Jul 182018

Nothing bad, really, only feeling a little stressed.

I don#t say that often but there are just so many small things I need to take care of, and some big ones too.

Woke up early, and promptly forgot to take my thyroid medication for half an hour.

Made breakfast and set out everything for my husband to make muesli – including frozen blueberries – even though I had taken care the night before to get some bread ready for his breakfast. Mind you, all of that I did after getting enough sleep. (My husband eats muesli for breakfast on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and bread or cake on all the other days.)

We talked a bit about what we want to do in August during summer break. Let’s just say that it is a very long list.

I had started to prepare yet another podcast (but didn’t finish). The DS that I took apart is still lying around on my desk – in parts. We’ll see how many of the screws will still be there when I finally have time to try and put it together again. I did manage to write for ten minutes and twenty seconds just after breakfast which resulted in 288 words.

I went running.

IMG 1562

7.2 kilometers. This is me almost at the halfway point:

IMG 1563

Came back and turned around immediately to get some more cream for the boy’s eczema.

When I came back home the boy was coming home from school early (and declared that he’d take a nap, something he never does) and my husband was coming back from his run.

Then I peeled potatoes and we cooked lunch against the clock. Semi-successful. We did make lunch in time but my husband had to skip his nap. Dinner was delicious, though:

IMG 1564

Then I did the dishes with the boy’s help, and got ready for teaching. I had a list of things I wanted to do before than but I only managed to do one. Which turned out okay because I needed that sheet music for the second lesson of the day. I did not get around to preparing something for the piano student who gets 15 minutes extra each week until I have served my time, um, made up for all the lessons she couldn’t take because she was away with school for four weeks.

And I didn’t manage to copy some more music for another student but when I looked for it during her lesson I found a song that is much better and that she really loved. So I’m calling that a win.

Last student was late because of traffic so I worked a little longer than usual, and then it was time for the monthly webinar with Orna Ross:

IMG 1566

Then my husband wanted to talk and I wrote in my bullet journal and tried to write some more with limited success but managed to go to bed almost on time.

Today there will be more running and my dental cleaning and only very few students but hopefully I will be able to record the next English podcast episode.


Ten more days until summer break.

Jul 172018

I didn’t actually take a day off from work but I came pretty close.

My husband had planned to get up early because he had a dentist’s appointment and wanted to go running. So I didn’t plan to write first thing after breakfast. He ended up skipping his run and having breakfast at the usual time but I couldn’t know that.

I had a long list of things that I wanted to do but in the end I decided to skip my own run as well so that I could finally repair the DS that had been sitting half-gutted on my desk for weeks now.

I spent most of the morning and some time in the afternoon on this. So far the thing is fully gutted and I have transferred most of the buttons to the new casing. Now I need to find out how to put the two parts of the casing together without a broken hinge. Also, I’m really hoping that I still have all the screws. Well, I should but these things are really tiny.

There are several videos on how to do this but unfortunately no proper manual. I really, really love the ifixit-tutorials. No video, just pictures with clear instructions and helpful hints like „this one opens from the light side not from the dark side like all the others“.

So I will have to spend some more time on this soon. You wouldn’t want to have all those teensy, tiny screws rolling around on your desk for too long.

In between I helped to make salad for leftover lasagna, I taught my students, signed up for yet another webinar and I yawned a lot.

IMG 1561

The boy was supposed to come home for lunch at 1.20 and instead was there at 12.40. That is his usual Monday lunchtime but the school’s homepage had said that lunch break had been moved.

As it had. For the other half of the students. Fun! At least we were almost ready for lunch. His lasagna was not quite hot yet and he didn’t have time to eat all of his salad but that was all.

Managed to go to bed early for once. This was sorely needed.

So today everything will be bigger and better than yesterday. I will do a long run because I skipped my run yesterday, I will maybe even go to the health food store. Then I will teach loads of students non-stop and then I will attend – yet another webinar. This one his taught by Orna Ross, at least she is in Great Britain and so I won’t have to stay up much too late.

Jul 162018

I actually didn’t do anything yesterday but lounge around in front of TV, help making lasagna and spin a bit.

Then I procrastinated about doing the dishes and went to bed later than I wanted.

Here is a nice picture of the lasagna that I ate alone in front of TV so I could watch the Tour:

IMG 1558

And here is another picture of me spinning:

IMG 1559

After the Tour I went on to watch the last game of the World Cup with my husband.

Today will be a busy Monday, running, leftover lasagna, doing everything I didn’t do yesterday, quite a bit of teaching and going to bed on time, hopefully.

Jul 152018

I tried sleeping in but woke up early again, as usual.

So I had a rather tired day yesterday.

Got up, had breakfast, went running:

IMG 1553

Only 5k. It was nice but I didn’t have the energy I wanted because of not sleeping enough, I guess.

Then I started watching the Tour right away, and there were leftovers with a big, fresh salad:

IMG 1556

It still seems like a marvel to eat all this green stuff this fresh. And it tastes incredible.

Then I spun and watched and tried writing a little (and I did write but only very little) and then it was time to meet my friend.

We met in Munich and walked halfway through the city while talking. There was a big thunderstorm and we waited for a while until it was not quite as wet. My friend hadn’t taken a raincoat. I did have one which was good. And I had to take a different purse so I could fit it in, and I ended up taking the black purse that is disintegrating, and so I had little bits of black fake leather everywhere for the rest of the day. I think I’ll throw that purse away today. It is no longer fit to be used.

We took a bus back to where we started because it was still raining and ended up in one of my favorite restaurants.

I was home pretty early but then proceeded to talk to my husband for an hour and read for an hour so I went to bed late again.

Didn’t get enough sleep again. Funny that.

Today there will be more watching of the Tour while spinning and watching of the World Cup and then maybe even more watching something with the boy.

It feels a little weird to have a day mapped out where I will watch TV all day. I don’t do this often, though.

I also have a list of other things I want to get done, we’ll se how that goes.

Jul 142018

Woke up early again, after deep sleep.

Lots to do yesterday, the usual cleaning, the pizza-making (on my own this week, the teaching and the publishing of the podcast.

I did manage everything. But writing. I even spun a little while watching the Tour before my first student came.

Here is a picture of my pizza. I changed the way I make the dough a little. I used to not knead it at all but the day before I decided to use the machine and knead it and it was quite different. Very good. Much better to handle.Next time I will take it out of the oven a little earlier. And try to get the pizza a little thinner and bigger. I might have to use my rolling pin.

IMG 1548

The boy starte a new piano piece and was almost on time for his lesson.

Then I had planned to write before we had to leave for the concert but as usual my mind was not quiet enough for writing. I’m not quite sure if that’s an excuse because I think I could have written if I had tried. Probably. Instead I just let myself get distracted all the time.

I also had to solve the big problem of which purse to take with me. I really need a black purse. But I don’t have one that doesn’t have frayed handles so I paired a purple dress with a brown handbag and black shoes. Classy.

IMG 1550

Off to the concert we went. It was nice and a little too long like always.

IMG 1552

If they had stopped playing five minutes earlier we might have been home almost an hour earlier. There is construction work on the train lines still and so our way home was a little chaotic.

I went to bed way too late because after coming home around 11.30 I stayed up until 1 am before turning off the lights. Bad move.

Today there will be running and a lot of spinning and watching the Tour and in the late afternoon I will be leaving for Munich again to meet a friend for dinner and a walk.

Jul 132018

Und hier ist wieder eine neue Folge:

Gestrickt habe ich:

  • Brown Cria: den ersten Ärmel weiterIMG 1544
  • Breamore: zweiter Socken minimal weitergestricktIMG 1543
  • Gloamin-Tide MKAL: 3. Hinweis angefangenIMG 1545
Gesponnen habe ich:
  • Merino/Seide für Gloamin-Tide MKAL: Orange fertig, Gelb etwas mehr als halb fertig, Gelb/Orange fertigIMG 1530

Projekt Kleiderschrank:

  • Fehlanzeige

Erwähnt wurde:

Jul 132018

It’s funny, I keep thinking that tomorrow will be less busy than today. I’ve been doing that for weeks now. And it never really happened.

Yesterday I woke up from the alarm which tells you how much I needed the sleep.

I did not write in the morning because I was a little late and then I started preparing the podcast.

My husband got up early, he had breakfast and then I helped him choose a fitness tracker. The challenge was to find something that you don’t need a smartphone for.

Then I went grocery shopping. It was the first time that I used the trailer again and it was much more comfortable than using the bike panniers. And I didn’t even have to leave the groceries in the trailer unattended, I could carry everything at once. Win!

Then we had lunch, pork cutlets with potatoes and cucumbers. Both the potatoes and the cucumbers were fresh from our garden:

IMG 1546

Very yummy.

The boy came home in a bad mood. He had lost points on a physics test because he had used math that he is only supposed to learn next year in the answer. Unfortunately, he could also have worded his answer better. I offered to send an email to his teacher to talk about this but he didn’t want me to. Those points made all the difference between an A and a B.

He didn’t want me to talk to the teacher, though. The test won’t make a difference in his final grade. It is bugging him, though, which I can totally understand.

Then I left all the dishes in the sink and went to record the podcast. Then teaching and then a surprise webinar by Jessica Abel again. I spun while watching so that was good.

Then I finally did the dishes, wrote some more show notes for the podcast, attempted to do some fiction writing with not a lot of success and finally went to bed on time.


Today is the usual busy Friday with pizza making and cleaning and teaching and at the end of it my husband and I will go out and see a free improvisation concert yet again.


Jul 112018

Since I watched soccer the night before I didn’t quite get enough sleep. I did wake up before the alarm, though.

Slightly late breakfast (and no morning pages). The boy didn’t even realize because he was late as always. Not late for school, he still managed to get there on time mostly but late for breakfast.

I managed to write a few words and was giddily looking forward to writing more later.

Helped my husband with garden planning for a bit, ran 6.44 k:

IMG 1534

It was a little chilly. In the beginning I was a little faster than usual but by the end I had reverted to my regular pace.

IMG 1535

Then I helped to make lunch. My husband insisted on taking a picture of the spice grinder because it looks so pretty:

IMG 1536

He really likes it that people are commenting on pictures I’m taking of the food that he is cooking. We even get decoration these days (the food as such is much tastier than it is photogenic):

IMG 1538

Rice, dal and cucumber yoghurt with all kinds of veggies and herbs from the garden again. This is what we eat when there is almost nothing left in the pantry and fridge.

I did go to the health food store before lunch but we had already decided what to make before then.

Then dishes, and a little procrastinating and quite a bit of teaching. Then more procrastination about writing and surfing the web.

In the morning I finished reading another „Emma Schumacher“-novel. I am still highly recommending those if you read German. And like cozy mysteries set in the 1920s. I have already started the next short story and downloaded novel number four on my ebook reader.

There was another soccer game that I watched with my husband while spinning. They went into overtime which made me rather late for bed again.

IMG 1542

Today there will be grocery shopping, the recording of the podcast, teaching and all the usual, including lots of procrastination again, I’m sure.

Jul 112018

Not good hair, just slightly better.

I woke up really early, like 5.20-early. Wrote my morning pages. They felt endlessly long yesterday. Tried to write before breakfast, decided to do my daily update on Ravelry first, tried putting a picture from my blog into the post I was writing and, bam, my day got derailed.

Because my blog was offline. „Database connection error“ which is the same error that my husband’s blog has been showing for weeks now. The one I haven’t taken care of because it wasn’t a top priority for me. My own blog, though, immediately became top priority. (To be fair, my husband hasn’t posted in ages and the blog was hacked a few years ago and while I got the posts back up not everything was working properly. But he didn’t mind. I should address that problem in the next few weeks, though, because he wants to start posting again.)

So. Customer service opens at 9. Which is sensible, I mean, who wants tech support at six in the morning? So I wrote them an email. I decided that would be the better option. Instead of sitting next to the computer waiting for a few hours.

I had breakfast, I tried writing but only was able to focus for 2 1/2 minutes, yielding me a total of 69 words, 29 of which I deleted immediately. My husband showed up for breakfast, I knitted a bit, did the dishes, put on makeup and got ready for my hairdresser’s appointment.

I walked to the train station as fast as I could because I had forgotten that I needed to buy a ticket first. Reached the station three minutes before the train was supposed to leave, money in hand for the ticket. There was only one ticket machine in operation. There were two women before me. I changed money for one of them, helped her buy her ticket, told her that yes, she could use the same ticket on her way back while frantically punching buttons and trying to wrangle the ticket out of the machine. Stamped it, pushed the button that opens the train doors (it was still glowing green) but the doors didn’t open and the train pulled away without me.

Which made me late.

The next train was two minutes late on top of that (trains only go every twenty minutes). The good thing was that I would have had thirteen minutes to spare with the original train, so I was exactly seven minutes late for my appointment. Which was no big deal, I had to wait for ten minutes while she finished someone else’s hair first.

Now I’m basically looking the same as before with better bangs:

Foto am 10 07 18 um 16 16  2

I still haven’t mastered the art of the selfie.

Then I ate a rather late lunch:

IMG 1531

With some chocolate on the train, some fried zucchini blossoms before, this pasta with zucchinis and tomato sauce and a lot more chocolate afterwards.

Dishes. Teaching. Had a pretty enjoyable lesson with the two very young ukulele students who had been on the verge of giving up just a few weeks before. Phew.

Then another attempt at writing (I’m not giving up!) and then watching the World Cup with my husband. I thought I’d spin while watching soccer instead of bike riding for once. That was rather enjoyable. The game was really good and we talked quite a bit and had fun.

IMG 1533

To bed a little too late.

Today there will be running and stranding and all the usual and teaching and – probably more soccer.

Jul 102018

As they tend to do.

I did get enough sleep, woke up before the alarm and decided to write morning pages. After ten years of almost daily morning pages there came a time when I stopped doing them, but I might take them up again. We’ll see. I also might journal once and then not for weeks.

I thought it might be a good idea to not jump online first thing in the morning for a change. What I’d really like to do is write fiction first thing in the morning but at the moment I can’t make myself do it.

Then breakfast and reading and meditation (only five minutes) and reading in the ‚Daily Stoic‘ and then I procrastinated a bit and it was almost time for my husband to have breakfast. But I was so angry at myself for not writing for days that I decided to try writing anyway.

And it went very well.

I wrote for 6 1/2 minutes before my husband showed up an got 250 words.

So much for the „I don’t have time to write“-excuse. It doesn’t go that fast all the time but still.

My husband felt low because he has all these things he needs and wants to do and every time he does one thing the other thing sits there undone. As one does.

So we talked and I pulled all my productivity and time management tricks out of my head. I also checked his account to see if all of his students had paid for the month and helped him download an MP3 on a USB stick because he needs it on the downstairs computer.

Not that he can’t do these things himself but he was unsure which USB drive to use and other things. Those small hangups really can hinder progress.

Then I went on my 6.44 k run:

IMG 1527

I ran longer than planned because the app stopped when I took that picture and didn’t restart on its own. I ran all the way around that field you see before realizing.

IMG 1528

It was hot. I met my husband on the way and we talked some more. And then I met him again at the end of the route (we ran separately). I ended up running 7 k but that’s okay.

Then we made shrimp risotto:

IMG 1529

Then teaching. I between students I finally managed to make dentist appointments for all of us. Phew. I have been wanting to do this for months now.

Then plying and a little spinning:

IMG 1530

And a little more writing (more than six minutes this time). And to bed on time.

Today I will go to Munich to get my hair cut and then there will be some light teaching in the afternoon. It’s supposed to start raining some time throughout the day, I hope I’ll get home dry.