pulled a muscle. I helped to make lunch:

IMG 2557

Very yummy if a little spicy, and spent the rest of the day sitting in an easy chair with my leg elevated on a cooling pad. Which might not hinder a normal person from working on her novel or work on the website or anything but since I’m me I just sat there watching the Giro d’Italia with half an eye while reading some more „Kiwi Blitz“ on my laptop. (I have to say that I like „Sleepless Domain“ by the same person even better but I’m all caught up with that one.)

I also skipped bodyweight training and went from sitting in the chair watching the bike race to sitting in the same chair and watching Star Trek with the boy without even getting up in between. Interestingly I seem to have become a person who gets antsy just sitting around. Huh, former couch potato me would never have guessed.

So today the agenda is mostly sitting around some more with my leg elevated and iced and then I’ll see.

May 182019

I woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm even though I had gone to bed an hour too late. Weird. I did manage to write morning pages, meditate and write some words for the novel (not enough but progress).

Claudia asked about morning pages. Morning pages is something I and lots and lots of other people learned from Julia Cameron’s „The Artist’s Way“-book. You sit down first thing in the morning and write three pages stream of consciousness. So, basically everything that’s running through your head at the moment as fast as you can. It’s one of Cameron’s tools for getting creatives unstuck and she uses it as meditation.

I started doing these in the fall of 1998 after reading the book. I did them faithfully for years but these days I do them if I can but I don’t write them every morning. I find that they’re helping me process everything that’s going on and when I write them I don’t need to talk about everything with my husband which is good. The other bonus is that they get me started writing for the day.

So after all of that I made breakfast. I finally started knitting the gauge swatches for my husband’s sweater. Sorry, that I didn’t take any pictures. After the first swatch with 3 mm needles I was sure that the yarn I had made was way too heavy and wouldn’t work at all but the second swatch looks like I’m gettin gauge after all.

I’m still thinking because the fabric is much denser and bouncier than what I usually knit. It also feels a little weird to knit what’s basically a worsted weight yarn with 2.5 mm needles. I might make the yarn just a little thinner and keep the needle size. Which is an interesting balancing act. I will swatch again, I think.

Then it was time to start the weekly cleaning and for one I actually did all of it including changing the sheets. Very good. In between I started the process of making pizza from the new kind of dough I was trying. The recipe said to shape the dough into firm balls and let it sit for 1.5 hours:

IMG 2553

That’s how the ‚firm balls‘ looked after I had returned after getting a towel. Not very firm.

Throughout the whole process the dough was more like pudding than dough so I’m thinking to use less water the next time. My husband has declared once again that he won’t make pizza for the whole family anymore. It is a bit much with the running beforehand and the teaching after. So I decided to make enough for all of us for a change. I did leave off the salad, though.

The result tasted good, I’m not quite sure if I like this dough (it’s the one by Peter Reinhardt) better than the one I usually make. The process is certainly messier but I’ll tweak it a bit and we’ll see. This was the resulting pizza:

IMG 2554

Of course the boy got mushrooms on his, not tuna and anchovies.

Then I left the dishes because it was time to get ready for teaching. I taught all afternoon, student after student after student.

And then it was the beginning of the weekend with knitting and watching Star Trek and kicking back with leftover pizza.

Today there will be running and either a humungous slump or maybe some progress on the to-do list. I’m hoping for some sewing and some spinning this weekend and also bodyweight training and yoga. The boy and I decided that we were just too limp to exercise on Friday night.

So, I’m not quite sure why the day felt so super-busy but I barely had time to sit down all day. That was probably it.

May 172019

Woke up from the alarm and still felt without energy. And that translated into me not writing and not meditating and not writing morning pages first thing. Boo. Which was a mistake because I’m sure I would have felt better if I had done all of these things.

Then breakfast and meditation and knitting. Talking with my husband. Who told me to go and write right away after breakfast but I declined and thought it would be a better idea to go grocery shopping first to get it out of the way.

I walked all the way and went to the hardware store as well to find the right screws for the trellis my husband wants to install for the apricot tree. There is a lot of insulation between the brick of the annex and the plaster which makes it hard to fix anything to it. I did find special screws and anchors but they were quite expensive.

Then the grocery shopping and when I came home and had put everything away it was time to have lunch. We didn’t have to cook because we were eating leftover lasagna and some red beet salad that my husband had made the night before:

IMG 2552

And then I had a long list of things I wanted to do before teaching but – the boy and I got to talk about getting him a new rain coat and some other clothes and things and so we looked at lots of ugly and boring rain coats online and the ones that were nicer were out of the price range. I don’t want to buy a 250 Euro raincoat for my 16 yo. son who will probably grow some more. (Though it might be a good idea, if he grows out of it my husband can inherit it. They’re wearing the same size at the moment. But nah, too expensive for us adults as well.)

So there went most of my lunch break. I did the dishes and was waiting for my first student. This is the last month he’ll be taking lessons with me and his father hadn’t paid for May yet (payment is due in advance). We had emailed back and forth and he had told me he’d send the money with his son in cash.

I was a bit disappointed when the son knew nothing about the money. So I went with him after the lesson and talked to his father.

Not a fun conversation. I might have raised my voice. We were both pissed at each other beforehand anyway. He said he’ll send the money to my account. Yeah. Sure.

My next student was already waiting when I came back. The rest of my teaching day was delightful as always. I do have a lot of very nice students. No need to get hung up on the outliers.

Then there was bodyweight training. And I still had most of my to-do-list ahead of me. Including trying a new way of making pizza dough.

I did turn the lights out on time, so that was good.

Today there will be cleaning and the aforementioned pizza and lots and lots of teaching and then knitting and Star Trek.

As I said. Phew.

May 162019

I knew that in advance, I had seen my teaching schedule already.

I woke up at 5.30 from the alarm and only lay there unmoving for about twenty minutes or so before meditating and writing short morning pages. And then I spent 45 minutes writing on the novel and I seem to have succeeded in making a pretty boring scene more interesting. I still would have needed another 30 minutes to write enough to stay within schedule but by then it was time to make breakfast.

Breakfast was had by all and in between I read and then I knitted some more on the t-shirt. I am starting to run low on the second color, I might have to spin some more soon.

Then I went running and this time I actually enjoyed it, even. And was a little faster than usual as well. (For those of you who are interested, I ran 6.5 k with an average pace of 8:52 per kilometer. I told you I’m walking a lot.)

These are pictures of my halfway point:

IMG 2549

IMG 2550

My husband thought making lasagna would be a good idea so we spent the rest of the morning doing that:

IMG 2551

It was rather good.

Then I hit the slump and barely managed to take a shower and put on makeup before I had to teach. No dishes.

The afternoon was one student after the other but that was okay. With my energy being a little better I was able to make the lessons a bit more fun as well.

I had planned to skip dinner but after work my stomach was growling so I did eat some bread and cheese. Then piles and piles of dirty dishes and bed.

Today there will be grocery shopping and a little light teaching. I might knit a swatch with the yarn I spun on Sunday. The yarn has too much twist and I’m pretty sure it’s too thick for what I want to make. We’ll see.

May 152019

Even the boy said so.

I woke up from the alarm at 5.30 and managed to let time slip through my fingers again until after six. I did write for 25 minutes, at least. Then more internet which meant I had to get up in a hurry to make breakfast. Which was partially alright because the boy was late too but partially not because I thawed blueberries for my husband’s muesli.

Unfortunately it should have been a non-muesli day. Bummer. He used the blueberries and had muesli but was grumbling a bit and saying that he didn’t want to talk to people who were not in their right mind.

I knitted and we talked eventually and then there were dishes and such. I went to the health food store and to the bakery to get something nice for everybody’s breakfast today, and then I very reluctantly went out to run. I had a low-energy day and only ran for about 500 meters out of my 4.8 k but at least I went out there and ran. And didn’t even realize that the tree that had blocked the path the day before had been gone, so I didn’t take a picture:

IMG 2547

I helped to make lunch:

IMG 2548

It was delicious, very balanced and not too spicy. I ordered 3 kilos of salt on the internet because we’re running out of our favorite one and the shop where I got it before doesn’t have it anymore.

Then I fell into a bad, bad slump after doing the dishes again.

I did eventually get ready for teaching and was lucky that my first student canceled because otherwise I couldn’t have prepared the rest of my lessons.

And then it was time again to do more dishes and get ready for bed. I had had secret plans of sewing, working on the website and writing some more but I felt distinctly meh about everything. I did wash the spinning sample, so that was good and printed the new contracts for the new students.

I talked to my husband about this and wondered if the smaller dose of pregnenolone I’m taking but he said he is feeling equally low so it was probably something else. I’m trying to wean myself off most of my supplements and such. Ideally I want to end up only taking the thyroid medication, the antihistamine and vitamin D. I mean, if we’re talking ideally, the best would be not to have to take anything but I doubt that would make me feel good.

Since I learned that it can take weeks to see the effects when you’re dealing with hormones I am taking things slow. It all started when I couldn’t get the pill, so I decided to try to go without. I’ve been having pretty mild hot flashes that are better when I don’t drink alcohol. After a few weeks of that going pretty well I started taking only half the dose of pregnenolone and that’s where I’m currently at. If I feel good with that I will try going without entirely, and if not I will have to buy more pills.

Today there will be more running and quite a lot of teaching. Maybe some bodyweight training, we’ll see how I feel about it tonight. Not much else because of all the students.

May 142019

I did set my alarm for 5.30 even though that meant not enough sleep.

And promptly spent half an hour on the internet. Might have been better spent on sleep. But. I did manage to write for 45 minutes. Phew.

Then the usual, breakfast with the boy and with the husband who is feeling a little under the weather. I did persuade him to skip running at least for the day.

I dawdled and knitted and read „Prince on Paper“ which is a wonderful book, and then I made myself run, very slowly, with a lot of walking for 7 k:

IMG 2542

A tree fell on the path but it was rather easy to pass.

IMG 2543

IMG 2544

The weather was nicer than it looks in the pictures.

I went back home and helped making lunch. First there was a completely failed attempt at asparagus soup with way more salt than anyone needs, unfortunately:

IMG 2545

On the bright side we did have some pretty tasty spaghetti bolognese and salad:

IMG 2546

Then I talked with the boy for an hour, did the dishes, took a shower and got ready for teaching.

My first student didn’t show for her rescheduled lesson. Second and third were there and delightful as always. Fourth and fifth student of the day both called in sick.

I tried working on the website and wrote some emails. Then the doorbell rang and another potential new student showed up. Neat.

Then I did some bodyweight training with the boy, got ready for bed, finished „Prince on Paper” and turned the lights out.

I’m hoping for more of the same today with added grocery shopping and an earlier bedtime.

May 132019

I had turned the alarm off again and slept in until 6.30 again. Maybe I need to rethink my bedtime. Or my wakeup time. Or both.

I did meditate and write morning pages, had breakfast and knitted and then the rest of the family showed up. The boy had drawn me a picture:

IMG 2537

There were dishes and then my husband and I went to the flower shop to get some for his mother. I called my mother on the phone. We made lunch:

IMG 2540

The very nice wine was a gift from the friends who visited us about a week ago. They have their own vineyard.

Then I sat down in front of the TV with my spinning and the Giro d’Italia to spin a sample for my husband’s sweater and that took all afternoon and so my to do-list stayed unchecked.

IMG 2541

The boy and I spent an hour with the teaching website after that. We didn’t make a lot of progress but it still helped. He basically held my hand while I explained to him what I had done so far. I might have bought another WordPress Theme.

And then we watched both „Voyager“ and „Deep Space Nine“. I continued knitting on the Crazy Tee and just at the end of the first episode I found that I hadn’t read the pattern properly and had skipped loads of crucial increases. So I had to rip back about forty rows.

After that I finally planned out the week in my Bullet Journal and went to bed.

Today there will be running and teaching and not a lot more. This will be a pretty full week with all the teaching.

May 122019

I slept in until 6.30, didn’t do anything useful, had breakfast, finished a novel, knitted a few rows, did the dishes, vacuumed the house and waffled between going to Munich by train or by bike.

My husband went running and then made scrambled eggs:

IMG 2531

Then we took our bikes and went off to the Vesak-Festival in Munich. It was drizzling a lot and I have to say that sitting around in that weather on stone seats can get rather chilly. We listened to the wonderful Shakuhachi players (while trying to tune out the mantra-singing-with-guitars that was going on right next to it):

IMG 2533

IMG 2532

We had Pad Thai for a late lunch:

IMG 2534

Sitting there under an umbrella we were rather happy about the chair cushions we had brought and also about the mint tea. Very warming.

IMG 2535

There were words about the meaning of Vesak and more chanting, this time Tibetan and then we decided to forego the dancing Tibetan kids and the Tai Chi and more dancing and bike all the way back home instead. Which took us about an hour with a lot of crosswinds.

Then I read some more, starting „A Prince on Paper“ by Alyssa Cole which I’ve been looking forward to for months now, watched some Star Trek with the boy while knitting and went to bed early.

My body is telling me it would like a day off from exercise.

The plan for today is to make asparagus for lunch (if it’s still good), do some very gentle yoga, meet with the boy to work on the teaching website, maybe sew a little and maybe, just maybe, clean a bit more.

I am looking forward to all of it.

May 112019

Woke up from the alarm at 5.30, really eager to repeat the kind of morning I had the day before and found that I instead was just laying there for another twenty minutes. So the early morning just got away from me, I was all out of energy.

Then there was breakfast and talking with first the boy and then my husband and knitting and dishes and such and then I went outside to do my long run because there wouldn’t be time for that today. I did 11 k of more walking than running and all it all it was very enjoyable if strenuous:

IMG 2524

Halfway point:

IMG 2525

And back:

IMG 2526

IMG 2527

There weren’t many people out, I only saw about half a dozen but most of those did reek of perfume. Rather odd. Made me happy that I don’t have asthma anymore. I was a little apprehensive of one or two of the dogs after my bad experience the other day but only very little, so that’s good. And all the dog owners looked after their dogs and had them come closer when I approached which is how it should be.

And just like Wednesday I encountered a horse-drawn carriage. It was empty and there were two men sitting on  the bench. Unusual but rather nice.

When I was almost home it started to rain like crazy and my shoes and leggings were soaked afterwards. But I took a shower right away so it was all good.

Then we took off to the Greek restaurant around the corner to meet the boy after school:

IMG 2528

IMG 2529

By then I was pretty ravenous and ate most of what was on my plate. On the way back my legs informed me that they did not want to go uphill or walk any further but it wasn’t far.

Then it was time for another potential new student and I am very happy that both of those will start regular lessons with me next week.

I had an afternoon of teaching alternating with breaks because one student canceled and two others moved their lessons later in the day. I found that I still didn’t have much energy, so all I did during breaks was read the internet. And I published the next podcast episode, this one is for English-speakers, by the way.

After that the boy and I watched some Star Trek and that was it.

Today I want to clean the house and change the sheets on my bed and then my husband and I will bike to Vesak in Munich. I’m hoping for dry weather throughout.