May 142009


When you take a look at that picture you’ll see why I’m posting so late today. (Shame on me. I should be in bed by now. Susanne won’t get a sticker tomorrow.) I actually had a shot that was way cooler save for the fact that I didn’t use flash and therefore it looked all orange-y.

I just finished sewing a dress that I started two years ago. And it fits, and I love it, and I made a matching purse! The purse is somewhat cute, and much too small. I’ll tell my husband to take pictures on Sunday when we have a family thing. Also there are two pieces of lining fabric in the picture that I didn’t need.

The sheet music is a fake because it’s a piece of waste paper that I used to draw the pattern on. The purse pattern, not the dress (don’t look at the ugly stripey thing, click on the small image with the jungle print, version B, that’s the one I made).

This is part of Projekt “Farbe bekennen“.

  2 Responses to “Projekt “Farbe bekennen” – green/ grün”

  1. Indeed – all things get finished in the end. It’s good to have patience with yourself.

    I’m enjoying all the colour posts by the way 🙂

  2. Jungle print. Yowza! Good for you. I am so in awe of sewing, knitting …all the talents you possess. Such a creative spirit! Hope you are well.

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