Jan 232017

I have knitted:

I have spun:

  • red cotton: more spinning
  • green merino/silk on the Bosworth Featherweight: about 3/4 spun
  • green BFL with glitter: done
  • first half of the BFL with the Pi-shawl is almost done
  • brown Ashford merino: sample skein on the Little Gem gesponnen
  • dyed by me burgundy merino on the Bosworth Mini: spun about 150 gram
  • Targhee by Etherische Öle on the Turkish IST Crafts started
  • brown Ashford merino: spun for the Miss Marple cardigan
  • red-white merino-silk on the Victoria: spun all the yarn for the Armande cardigan
I have crocheted:
I have sewn:
  • Swing-Kleid: one in purple and one in orange with red dots
  • burgundy Leggings done
  • orange-red striped and purple Leggings: done
  • Martha-Kleid: the first one is done
  • Alabama Studio-Top: still needs embroidery on the second side seam, and facings
  • cut out three pairs of leggings
I have embroidered:
  • Dropcloth Sampler „Knotted Stitches“: finished
  • Dropcloth Sampler „Filling Stitches“: started
I have woven:

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  1. Mein iTunes findet leider den zweiten Teil dieser Folge nicht.
    Dasselbe gilt für Folge 80.
    Kannst Du da was ändern, damit iTunes die Teile findet?

    Liebe Grüße,

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