Aug 052010

So, on Tuesday my husband decided to do some spontaneous renovation work and replace the lights in my studio. (Don’t worry, I did help.)


The lamps directly above my piano and desk where broken, and the lights made a low electrical buzzing sound all the time that came through my stereo speakers. After a day of teetering on a high ladder and another of changing the switches I have functioning lights again:


On Wednesday we rode our bikes to the Andechs monastery. This was the first time ever that our son rode along us on his own bike. We do this about once or twice a year but the years before he had either sat in the bike trailer or for the last two years we took the train and only walked a couple of kilometers. That bike ride takes about two hours, and I’m really proud to say that he made it. This year we took a different route than we had before which turned out to be a good choice. We mostly went on bike paths and dirt roads not like last year when we had to dodge trucks all the way. It’s quite a workout getting there but then you get this:


And also some pork roast but I was too hungry to take a picture.

Today was yet another rain day, and the big thing for today was this:


A piece of empty floor where there used to be a sea of toys. Our son actually picked up some of his things. We’re very hopeful that some time this month we might be able to actually vacuum in his room. Rejoice!

We had planned to go camping this week but since the weather is that bad we decided not to. Better to sit in your home high and dry than sleeping in a tent in the rain.

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