May 102019



  • GumGum socks: finished
  • Scary Blythburgh: finished
  • Crazy Tee: divided forbade and sleeves
  • Owligan: knitted, needs weaving in of ends and buttons
  • Dalek-Hat: finished
  • Advent-Calendar Coriolis: almost done
  • Toe Socks: one sock still needs toes, the second one has been started
  • Handspun Vanilla Rib: first sock finished



  • Advent calendar from Stefis Wolle: finished
  • Merino and BFL for Starry Nights: started spinning
  • Merino/silk on Bosworth Featherweight: finished
  • Ordered Corriedale for a sweater for my husband

Project Wardrobe:

  • Started making a pair of yoga pants which are too tight

What I talked about in the last nine episodes:

  1. Looking back and forwards
  2. How to document your projects
  3. The UFO-drawer
  4. Vague plans for projects
  5. The stripy sweater inspiration
  6. Knitting and depression
  7. Sock construction
  8. Spinning sock yarn
  9. Knitting in the 80s

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