May 122019

I slept in until 6.30, didn’t do anything useful, had breakfast, finished a novel, knitted a few rows, did the dishes, vacuumed the house and waffled between going to Munich by train or by bike.

My husband went running and then made scrambled eggs:

IMG 2531

Then we took our bikes and went off to the Vesak-Festival in Munich. It was drizzling a lot and I have to say that sitting around in that weather on stone seats can get rather chilly. We listened to the wonderful Shakuhachi players (while trying to tune out the mantra-singing-with-guitars that was going on right next to it):

IMG 2533

IMG 2532

We had Pad Thai for a late lunch:

IMG 2534

Sitting there under an umbrella we were rather happy about the chair cushions we had brought and also about the mint tea. Very warming.

IMG 2535

There were words about the meaning of Vesak and more chanting, this time Tibetan and then we decided to forego the dancing Tibetan kids and the Tai Chi and more dancing and bike all the way back home instead. Which took us about an hour with a lot of crosswinds.

Then I read some more, starting „A Prince on Paper“ by Alyssa Cole which I’ve been looking forward to for months now, watched some Star Trek with the boy while knitting and went to bed early.

My body is telling me it would like a day off from exercise.

The plan for today is to make asparagus for lunch (if it’s still good), do some very gentle yoga, meet with the boy to work on the teaching website, maybe sew a little and maybe, just maybe, clean a bit more.

I am looking forward to all of it.

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