May 122009


Over the last few days I really had the urge to post a sign here saying “I aten’t dead” but then I was too busy to do even that. First there was hormonally induced complete paralysis on Friday morning followed by a mad day of teaching, on Saturday we celebrated Vesakh with hundreds of other people in M.unich, on Sunday I got a present of self-baked bread from my son (he made it in kindergarten and it actually tastes very good), then I realized that I have a family event to go to next Sunday for which I don’t have anything to wear but a half-finished dress, so I spent the rest of Sunday sewing (still not finished), and on Monday I got a new iPod touch as a replacement for my PDA. Since then I have spent my time either trying to make that do the things I took for granted on my Palm, or teaching.

But my sister told me that she was tired of looking at that old faded pink photo from the post below, and here I deliver. Maybe I’ll make up for the colors I missed in the project “Farbe bekennen“, maybe I won’t.

This is a picture of my husband’s reading glasses on my piano stool. Turquoise is my husband’s favorite color ever. Though he says orange has grown on him in all the years we’ve been together.

And now off to put my son to bed.

  2 Responses to “Projekt “Farbe bekennen” – turquoise/türkis”

  1. tja, man hat halt doch einfluß auf den partner…
    mein mann sagt das auch immer. wobei ich ja auch bestimmte sachen inzwischen trage bzw. mag, die ich vorher nichtmal mit der bohnenstange um die ecke geschoben hätte.

    jedenfalls schön, daß dein mann mut zur farbe hat! 🙂

  2. I like turquoise very much, too. It is Fiona’s favorite du jour. And I think it complements orange quite well.

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