Aug 062010

Today I went to town and had tea with a friend whom I only see once a year or so. We met at a marvelous little café that I have loved for years. Once upon a time I lived right around the corner.


We had very tasty breakfast there with huge bowls of fresh fruit and yoghurt (not pictured; I usually forget to take pictures of food until it’s too late). But look at the nice Chinese tea sets.


This is what I looked at, and the following is a look at the weather:


(My friend isn’t a blogger so she was a bit surprised by me pulling out the camera. I only said, “I’m taking a picture a day at the moment.” and when I took the one through the window she said, “What are you taking a picture of?” “The rain.” I replied.)

It was a real treat to meet a friend and chat for hours, and afterwards I went and bought five different kinds of licorice. What could be better?

  3 Responses to “Having tea with a friend”

  1. That looks like a great place. I wish I could have a cup of tea with a friend; I’ve been stuck with the kids for too long this summer.

    Five different kinds of licorice? That sounds like nirvana!

  2. I love the splash of the rain on the table. Looks like perfect cozy tea weather.

  3. That’s the biggest change for me since starting this project – I feel free to snap pictures that aren’t obviously “of” anything. I love the top picture of the tea table – photos like that make me feel like I can walk in and sit down.

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