May 012019

I woke up at six and felt without energy already. I guess I’ll need a few more nights of enough sleep.

Breakfast was had, my husband and I talked at length and I finished the heel increases on the current sock.

I went grocery shopping instead of running because our pantry was rather empty and I won’t be able to shop on Thursday because we’re expecting friends from out of town. I did get quite a few steps in by going to the health food store first and then in the other direction to the supermarket and to buy shampoo and conditioner for the boy. My Fitbit tells me that I got 42 minutes of exercise in, so that’s alright. I call it cross-training.

When I returned home my husband was almost finished with cooking lunch. He had let himself be inspired by the picture on the polenta package:

IMG 2484

We had them with fennel and tomato sauce:

IMG 2485

Then I taught my first student of the day, the woman with the baby. The baby was totally quiet and slept through the whole lesson. The mother has been practicing and is making good progress. I am in awe.

After that I tried finding the list of things our friend can’t eat because she’s allergic to them. They weren’t in my computer’s notes so I recharged the old PDA. That was devoid of any data whatsoever so I turned the eMac on, the one I bought when I was pregnant with the boy.

IMG 2486

(The monitor just looks stripy in the picture, it’s fine in real life.)

IMG 2487

I connected the two devices, synced the PDA and voilà! List of things our friend is allergic to. (She has to eat strictly vegan, nothing with sulfur, nothing from a tin or package, no kiwi and no pineapple. And something else that I didn’t write down.) The good thing is that she will have already eaten beforehand. But since we will have to eat lunch while they are visiting we’d like to have at least something on hand that she can eat if she wants to.

Then I taught another student, called a potential new student back, taught three more students until eight o’clock, started writing this post, refilled the water in the piano, finally did the dishes from most of the day and keeled over.

Today there will be the preparing, recording and cutting of the podcast. Also, running. Maybe watching a bit of Star Trek.

We did get an invitation for another free improv concert on Friday with an additional party to celebrate the 200th concert. My husband won’t be able to go because he is teaching until 7.30 at the least and we would have to get the train at 7.15 to get there.

We briefly thought about me going alone. And then I remembered that these days I tend to fall asleep during the concert some time before the intermission and that I really don’t need another night of not enough sleep. I’ll stay home.

And here I thought school starting would mean some kind of routine, ha!

Apr 302019

For once I did get enough sleep, I had set my alarm for 5.45. I meditated a bit and wrote morning pages and then it was time to make breakfast.

The boy had his first day of school and everything went well, he even had the afternoon off. My husband showed up a little earlier than I thought he would and then we talked quite a bit.

I went running for the first time in weeks and am happy to say that while my knees are still sore at times running doesn’t seem to affect the pain. Maybe it’s making it less, even. I did 6.4 k, mostly walking but running as well:

IMG 2481

You can see that there has been rain and there was a bit of a drizzle while I was out but the path is still mostly dry.

IMG 2482

I came back home and helped to make lunch:

IMG 2483

First meal I knew would agree with me and taste wonderful in almost a week.

I spent a lot of the day thinking about traveling with fructose-intolerance. When I’m home I don’t really notice it. I can eat everything my husband cooks and most of what is in the house. But when I eat elsewhere it all comes down to a constant stream of worry. Will there be too much onion in the sauce? Is it better to take the fish with the mustard sauce or the salad? How will the salad dressing affect me? Did I manage to pull out most of the onion and what did they put in?

Everything comes down to guessing what ingredients are in any given meal. There are usually no labels. I can eat bolognese sauce at home because my husband makes it with lots of meat and only a little carrot and tomato. Choosing from the menu is not about what I’d like to eat and what will taste good, it’s just about anticipating how my body will react to it.

And it’s not like I eat something and know half an hour later if it was okay or not. Which is both a blessing and a curse. I don’t usually have to rush to a bathroom right after a meal. But my long reaction time also means that the reaction hits me a day later when I don’t expect it.

And it isn’t as clear-cut as when you’re lactose-intolerant. We do tolerate a certain amount of fructose just fine. I eat blueberries and banana in my muesli each morning, and veggies all the time. Having some protein and/or fat with the fructose makes it better digestible. It’s a constant dance for balance. And you only know if you did it right a day or two later.

And I keep forgetting that we choose the things we eat at home for a reason. We eat this certain type of brat or wiener because we know they’re okay. But when I eat brats or wieners elsewhere they can contain too much fructose.

So when I travel I avoid veggies and sweet things and sauces and soups because I can de-construct a sandwich and pull out what I don’t want to eat but that’s near impossible with something pureed. On the other hand I tend to crave sweets when I travel because when I eat too much fructose or when I am exhausted I want something sweet. And since sugary things are okay in moderation when I’m at home I have them when traveling as well. Only more of them. Plus the food that is not great for me.

By Saturday last week I was feeling totally sick. I just wanted to stay in bed. I was dizzy and nauseous and sweaty and feeling faint. It took me a bit to realize that I would feel better immediately once the food had passed a little further along, and yes, two hours later I was fine again.

But the whole experience drove it home once again that traveling with a food intolerance is no fun. And explaining the complexity of it is much harder than saying, „I need to eat vegan,“ or „I’m allergic to onions.”

Next time I travel I will lay off the sweets and take more of my own food. But that’s what I said before the Hamburg trip as well.

Anyways. I taught my students, called the woman who was looking for a guitar teacher for her too young son back, had dinner and went to bed early.

Today there will be grocery shopping and teaching and preparation of the podcast.

It is good to be back home. I like traveling (apart from the food issues and the sleep deprivation) but I like being home much more.

Which is a good thing because I’m home way more often than I’m away.

Apr 292019

And again I went to bed way too late and woke up around 6.30. By then I had given up on all pretense of adhering to my usual routine.

I wrote the blog post, had breakfast, crammed everything back into my backpack and purse and walked to the train station without seeing any signs of the impending marathon.

Boarding the train was a little confusing because the part where my reservation was supposed to be had technical difficulties so that there were no seat numbers or carriage numbers displayed. I did find my seat, and then found a woman with a baby asking me to swap seats so that she could sit next to her husband, the toddler and the baby. I gladly gave up my window seat.

They were surprisingly good at managing both kids and kept them mostly quiet for the whole trip which is quite a feat. I would prefer it if families with children would not reserve seats in the quiet section of the train but then I have no idea when the booked, not everybody is planning their trip so far in advance that they can choose the seat they want. Especially if you’re traveling with four people.

The train was even more crowded than usual, the one going from Munich to Hamburg and back is always packed to the gills. It was the last day of Easter break and the trains are always full on Fridays and Sundays.

I made no attempt to work on the novel, with me being totally sleep deprived on a full train there was no use. I read and knitted and read and went to the train restaurant for lunch:

IMG 2479

The food was meh and the beer was warm and not on tap (the waitress had warned me about the beer before accepting my order). I should take my own food more often when traveling. The food you can get doesn’t taste all that good, is more expensive and doesn’t agree with me a lot of the time.

The train was half an hour late and I was rather relieved when I was finally walking up to our house.

I greeted my family, talked at my husband for an hour, spent some time online, had an excellent dinner that my husband had cooked, watched some Star Trek with the boy and keeled over. In fact, I kept nodding off while watching TV.

IMG 2480

We opened a bottle of champagne because it was our 24th wedding anniversary. No additional festivities.

Today there will be the start of school, running and cooking and teaching and maybe some podcasting not sure yet.

I guess I will need a few weeks to get my energy back to normal but it was totally worth it.

Apr 282019

Woke up at six and regretted it. I am really looking forward to getting enough sleep again.

I did everything very slowly because I didn't have anywhere to be. Had breakfast (I am also looking forward to breakfast at home at lot.) and made plans for the day.

Shortly before ten I walked to the “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe”. I spent all morning there and it was wonderful. I looked at Greek vases, pottery from all over the world, swooned over ceramics that were thousands of years of and from the other side of the world, felt my heart beat a little faster when seeing the harpsichord collection. (And there was someone in there practicing for a concert. The piece he was playing was really intrguing. The concert will be tonight and they are playing rather modern music on rather old instruments.)

I left the Art Deco and the Bauhaus stuff for last because I love it so much and wasn't disappointed.

And then I started thinking. Why does this kind of museum make me so happy? I was basically looking at old furniture and pottery and clothes. Of course this was rather special furniture and clothes but still. And now that I'm writing this it just occurred to me that when I'm stressed I usually go and look at things like tiny houses or minimalist packing guides. More furniture and clothes.

The funny thing is that for someone who can be soothed by pretty things my home is not furnishes with this in mind. I am one of those people who doesn't change a room once it's furnished, who values her time and energy higher than finding just the right thing for her living room, and about three quarters of the stuff in our house is something we have because we got it for free. Then we put it in place and there it sits, 25 years later.

After the museum I had to eat lunch and decided on a bag of potato chips and some chocolate because I couldn't be bothered to choose a restaurant and find out what I wanted and such.

This was delicious but turned out to be a big mistake. I love potato chips but they don't agree with my digestion. And I had been eating too much fructose every day for days at that point.

In the afternoon I met with Eliandhra again. I had been wanting to take a boat or something but we were both rather tired and it was starting to rain. So we sat and knit. The sock I restarted is coming along nicely. And then we took the subway and walked around a lot and started getting hungry and all through that I felt like I was sick and needed to retire to bed. I thought a sandwich would make things better but it turned out it didn't, I felt worse after a few bites so I left it.

We walked around some more and looked at Scandinavian churches and bought lots of licorice and walked some more. By then I felt better, took a ferry along the river and walked around some more. The beauty of feeling unwell because of something I ate is that the worst is usually over after a few hours.

So I was all ready for my 3-course dinner. I was having dinner with a view of the harbor. The food was good, service was impeccable again and I had really interesting conversations over fish. I shared a table with a man I had already met the night before and he was telling us about visiting Gambia, and a woman was from the region I was born and was a teacher too and the two across from me were from Munich and we were talking about all kinds of things. Very nice.

Then I mingled and talked some more with Eliandhra and her husband and at the point where someone pulled out the guitar and started singing “Country Roads” I decided to not join in but leave to keep my sleep deprivation at a level where I wouldn't spontaneously doze off at random times the next day.

My way back to the hotel was nice, I walked a bit in the drizzling rain and took the subway all on my own for the first time.

Today there will be the packing and the getting on the train on time. The Hamburg marathon is going on and quite a few streets are closed off but I'm near the train station anway, it's only 500 meters or so.

And in the afternoon around five I will be home again.

Apr 272019

I woke up around six again, I'm guessing it will takea few weeks until I'mback to normal after a whole week of not enough sleep. Had breakfast and went to seethe first presentation, on autism. I'm not quite sure what I expected but while the presentation was good I was in critique mode and didn't learn much. But then I have read about a dozen books on the subject, so I'm guessing the whole thing was not meant for people like me.

The next presentation was on game theory, and I found that one super-interesting. There was much that I didn't know yet – though I was surprised to learn that I did know some things beforehand – and the presenter was engaging and was presenting very well.

After that I met with Eliandhra and we set out to do a bit of sightseeing. First we went to a tea shop, sat down to knit and I had my first ever scones with clotted cream and lemon curd which were delicious and tried one of the teas I had tasted the day before a Keemun.

Then we took the subway to mylys, a very nice yarn shop, where I looked at all the yarn and then decided that I didn't need or want anything. While having tea before I had tried on the sock in progress and found that it was a little too snug so I ripped it back and started over.

Then we walked around and looked at stuff and went to the Elbphilharmonie and looked over water and the city. We ended up at a place where we could look over the Alster, very picturesque, before going to our evening dinner which was at the local Hofbräu which was a little weird for me, since I am usually living in Bavaria and here I was, on a trip to Hamburg which is definitley not Bavaria, sitting in a Bavarian restaurant, drinking Bavarian beer and eating Bavarian food. I have to say, that is not quite what I expected.

Since the organizers of the annual gathering had to find a place that seats several hundred people and would be able to feed the more or less at the same time the Hofbräu was a good choice, the service was prompt and polite, the food was okay, the beer good and there was a lot of it.

After dinner Eliandhra persuaded me and her husband to join the Hamburg quiz with someone from Est Germany that we didn't know before. Well, we didn't do badly, especially considering that I and the other woman knew nothing about Hamburg.

After the quiz I walked all the way back to the hotel and went to bed some time after midnight.

Today I will walk around Hamburg some more, go to a museum maybe, and step on a boat in the afternoon.

Apr 262019

I woke up at six not quite well-rested. Since I had made the mistake of booking a sightseeing thing at nine in the morning so I had to get up early. I meditated, took a shower and had breakfast. And then walked to the meeting point forr the group tour of the Minuature Wonder Land.

It's a huge model train display and really great to look at. Since it's vacation time, though, everything was packed even at nine in the morning. I barely had time to look at everything before it was time for our peak behind the scenes tour where we got to watch the display from the back and got a rather informative and entertaining view at the exhibit.

After that I was hungry again and left so I could wander the 'Hafen-City' and get something to eat. I had a panini that said it was tuna, bell pepper and goat cheese but unfortunately also had a layer of raw tomato at the bottom that I had to extricate first. I don't like them and they don't agree with me.

I didn't really feel satisfied after that meal so I got myself a very tasty Franzbrötchen as well.

And then it was time for the tea tasting. We spent ninety minutes learning about tea and tasted all kinds. Usually I am really picky about tea but this time I actually liked most of everything. White tea, green tea, black tea, all sorts from all over the world I found it all wonderful. Well, apart from the herbal teas and the ones with things like coconut and caramel. Let's not talk about those.

We all got a little gift bag as a parting gift and I was very happy about that until I looked inside and found that each and every tea sample in that bag was something I couldn't stand drinking. Maybe the boy will like them.

I have to say that this tasting made me love tea even more than before because there are so many different kinds. I also learned that Germans don't really do tea and that my husband drink way more than the national average but less than the people in Ostfriesland a region in Northern Germany. I also learned that I apparently am drinking my tea quite a bit stronger than most. Who would have thought?

After that I wandered the streets, trying to find my way back to the hotel and also to pick up a travel size tube of tooth paste, a comb (both things I forgot to pack) and some licorice.

With a lot of false turns and some writing podcasts in my ears I managed to get back to my hotel after 15,000 steps.

I almost fell asleep, read a bit and surfed the web and then it was time to go to yet another Stammtisch at the Gröninger brewery where I had a dinner that was basically meat on top of meat.

Came back home later than I had planned (I should plan better in the future, I keep forgetting that I'm me) and went straight to bed.

Today I will have two lectures, the afternoon off where I might go to a museum, not sure yet, and another dinner thing in the evening.

Apr 252019

I woke up at 5.30 after a bit of a restless night. I did meditate for once but forgot to write my morning pages. Apparently I'm not quite back to normal.

I got up at a reasonable time and made breakfast and my husband showed up shortly afterwards. I even had enough time to start my travel-knitting sock. Husband is still very worried about the balcony and the leak-situation and was discussing his plans for that with me.

Our overnight guest had tried to reach us via phone at 1 am with no success because we never answer the phone. When we saw him at breakfast he said that he had gone to the wrong address in the night and hadn't been sure where he needed to go. He had been entering the town from the other side last night and only knew how to get to our house from the direction of Munich and then realized that he had forgotten which street we live on. Since he did arrive at our house at some point I'm guessing he solved the problem without our help.

Unfortunately he loves his perfume and getting a noseful of that first thing in the morning resulted in me being rather over-sensitive to all smells for the rest of the day.

I chose to take an earlier train to Munich and a good thing too because my train app later told me that the train I had been supposed to take did not, for some reason, stop at the main train station. Bummer. I did try to get a travel size toothpaste at the main train station but no luck. I'm thinking there might be a place in Hamburg where I can buy toothpaste, for sure.

I entered my train twenty minutes early and then it was time for the big sitting around and waiting. I actually made myself work on the novel for 25 minutes, had a mediocre lunch of chili (full of onions), started writing my May patreon newsletter, knitted a little, read a lot and watched half a video on Youtube.

The whole train ride went smoothly and well, I arrived in Hamburg only two minutes late and walked to my hotel after a bit of confusion about directions.

Then to the other hotel where the conference is held, got my badge and coupons and tickets, mingled a little, knitted some more and went to my first event, eating and drinking out.

Everything was really nice and I was so busy that I didn't even take a single picture. Well, apart from one showing my room number so that I wouldn't forget.

Today I have booked a super-early event which wouldn't be a problem normally but I went to bed at 11 and didn't think about the fact that being somewhere at 9 means taking a shower and having breakfast some time around seven which is early even for me. Especially since I thought I might be able to do some writing in the morning. Um, doesn't really look like it.

Still. I will look at model trains and taste tea and walk around Hamburg and go to a Bavarian pub in the evening. Yes, drinking Bavarian beer in Hamburg when one lives in Bavaria is weird. I'll deal.


Apr 242019

I woke up at six, forgot to meditate and still didn’t have the headspace to write. And everything still hurt, most of all my knees.

My husband and I had breakfast together, then we did a few things around the house and talked and then it was time to go back to the hardware store. On our way we went to the specialty beer store because it was almost on the way which was nice. My husband had been going there for ages and I had wanted to see it for myself but never went.

We got some nice beer, including some of what I drank all the time when I was in London in 2017.

And then it was time to brave the hardware store. We got some LEDs and a new lamp for the living room. We bought one that we both found okay, there were none that we really loved. I kept going for lamps pretty similar to what we have in there now, no idea if that shows lack of imagination or just a very particular sense of style.

But the lamp was the easy part, the harder part was finding something to prevent the leak on the balcony. That took us some time. I always get into acute overwhelm in there, with all the music, and the smells and all the people and those huge shelves where you never find what you want and then there are all those small screens advertising some product or other on full blast. Shudder.

But we did get a couple of things that might work, spent another fifteen minutes trying to find wood filler and the right type of glue for what we wanted and while we did find some filler the glue search was a failure.

We came home around the time that we would have wanted to eat lunch and my husband started cooking. While I was using the bathroom the doorbell rang. A man that I first didn’t recognize. It was the guy who had built the new garden gates. The locks on those gates aren’t working anymore so he came to change them.

I was so exhausted by then that I stumbled going up the stairs and almost fell flat on my face. For real. I was lucky to catch myself with my hands and got him the key he wanted.

There was lunch. Rice and dal and fresh cilantro that my husband had grown:

IMG 2448

Then I had just enough time to do the dishes until my first student.

I taught my three students, thought the boy would accompany me for grocery shopping but my husband wanted to install the water retention on the balcony and needed help so I went alone.

I even got a new BRITA water filter because our old one had developed the second case of something green growing inside, not the water I’d like to drink. Then I went to a grocery store I don’t like and only got half of what I wanted bought the rest at the health food store, shlepped it all home, unpacked it and put it away, and then I got the new water filter ready for use. And decalcified the kettle, as one does.

The boy and I watched the last two episodes of „The Big Bang Theory“ and finished before the soccer match was on. Poor husband had worked away while we were watching TV.

Then I realized that the bed for our overnight guest wasn’t ready. My husband had put a mattress in my studio and I fetched the bedding my mother-in-law had gotten ready and put some sheets on. Then I did the dinner dishes, finally finished packing and read a bit before turning the lights off.

I am a little miffed that I can’t fit everything I want to take into the daypack, I need to carry the purse as well. I had been hoping to fit the purse into the backpack as well.

And that whole thing is heavy. I’m only a change of underwear and socks, pajamas and one t-shirt besides what I’m wearing but there are the toiletries and the bullet journal and the ebook reader and the iPad with the keyboard and a bottle of water and some almonds and some chocolate and an extra pair of glasses and the knitting project. Lots of stuff.

I will spend most of today on a train to Hamburg. I’ll leave around 9.30 and arrive at 4. There should be lots of time for writing and knitting and reading on the train but experience tells me that I won’t write much. Then I’ll check in to my hotel, get my conference stuff and then I’ll see. I have dinner booked and will have to navigate public transportation on my first night there. But that’s alright.

I’m really excited. Have been looking forward to this trip for more than a year. And I don’t have to work on the balcony while there!

Apr 232019


Unfortunately we still need to find a solution for the new balcony floor making all the rainwater cascade over the side which resulted in a halfway rotten main weight bearing beam.

I woke up at six, tried to make myself do something and failed. Had just finished making breakfast when my husband showed up at 7.30.

We were both a little reluctant to don the working clothes again so we only got started at 9.30. By 12 we were finished with coat of paint number two. Then we had to wait for an hour until it was time for lunch, so I started packing some things up that I wanted to send in the mail.

My mother-in-law had been cooking all morning and made us a very nice lamb roast with mashed potatoes and green beans:

IMG 2444

Before hand we had several lengthy discussions about the fact that my husband prefers lactose-free milk and that we’d rather not have any onions in anything, thank you very much, because they contain a lot of fructose.

Everything tasted great, I could have done without the extra bacon topping the mashed potato in addition to the bacon in the green beans but was very grateful that she left off the extra onions on top of the other onions.

Unfortunately the food didn’t sit all that well with me, I am a little suspicious of the sauce. One of the problems with my mother-in-law is that we have the exact same discussion about the exact same menu every year and she never remembers. „What? You don’t want onions? I didn’t know that!“ Also, she makes a lot of fuss to make sure that every component of the meal is piping hot and ‚fresh‘ whatever that means and keeps dashing between the kitchen and the dinner table with the serving dishes, never leaving anything out, not even on the warming platter she had sitting on the side.

After lunch I finished my two packages and mailed them and then it was time to get back to painting again. We were determined to do a third coat of paint on the same day. At one point my husband was even talking about a fourth coat which would have meant going to the hardware store today and painting some more today as well.

We painted the whole thing a third time (well, fourth if you count the primer) and it only took about two hours. And then we were done.

Only, my husband had another look at the hole in the wood where he had excavated some rotten, damp wood that was behaving more like a sponge and the hole is getting deeper and deeper. Which is bad news.

So we are discussing plans to stop the water from going over the side, and of putting a support beam underneath the weak spot and of filling the hole but only after it has been properly treated. Meh.

So. Today is almost a day off, there will be a trip to the hardware store for more supplies, I will be packing and I will be teaching three students.

I might still be a little exhausted, funny that.

Apr 222019

I slept until six and still didn’t quite get enough sleep. Found that I hadn’t read the „Daily Stoic“ for four days in a row.

I waited with breakfast for my husband because I wanted to have a proper Easter breakfast together. We ended up not boiling eggs because there would be quite a few in our lunch. But I did have some more Osterzopf.

Then I started making the dough for our Genovese Easter pie. Making it took all morning and we had to resort to eating an appetizer beforehand:

IMG 2440

While lunch was late but it was worth it:

IMG 2441

This might not look like much but it’s homemade puff pastry (I hope that’s the right term, had to look up Blätterteig with a filling of spinach, ricotta, parmesan and eggs.

IMG 2442

And here you see the inside and also that I should have left it in the oven a little longer:

IMG 2443

And my husband’s grandmother’s cake plate.

After that we took a little break and then suited up again to paint the balcony white. Only when we went upstairs my husband’s brother and one of his nephews were there and so we talked and my husband got to tell his brother all about the balcony crisis with the water streaming down the sides since the new floor was installed.

So we only started painting at five. And then we tried to paint the new paint evenly and thickly and failed. And it took ages. Not quite as long as the sanding but longer than we thought.

We did find our rhythm later but it took a while and then it was time to meet the boy at the train station.

I had spent all afternoon peaking at my phone because I knew he’d have about four hours to kill in Tübingen before stepping on the train and then I was a little worried he’d miss his connection.

But he didn’t text. I heard nothing until he asked if it would be okay to take a different train back home from Munich than the one specified on his ticket. It was totally fine, especially since that train didn’t exist anyway.

I painted racing the clock and managed to sloppily stain the last beam that was accessible without a ladder just in time, threw on some clothes without paint stains and when I rushed to the train station he met me halfway. He had taken an earlier train than I thought.

Meanwhile my poor husband was still perching on the ladder, balancing the bowl of paint in one hand and the brush in the other.

We all had another piece of Easter pie, my mother-in-law included, and since my husband had put it back in the oven again the egg in the middle was cooked all through this time. And it was delicious. We will certainly make that again.

The boy actually told me things about his trip. The youth hostel in Tübingen is rather picturesque and sitting right next to the river there, he was learning things about China and drinking all the tea in the morning and they had the afternoons off.

He looked rather tired but it seems his trip was fun. He insisted on unpacking immediately. Which means I taught him well.

Eventually my husband finished painting too, we each had a beer and then I got ready for bed.

Today there will be – wait for it – more painting. While the paint I bought is white it only stains the wood lightly and we are both thinking that three coats will be better than one. And we should have enough paint for that left.

But. That means we need to paint the balcony two more times.


We are thinking we should start real early today and then paint again in the early evening. You’re supposed to wait twelve hours between the coats of paint but I’m thinking the paint won’t explode if we cut it short. Also, it’s really warm and sunny here right now.

So. Painting, eating lamb at my mother-in-law’s and more painting.

Everything is still hurting, only a little more so. I’m still pretty stoked that I am physically able to do all of this. I mean, after the work we did the day before I didn’t expect myself to be able to roll out twelve layers of dough for the pie. They needed to be as thin as strudel dough. That’s the one you’re supposed to be able to read a newspaper through.


One more day and then we should be done. Wish us luck.