Apr 102019

Didn’t sleep all that well, there was quite a bit of tossing and turning. After the alarm I ended up just lying around for another fifteen minutes.

I still managed to meditate for five minutes and write morning pages and then I got myself to write for 40 minutes. Phew.

Then breakfast and some reluctance to get off the kitchen bench, I was rather comfortably knitting there and reading. My husband told me about a DVD he watched the night before of two Miles Davis concerts.

I did the dishes and then went for a rather short run:

IMG 2408

IMG 2409

I came back and the boy came home almost at the same time. He needed to get back to school after lunch, though. We had mashed potatoes, wieners, peas and carrots for lunch and I distinctly remember taking a picture but can’t find it now.

I was teaching only a few students, always one student, then a long break and another student and another break until 7.15. I used the breaks to get the podcast ready for publishing and finally got everything done shortly after eight. Which meant that I did not do any bodyweight training. Again.

I made my way to bed quickly and read a little. I did buy another book yesterday, „You are a badass“ because I was in need of a little self-help motivation. I’m not sure if it’s good or not but it does make me feel better which is why I bought it.

Today there will be some running, and the writing of the newsletter and the teaching of quite a few students. I’m still somewhat exhausted, unfortunately. I’m hoping for lots of sleep over the next few nights so that I’ll feel better.

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