May 072009


I really have a hard time finding pink things to take pictures of for this project. Above you see the sum total of pink or hot pink things in the entire house: my son’s hot pink tee (that he never wears), and a playmobil mermaid (also his).

I’m really glad that tomorrow’s color will be something else than pink.

Oh, and for the title, in German pink is called “Rosa”, and hot pink is called “Pink”; fuschia is “Fuschia” though pronounced completely differently than in English.

This is part ofProjekt “Farbe bekennen”.

  2 Responses to “Projekt “Farbe bekennen” – hot pink/pink”

  1. kein pink bei susanne?
    soll ich mal zum küche streichen vorbeikommen? 😉

  2. Liebes Schwesterlein,
    kannst du nicht ein neues Foto einstellen, damit mich nicht jeden Tag dieses grelle verwaschene Pink begrüßt? 😉 Außerdem mag ich deine Fotos … 🙂

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