Apr 112019

Another packed day. I didn’t sleep well again and woke fifteen minutes before the alarm. After turning the lights out too late, of course.

I did manage morning pages, meditation and some writing but felt myself nodding off while typing so I cut the writing a little short and got up. And then I found that I had forgotten to take my thyroid medication which meant waiting thirty minutes before eating breakfast.

Then I started weaving in ends on the knitted t-shirt I had been working on. Boring and tedious work but it needs to be done and I’d rather not leave it until the tee is done. I’m about to divide the body from the sleeves so this felt like a good time.

My husband got up and had breakfast while I was doing that. I did the breakfast dishes, cut my husband’s hair, made a doctor’s appointment for the boy and went for a run:

IMG 2410

It was drizzling which was a good thing (still with the lack of rain) and I enjoyed the run a lot. Found myself thinking how nice it was to run after two days of rest until I remembered that I had been running both days. What can I say, my excuse is lack of sleep.

IMG 2411

I came back home and helped to make lunch:

IMG 2412

Penne arrabbiata with salad and extra bresaola. I’m drinking water because we’re out of alcohol-free beer and no one had time to go to the store.

My husband started teaching early and when the boy came we both managed to overlook the pot full of veggie tomato sauce and instead he took the rest of our sauce. There was no bacon left, only tomato sauce but the boy said that it tasted funny. Oops.

Well, nothing we could do. And he had a nice big portion of penne with tomato sauce ready for dinner.

For once he didn’t have to go back to school after lunch which meant more time to spend on preparing the presentation for his German class.

I taught all the students and everything went surprisingly smooth. The six-week old baby of my first student slept all through the lesson and everything else went well too.

Then the boy and I did some bodyweight training. He was complaining that there were so many classes where he wasn’t sure how to prepare and I offered to help him but he decided to head upstairs and study on his own.

I got ready for bed, ate too much cheese and chocolate and for once turned the lights out early. Phew.

Today there will be grocery shopping and writing and teaching and another early bedtime. At least I hope so.

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