May 172009

When I was a teenager I hated all things brown because brown was the color of Nazi uniforms. Since then I have come to realize that brown is also warm, and the earth, and lovely, and the color of the robes of the buddhist sangha whose meetings I sometimes attend. So, these days I like brown very much.


I’m cheating again, because this is a picture my son took today at the confirmation of my husband’ s niece. A little while later, when he gave the camera back to my husband, the camera fell down on the same boards that you see in the picture, and now it’s broken. I don’t know if it can be fixed, and I don’t know if I can continue the last six days of the project “Farbe bekennen“. It is a joy, though, to see the pictures he took with my camera, a much better camera than his which is little better than a toy (and which wouldn’t have mind being dropped, but it wasn’t really my son’s fault, it could have happened to anyone). It’s really great to see what he was interested in. Also, now I have a lot of pictures of people’s midsections…

May 162009

Finally a color whose name is the same in English and in German. That’s because it’s French, obviously.

Again, I had a hard time finding something beige so I cheated a bit. This shot is part of the series that I took for my very first blog header back in February 2006 when the blog was still called “Diapers and Music”. In the end I didn’t take this one because you couldn’t really see the music part, that is that all the things sit on top of my piano:


This is part of Projekt “Farbe bekennen“.

May 142009


When you take a look at that picture you’ll see why I’m posting so late today. (Shame on me. I should be in bed by now. Susanne won’t get a sticker tomorrow.) I actually had a shot that was way cooler save for the fact that I didn’t use flash and therefore it looked all orange-y.

I just finished sewing a dress that I started two years ago. And it fits, and I love it, and I made a matching purse! The purse is somewhat cute, and much too small. I’ll tell my husband to take pictures on Sunday when we have a family thing. Also there are two pieces of lining fabric in the picture that I didn’t need.

The sheet music is a fake because it’s a piece of waste paper that I used to draw the pattern on. The purse pattern, not the dress (don’t look at the ugly stripey thing, click on the small image with the jungle print, version B, that’s the one I made).

This is part of Projekt “Farbe bekennen“.

May 132009


Hey, I’m back again! Now we’re entering the greens which I love. Here you see a picture of one of our new water bottles, and the flower pot that my son’s bread came in for Mother’s day. They made a yummy sunflower seed and buttermilk bread that they baked in these clay flower pots, decorated with a cardboard flower and a card with a sappy poem. Of course I cried when I read it.

This is part of Projekt “Farbe bekennen“.

May 122009


Over the last few days I really had the urge to post a sign here saying “I aten’t dead” but then I was too busy to do even that. First there was hormonally induced complete paralysis on Friday morning followed by a mad day of teaching, on Saturday we celebrated Vesakh with hundreds of other people in M.unich, on Sunday I got a present of self-baked bread from my son (he made it in kindergarten and it actually tastes very good), then I realized that I have a family event to go to next Sunday for which I don’t have anything to wear but a half-finished dress, so I spent the rest of Sunday sewing (still not finished), and on Monday I got a new iPod touch as a replacement for my PDA. Since then I have spent my time either trying to make that do the things I took for granted on my Palm, or teaching.

But my sister told me that she was tired of looking at that old faded pink photo from the post below, and here I deliver. Maybe I’ll make up for the colors I missed in the project “Farbe bekennen“, maybe I won’t.

This is a picture of my husband’s reading glasses on my piano stool. Turquoise is my husband’s favorite color ever. Though he says orange has grown on him in all the years we’ve been together.

And now off to put my son to bed.

May 072009


I really have a hard time finding pink things to take pictures of for this project. Above you see the sum total of pink or hot pink things in the entire house: my son’s hot pink tee (that he never wears), and a playmobil mermaid (also his).

I’m really glad that tomorrow’s color will be something else than pink.

Oh, and for the title, in German pink is called “Rosa”, and hot pink is called “Pink”; fuschia is “Fuschia” though pronounced completely differently than in English.

This is part ofProjekt “Farbe bekennen”.

May 042009

tarot card pouch

And again an old photo. I don’t think I ever showed you these tarot card pouches that I made before my husband and I went to Paris. I made them from leftover fabric without a pattern.

For the color red there were almost too many pictures to choose from, or things around the house. I love red and orange.

I wanted to write a real blog posts for a change today but I have a massive headache. Maybe tomorrow.

This is part of Projekt “Farbe bekennen”.