Jan 162019

I’m still in a funk from not writing. And maybe I should stop complaining about something that I choose not to do…

I woke up rather early, wrote morning pages, read a bit, meditated and made breakfast. I looked out the window and decided that the sidewalk was clear and didn’t need shoveling. That turned out to be only half true later.

The boy got up and my husband and there was more breakfast. We didn’t light a fire because of the chimney sweep.

I crocheted a bit and my husband and I talked. Well, we basically had a 90-minute discussion on how he had delegated snow-watch to me and then had thought that I hadn’t taken care of it because I hadn’t told him that I had. One of those conversations. He apparently even went outside the night before around ten, only to see that the sidewalk was clear. And then he wondered if his mother had shoveled. Turned out no one had. The sidewalk was still clear.

I did the dishes and started folding laundry and then I let the chimney sweep in and he cleaned the chimney and looked at the furnace. Then I went outside to go to the health food store and realized – the sidewalk did still look clear but if was full of ice.

So all that time that we had thought everything was alright the sidewalk in front of our house had been icy and slippery and dangerous. Oops. I threw some gravel on the ice and went my merry way.

Post office to mail the last Christmas present and then a massive health food store haul. I did skip the bakery because there was a line of six people or so and we didn’t need bread that urgently.

Then I tried writing again and failed. I am really stubborn. I can’t even make myself do things that I want to do and that make me happy. I’m working on it, though.

There was lunch:

IMG 2153

Then more dishes and more sitting around failing to write. It is getting boring by now.

Then I taught quite a few students and enjoyed the teaching a lot. Especially the last lesson of the day because first, I really like the student and second, she got an electrical guitar for Christmas and brought it with her and we got to play „Smoke on the Water“ full tilt with distortion. Fun!

Then the boy showed up for piano practice and strength training, there were more dishes and more writing attempts. Also, too much chocolate.

Today there will be running or walking or something, I’m not sure yet, depends on how much ice there is. Then a medium amount of students and yet another webinar in the evening. And I will miss the beginning for sure because I’ll still teach then. I also want to prepare the podcast. I’m still not sure what topic I’ll talk about. You can leave suggestions if you want…

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