Feb 062019

I managed to go to bed too late the night before because I was too tired to get ready for bed, as one does.

The alarm went off at 5.30 nonetheless and after half an hour of faffing around I wrote again. Also meditated and such. Then my husband showed up and I went outside to put fresh gravel on the sidewalk because it was freezing and that made it pretty icy.

Then.I had to wait for breakfast a bit because it always takes longer with the wood stove. Husband was in a slightly bad mood because of the day being insanely packed. I completely understood but I still had the feeling that being cranky wouldn’t make things better.

The boy came downstairs on time again, we had breakfast, he got ready for school, my husband had breakfast, we talked, there were dishes and crochet and all the usual.

We went out and signed the petition and I was happy to see so many people there. There were about twenty people in line before us but we only had to wait for about ten minutes.

Then we hit the health food store and bought all the veggies. My husband doesn’t usually go shopping but he does all the cooking. There is nothing more inspirational than seeing all those luscious, fresh vegetables when you are starting to get hungry. We went back home, my husband got soda and alcohol free beer and we made a quick lunch:

IMG 2218

Yes, those are baked beans from a can. Sometimes you just need something quick and easy.

There were dishes to wash again and then I made a little music and waited for my first student. Turned out her mother had called to cancel because that student was sick. Earlier I had gotten another phone call from one of the new students, she’ll be getting a lesson later today.

I taught my students and all the lesson prep I had done made teaching more enjoyable. I also have prepped more than one week in advance which is very good.

My last student was late which made the strength training a little late as well and made it overlap with some YNAB video training. I did mange to mostly listen to the training while doing my twenty minutes of exercise so I guess that was time well spent.

Then I started this post, finally went back into the old part of the house, did more dishes, got ready for bed, wrote a few more words and crashed.

Today there will be running and maybe the farmer’s market and quite a bit of teaching.

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