Apr 062019

And it might take a few more days.

I woke up at 5.15, meditated, wrote morning pages and worked on the novel for 45 minutes. Go me!

Made breakfast, the boy was early and my husband at his normal time. After breakfast my husband dealt with those shelf brackets a little more but still couldn’t finish mounting them. I did the dishes and the usual morning chores and mounted the two new shower heads and the new shower hose for the old part of the house. We now have shiny, new showering facilities. With paint stains in lots of places but we’ll deal with those soon.

I did part of my usual Friday cleaning and had planned to deep clean the bathroom that we just painted but ran out of time and decided that going for a run for the first time in a week was more important than a clean bathtub. Running was nice:

IMG 2392

Despite the dark clouds it stayed dry, too dry all day. There was a mini-sprinkling in the morning and that was it. We’ll see if those seeds there will grow into something, or not.

IMG 2393

I came back home where my husband was hard at work making pizza. I immediately started chopping for the salad and helped get the pizza ready.

The boy showed up and was a little grumpy that lunch was decidedly not ready. I think he forgot that he was coming home earlier than usual and he was overestimating the time it takes to bake pizza.

IMG 2394

Pizza was very yummy and the boy was finished with lunch in time to go back to school for a debate on climate something which he had to attend because of the one time he went to one of the „Fridays for Future“ marches.

I had great plans to do the dishes and clean the bathroom before my first student and failed. I just sat there, extending my lunch break as long as I could because I was still so exhausted.

Then I taught a handful of students, watched some Star Trek with the boy while knitting, finally did the dishes, wrote in my journal and went to bed early.

Today there will be: running, something with eggplant for lunch, the cleaning of the bathroom, no, for realz this time, and the sorting of the yarn. I hope.

I mean, the way I feel a big time slump is imminent but I really don’t want to. I’d like to come out of this weekend with the newsletter written, the bathroom clean and all the yarn and weaving tucked away neatly.

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