Apr 232019


Unfortunately we still need to find a solution for the new balcony floor making all the rainwater cascade over the side which resulted in a halfway rotten main weight bearing beam.

I woke up at six, tried to make myself do something and failed. Had just finished making breakfast when my husband showed up at 7.30.

We were both a little reluctant to don the working clothes again so we only got started at 9.30. By 12 we were finished with coat of paint number two. Then we had to wait for an hour until it was time for lunch, so I started packing some things up that I wanted to send in the mail.

My mother-in-law had been cooking all morning and made us a very nice lamb roast with mashed potatoes and green beans:

IMG 2444

Before hand we had several lengthy discussions about the fact that my husband prefers lactose-free milk and that we’d rather not have any onions in anything, thank you very much, because they contain a lot of fructose.

Everything tasted great, I could have done without the extra bacon topping the mashed potato in addition to the bacon in the green beans but was very grateful that she left off the extra onions on top of the other onions.

Unfortunately the food didn’t sit all that well with me, I am a little suspicious of the sauce. One of the problems with my mother-in-law is that we have the exact same discussion about the exact same menu every year and she never remembers. „What? You don’t want onions? I didn’t know that!“ Also, she makes a lot of fuss to make sure that every component of the meal is piping hot and ‚fresh‘ whatever that means and keeps dashing between the kitchen and the dinner table with the serving dishes, never leaving anything out, not even on the warming platter she had sitting on the side.

After lunch I finished my two packages and mailed them and then it was time to get back to painting again. We were determined to do a third coat of paint on the same day. At one point my husband was even talking about a fourth coat which would have meant going to the hardware store today and painting some more today as well.

We painted the whole thing a third time (well, fourth if you count the primer) and it only took about two hours. And then we were done.

Only, my husband had another look at the hole in the wood where he had excavated some rotten, damp wood that was behaving more like a sponge and the hole is getting deeper and deeper. Which is bad news.

So we are discussing plans to stop the water from going over the side, and of putting a support beam underneath the weak spot and of filling the hole but only after it has been properly treated. Meh.

So. Today is almost a day off, there will be a trip to the hardware store for more supplies, I will be packing and I will be teaching three students.

I might still be a little exhausted, funny that.

Apr 222019

I slept until six and still didn’t quite get enough sleep. Found that I hadn’t read the „Daily Stoic“ for four days in a row.

I waited with breakfast for my husband because I wanted to have a proper Easter breakfast together. We ended up not boiling eggs because there would be quite a few in our lunch. But I did have some more Osterzopf.

Then I started making the dough for our Genovese Easter pie. Making it took all morning and we had to resort to eating an appetizer beforehand:

IMG 2440

While lunch was late but it was worth it:

IMG 2441

This might not look like much but it’s homemade puff pastry (I hope that’s the right term, had to look up Blätterteig with a filling of spinach, ricotta, parmesan and eggs.

IMG 2442

And here you see the inside and also that I should have left it in the oven a little longer:

IMG 2443

And my husband’s grandmother’s cake plate.

After that we took a little break and then suited up again to paint the balcony white. Only when we went upstairs my husband’s brother and one of his nephews were there and so we talked and my husband got to tell his brother all about the balcony crisis with the water streaming down the sides since the new floor was installed.

So we only started painting at five. And then we tried to paint the new paint evenly and thickly and failed. And it took ages. Not quite as long as the sanding but longer than we thought.

We did find our rhythm later but it took a while and then it was time to meet the boy at the train station.

I had spent all afternoon peaking at my phone because I knew he’d have about four hours to kill in Tübingen before stepping on the train and then I was a little worried he’d miss his connection.

But he didn’t text. I heard nothing until he asked if it would be okay to take a different train back home from Munich than the one specified on his ticket. It was totally fine, especially since that train didn’t exist anyway.

I painted racing the clock and managed to sloppily stain the last beam that was accessible without a ladder just in time, threw on some clothes without paint stains and when I rushed to the train station he met me halfway. He had taken an earlier train than I thought.

Meanwhile my poor husband was still perching on the ladder, balancing the bowl of paint in one hand and the brush in the other.

We all had another piece of Easter pie, my mother-in-law included, and since my husband had put it back in the oven again the egg in the middle was cooked all through this time. And it was delicious. We will certainly make that again.

The boy actually told me things about his trip. The youth hostel in Tübingen is rather picturesque and sitting right next to the river there, he was learning things about China and drinking all the tea in the morning and they had the afternoons off.

He looked rather tired but it seems his trip was fun. He insisted on unpacking immediately. Which means I taught him well.

Eventually my husband finished painting too, we each had a beer and then I got ready for bed.

Today there will be – wait for it – more painting. While the paint I bought is white it only stains the wood lightly and we are both thinking that three coats will be better than one. And we should have enough paint for that left.

But. That means we need to paint the balcony two more times.


We are thinking we should start real early today and then paint again in the early evening. You’re supposed to wait twelve hours between the coats of paint but I’m thinking the paint won’t explode if we cut it short. Also, it’s really warm and sunny here right now.

So. Painting, eating lamb at my mother-in-law’s and more painting.

Everything is still hurting, only a little more so. I’m still pretty stoked that I am physically able to do all of this. I mean, after the work we did the day before I didn’t expect myself to be able to roll out twelve layers of dough for the pie. They needed to be as thin as strudel dough. That’s the one you’re supposed to be able to read a newspaper through.


One more day and then we should be done. Wish us luck.

Apr 212019

I woke up at 6 after not quite enough sleep and just didn’t want to get out of bed. I finally got up when my husband showed at 7.30. There was breakfast. I did not eat Hefezopf but instead my usual muesli. I knew I would need to be well-nourished for the day ahead. Here is a picture of it anyway.

IMG 2437

We started working at 8.30 and went back to the electrical sanders. We worked like mad with only minimal breaks and managed to finish the machine-sanding until noon. And this is how the balcony looked afterwards:

IMG 2438

So we took our lunch break and ate leftovers:

IMG 2439

Perfect white wine to go with fried spaghetti with eggs, bacon, cheese and hot ketchup. Classy.

We started working again at 2.30- I knew that my husband wanted to do more sanding, this time by hand, but was a little shocked at how thorough he wanted to be. This is something we often have different opinions about, by the way.

So we sanded. And swept the dust off the cardboard we had put on the balcony floor, and sanded some more. My mood became a little sour at that point because I had been hoping to start painting at maybe four o’clock. I became so cranky that my husband sent me away to take an extended break while he would finish the sanding on his own.

The fact that everything was taking so long was not the only thing souring my mood, the other thing was that apparently I’m not strong enough to sand efficiently by hand. I sand and sand and sand with all my might and in the end the wood looks exactly as before. I find that rather frustrating.

While I was taking a break I finished reading a novel, ate my first piece of Hefezopf, got a message from the boy about his return trip tomorrow afternoon and another one from my mother.

At five I changed into dusty work clothes again, swept the cardboard again and the porch and put the sanders away into the garage and vacuumed part of the balcony floor and swept the balcony itself, you know, as one does.

My husband had promised me that we would start painting at six which I found uncomfortably late. But we were both completely determined to get the primer on. We both are really set on getting Tuesday off. And once the primer is on rain won’t be a catastrophic event anymore.

We painted and painted after that, my husband painting everything twice because he thinks that’s better for the wood, me painting everything just once but thoroughly because I think if you want to paint with primer twice it would be much better to actually do it once a day for two days in a row, and that a thicker coat of primer doesn’t really help anything.

By eight I couldn’t find anything more to paint because I don’t do ladders. Which is rather unfortunate if you’re working on a balcony. My poor husband has to do all the ladder-work by himself. He continued working for half an hour more while I was taking a much-needed shower.

I started writing this post, wrote in my journal, read a bit and turned the lights out.

Today there will be more painting, this time with white. I’m thinking we might do the Easter pie after all. There will be Easter breakfast with the Hefezopf and eggs.

And we might get Tuesday off after all.

Apr 202019

I slept for nine hours or so until after 6. No writing, no meditation, no morning pages. I was just too exhausted.

We had a leisurely breakfast with some talking and planning and I spent most of the morning making a packing list for my trip to Hamburg next week and made a pile of things I want to take with me. I even washed a bra by hand.

We did need that time off to lick our wounds. On top of my full-body soreness I also had painful wrists that felt like I shouldn’t do anything with my hands at all for at least a day. Since I can’t stand doing nothing I did try plying more yarn and managed to finish the first half of the sock yarn I’m making. Which is very good because I will need a travel knitting project. Plain socks from handspun would be perfect. But for that I will need to ply the second half as well. We’ll see how that goes.

Then we had shrimp risotto:

IMG 2436

Afterwards we took a short break and then it was back into the dusty, paint-stained work clothes for a round of hand-sanding. Fortunately that didn’t make much noise and so we did that all afternoon. We accessed all the little crannies where the sanders don’t reach. My husband also excavated a patch of rotten woods right in the middle of the big weight-bearing beam that holds up the front of the balcony. We will have to shore that up eventually for safety.

The depth of the hole and the sanding that felt completely futile – I was sanding and sanding with hurting fingers and the moss still remained on the wood – I promptly broke out in tears right there sitting on the balcony floor. I knew that it was mostly exhaustion but still.

My husband took pity on me and sent me downstairs so I could bake Osterzopf after all. Baking that is basically the only Easter tradition I follow and it had looked as if that wouldn’t be possible this year. My mother-in-law had already gotten some store-bought Zopf and wanted to give us half anyway because she can’t eat a whole one by herself.

Still. I changed into cleaner clothes and washed my hands, made the dough and went back upstairs to do another round of sanding.

By 7 I had enough, just after my husband had declared that he would sand for as long as it would take, until it was dark, or even by lamplight. I almost burst into tears again but instead we just went downstairs for dinner.

Meanwhile the dough hadn’t properly risen. That had never happened before. My husband thought the kitchen was too cold. So we turned the heating on, placed the bowl with the dough in front of the heater and just an hour later it looked much better.

Dinner was had, then I made the Zopf and baked it and did all the dishes for the day.

I went to bed too late because of the baking and such but it was totally worth it.

Today there will be – wait for it – more sanding. This time with loud machines that make your arms vibrate. Yeah!

We are hoping to finish the sanding by lunchtime and maybe even to start painting with primer.

Best case scenario would be that we finish priming today and paint the first and second coat of the actual white paint on Sunday and Monday. It would be perfect if we could also make the special, planned Easter lunch and be done with painting before the boy comes home Sunday evening.

Right now the prospect of just using paint brushes feels like vacation but I’m sure we’ll think otherwise in a day or two.

If we could finish everything on Monday I could take Tuesday off (with only three students to teach – piece of cake) and go on my trip all rested and energetic on Wednesday.

Apr 192019

We sanded from 9.30 to 12 and then again from 2.30 to 8. So I spent my day sitting or kneeling on pieces of cardboard on a nubbly stone floor pressing the sander against the balcony railing. At least I was in the shadow a lot of the time.

There was spaghetti bolognese with red beet salad for lunch:

IMG 2433

The boy sent us a picture of some Chinese calligraphy he had done. I guess that means he is fine.

I had a beer and an ibuprofen (and yes, I know you shouldn’t mix the two) and went to bed.

Since today is Good Friday we might do a little lights sanding by hand because we didn’t get finished yesterday and we still need to tackle the spaces where the sanders can’t reach and there will be even more sanding on Saturday.

Somewhere in between I want to bake the annual Osterfladen, no idea when and how.

Apr 182019

Well, I did what I could but it definitely wasn’t enough.

Woke up around 5.30, meditated, wrote morning pages and worked on the novel for 25 minutes. Got up around 7.30 and my husband showed up at 8. There was a note from my mother-in-law in front of the door saying that we’re crazy to sand all the paint of the balcony and that everybody says a light sanding should be enough.

Unfortunately everybody is wrong and they didn’t see the state of the wood.

Also very unfortunately one of the sanders died the night before and so I had to bike to the hardware store yet again. I bought two sanders and found sandpaper specifically for removing paint. Which turned out to make the work somewhat easier.

Not easy, mind you.

When I got back from the hardware store I finally got to join in the sanding. I had two hours before we had to stop working for Mittagsruhe. In Germany you’re not allowed to make noise between 12 and 2 (or in some regions between 1 and 3). These days professionals seem to be exempt but I have to say I do like when it’s quiet around lunchtime.

Just before noon a friend of my husband’s showed up feeling the need to point out that we should just go with the flow and that everything will decay in the end, even the balcony. So if we don’t manage to finish it before my trip to Hamburg we just have to be content with it.

That was a bad moment for remarks like that. We are completely aware of the Buddha’s teachings and if we don’t manage to finish the balcony in time, so be it. But it would be much better if we could and if we could finish the whole project before the next rain, and that means we are not laid back about the work right now.

I was still much slower than my husband but not as awfully slow as the day before.

While my husband was talking to his friend I started making lunch. I managed to let the rice boil over, not put enough salt into the baked beans and I left cooking the eggs and bacon to my husband because I’m all out of practice with frying:

IMG 2432

After lunch I immediately went grocery shopping. To a nearer store this time. We didn’t need much (I hope the list was accurate) but we did need some things for Easter.

That is the thing we didn’t think about when starting our little renovation project. We won’t be able to work on the balcony on Good Friday, Sunday or Monday. I think Saturday should be alright, at least.

Then I taught the first student of the day for thirty minutes, did about forty minutes of housework, taught the second student, changed back into work clothes, helped to send for about 1 1/2 hours, changed back into regular clothes and washed the dust off my face and taught the last student of the day.

My husband, on the other hand, started sanding (standing on the ladder) when I left for the hardware store, stopped for lunch and took a nap, then went buying soda and beer, went back to sanding non-stop with a short dinner break while I was teaching and when I was finished he was up there again.

I haven’t even finished a quarter of the inside while he has finished three quarters of the outside. But we’re not done yet, we need to do nooks and crannies and take more of the bad wood off.

Out big hope is that with unrelenting sanding all day we will be able to get the whole thing ready for painting tonight.

Wish us luck.

I’m not quite sure if I can wield the sander for hours and hours and hours. Yesterday I did about 3 1/2 hours and playing guitar afterwards was no fun.

So today there will be a lot of sanding. Nice and easy.

Apr 172019

I did have a nicely productive day but unfortunately the balcony renovation is not going as fast as I hoped.

I woke up at 5.30 without an alarm and since I had taken the precaution of turning wifi off until 7 am for once I meditated first thing, then wrote morning pages and spent fifty minutes with the novel. Phew.

Then breakfast and after that I spent ten minutes on the book cover workshop. Mind you, I spent most of that time looking for pictures to practice with and then on how to open two pictures at the same time in Affinity photo but it was a start.

My husband showed up and then we talked and talked. It was a pleasure and I plied my sock yarn at the same time.

Then I decided since I had to go to the tea shop anyway I could get the things for our lunch as well and that took 45 minutes. Afterwards I proceeded to the hardware store for paint and such and it took me so long to buy paint that my husband was worried something had happened to me.

You see, buying paint for balconies is complicated. I did know which brand of paint I wanted to buy from the start but there were about four different kinds that might be the right ones. So I had to read all the descriptions on all the paint cans. Then I realized that they didn’t have that paint in white. Which meant deciding between the other, inferior brands of paint. And then I had to read all the labels for those and calculate how many canisters we’d need and put everything on my shopping cart. And then I looked around the corner and there was the paint I had originally wanted, in white.

So I put all the cans back on the shelves, pulled out the other paint, the one that I wanted, did the reading and calculating thing again, and then had to decided which kind of primer to get and how much.

I went to the cash register and paid a surprisingly big amount of money. For two big cans of paint, a bucket, a flower pot, two paint brushes and two pairs of rubber gloves. Weird. And that was with the 10% off-card that my mother-in-law had given us. I looked at the receipt and found that the cashier had thought I had two identical cans of paint. I probably wouldn’t have said anything if she had taken the price of the one on sale but she didn’t.

So I waited until the next customer was done, talked to her, had to go to the information desk, had to wait and then I got my money back.

So we had lunch an hour later than planned because of this. By then we were both pretty hungry so it tasted good:

IMG 2431

(I was too hungry to think about the picture before I started to eat, sorry.)

Then we took a bit of a break and then we finally started sanding again. Well, I did. My husband had already sanded away for an hour in the morning.

It isn’t going well. It seems I’m wielding the sander like a madwoman and all I get is dust and there is still paint on there.

And we were running through sandpaper pretty quickly. But we had more! Only that one only lasted for about five minutes before breaking. Oh no! But wait, there might be more in the basement! Yeah!

And then I had to stop sanding because I had to get ready to teach a student. So I worked a total of maybe 2 1/2 hours on the balcony and spent about two hours shopping. Not the most efficient use of my time, I must say.

I taught the student, got ready for bed, watched the monthly Orna Ross webinar and turned out the lights.

Today there should be a day of much sanding, only…

I might have scheduled lessons at 2.30, at 4 and at 6.30. Which basically means I can only help sanding in the morning. Because the sanding is dirty work and getting in and out of the work clothes takes time.

I might start doing the taxes just because I feel so bad about leaving my poor husband alone out there.

Apr 162019

Didn’t get enough sleep yet again because I didn’t want to stop watching that „Alive and Kicking“-documentary. No writing in the morning and I don’t remember if I meditated or not. This is clearly not working at the moment so I’ll change my morning routine and get up right after the alarm goes off. At least that’s the plan.

I was happy to see that I’m not hopelessly behind on writing yet, if I manage to write 1,200 words five times a week until the end of June I will be able to finish until my new and improved deadline.

Mind you, all I wrote last week was 2,000 words so maybe I am already hopelessly behind. Who knows?

There was breakfast and my husband got up late. I spent the time he ate breakfast winding plying balls for the sock yarn that I’m currently spinning. I started the last step of plying and the yarn is looking really nice right now.

Then we went and measured the balcony and found that there will be about 24 square meters to paint. Since we had decided to use the better brand of paint and since there is a shop that sells it one town over I had decided to take the bike trailer and pick up a prescription for thyroid meds at my doctor’s office and go to the nicer health food store while I was there.

It was rather cold and windy and there is a hill between this town and the next that is quite bad for motivation because you have to go up and down both ways but since I had skipped my run for this I was okay.

So I got my meds and then looked for the paint shop. Which was closed. Their website had said they would be open in the morning but the sign on the shop itself said they’d open in the afternoon. Also, that the shop will be closing for good in two weeks time.

I briefly thought about waiting for two hours and then I briefly debated coming back in the afternoon but I wasn’t all that keen on it. Going there takes about half an hour by bike, and it was windy and then there’s that hill.

So I went to the health food store, bought all the meat and all the sweets and bananas and lip balm and potato chips and went back home again.

My Fitbit, by the way, thinks that I was totally not doing anything. Of that hour of bike riding I did today it counted twelve minutes and when I was working on the balcony I took it off.

I came home – without paint – and diced a carrot for lunch:

IMG 2426

That tasted really great.

Then I ate some chocolate bars and some licorice that I had bought. It is a little hard to get licorice here (thought I have found out that my regular grocery store does sell my favorite kind, so there’s that) and I really wanted some. It did look a little squished but the taste was alright. Unfortunately I later noticed that the ‚best before‘-date had been at the end of last November. Oops.

It didn’t have any ill effects, though.

I had done the dishes right after lunch (I’m trying to reestablish that habit.) and then folded some laundry and hung up some more and then we finally got started with the balcony.

The first step, of course, is the sanding. This is how I was kitted out:

IMG 2428

I still had dust in my eyes but not a lot, and after a while I also remembered to use earplugs.

Both of us sanded for a little more than two hours and this is how it looked afterwards:

IMG 2429

Looks good doesn’t it? Now here is the balcony in all its glory:

IMG 2430

You can see on the left how my husband used the stepladder and how I didn’t. Also, in my defense I ended up with the inferior sander again. We have two and one is working quite a bit better than the other one. Maybe we’ll change tomorrow. Or maybe not, if my husband has to work on the ladder all day and I get to just stand on the balcony for work.

Now, two hours is not all that long but after that my arms were a little limp and my hands were tingling and numb. That will be fun over the next few days, I’m sure.

Tomorrow I will take the bike trailer to the hardware store and get paint for real this time. Not the good one but we have used that brand before and it will have to be enough.

We had to stop sanding at six because my husband had a student coming but I’m glad for it.

Today there will be the buying of the paint and the sanding and more sanding and then the teaching of two students.

Apr 152019

I didn’t set my alarm yet again and slept in until almost 6! Then lounged in bed until I got up for breakfast.

The boy showed up around eight which was good because he needed to get out the door around 9.30. I helped him cram all his stuff into the big backpack and we both hunted for the case for the old ebook reader he was taking but didn’t find it.

He will be gone until next Sunday and packed most of his clothes, two big notebooks, loads of pens and about two pounds of hair and beauty products. In his defense both his sensitive skin and his thick and curly hair need special attention but if I had been in his shoes I’d have left some of it home.

He was horrified to learn that two of the four trains he would be taking would not have wifi and had neglected to think about his phone’s battery life. This is something I see a lot of teenagers doing, they are using their phones constantly without taking care to have battery left for vital things like navigating an unknown city.

But the boy heeded my advice and spent some time reading a book. On the ebook reader, of course.

I did walk him to his train and had him take an earlier one because the ones going from our town to Munich are often late and my inkling was right, the train was late but he still caught the one he was supposed to be on.

He had to change trains twice after that and I was checking the train app every ten minutes to see if everything went right and got updates from him like, „I’m on the train now.“ Very helpful.

Everything went alright even though his next to last train was late and he only had something like two minutes to change trains. The only thing that could have gone better was that he didn’t have any lunch. I had suggested to him to take a couple sandwiches but he refused and said that he’d get a burger after arrival.

Well, apparently he met some other camp participants at the train station and they walked directly to the youth hostel where they are staying. No lunch.

Meanwhile here at home I spent most of the day watching the Paris-Roubaix bike race while plying some sock yarn:

IMG 2424

Sorry for the mess.

The only thing I did to help making lunch was peel the potatoes and set the table, my husband did the rest:

IMG 2425

It was really good. That’s chicken underneath the veggies. I managed to do the dishes right away which was good.

Afterwards I went back to watching the race and spinning. I did finish the plying ball in progress, had a snack, changed into pajamas, shortly thought about writing and instead started watching Fred Astaire-videos on Youtube and then the „Alive and Kicking“-documentary on Netflix. I’m rather proud of the fact that I managed to stop watching that after an hour so I could turn the lights out before 10.

Today we will start preparing for the balcony thing, we will measure and calculate and see what supplies we need, I will take the bike trailer to the next town over to get paint and I’ll go to the health food store there (it is much nicer than the local one) and get things like meat and mint tea and lip balm and potato chips. As one does.

There was also talk of a hardware store run, I guess I’ll do that too.

So no running. I am actually hoping to start sanding the balcony already because tomorrow and the day after I have a couple of students coming so I’d like to get a head start.

Apr 142019

I had turned the alarm off but woke up at 5.13 anyways. I did feel good, strangely enough. I didn’t want to start the weekend just checking off to-dos so I ended up not doing much of anything. I did enjoy myself, though.

I had a late breakfast after a lot of reading in bed and the rest of the family was a little late as well.

I didn’t quite know what to knit and so I started the second running sock without having finished the first one. The next step would be knitting the toes which needs a bit more headspace and quiet. Since the sock yarn came in two small balls instead of one big one I decided to just start the next sock.

I found that the only note I had ever made on the how I made the first one was, „Running sock, cast on 72 stitches on 1 mm needles.“ That was all and it wasn’t even in the index of my bullet journal. Seems I will have to count the rows on the first one. Later I found that I was pretty sure I had knitted the ribbing for 20 rounds and 55 rounds of the rest of the leg but I can’t be sure until I have compared that to the existing sock.

They boy showed up irritatingly late and immediately said that he needed more supplies for his trip. I really don’t like when he tells me he needs stuff just after I went shopping but that’s what always happens. So I have him some money and told him to get it himself.

While he was having breakfast we were talking about all kinds of things related to his trip, what to pack, how to get the ticket on his phone, when to do what and then I tried upping the balance on his phone to no avail. Tried it five times with two different modes of payment. Weird.

All of that meant that I was late doing the dishes and then way late for running. I had planned to do almost 10k but in then end resigned myself to a walk around the neighborhood.

IMG 2419

When I came home my husband was busy cooking and then the boy showed up saying that he didn’t get anything he went out to buy. He couldn’t find his hand creme and lotion in the store. So I put my shoes back on after talking to my husband, told the boy that he had to come with me even though he really didn’t want to and we went to the health food store.

And the two things he had wanted to get were right there. In his defense, the layout of the health food store is rather illogical and weird. Good thing I’m used to it.

Then we had chili for lunch which was really good:

IMG 2420

I indulged in a brief slump but then cut the boy’s hair, helped him think through his packing list, did the dishes, finally took a shower and – also finally – got up my kanban board for the second quarter of the year:

IMG 2421

The smaller stickies are much better. I felt more motivated right away but didn’t actually do anything.

I did help the boy with his packing again but he didn’t finish it (of course). I think he spent all afternoon on getting half his packing list done. While trying to program some math equation into python.

Then we sat down together, all three of us and watched „The Big Lebowski“. My husband and I both had seen the film before but it was the boy’s first time. He did like it.

And then I went to bed a little late.

Today there will be the getting the boy ready for his trip and seeing him off on time, some yoga (I hope) and something productive. It is supposed to be real cold with snow.