Nov 282018

I woke up early and lounged in bed for ages. Then there was breakfast and then my husband’s breakfast. Again, I somehow didn’t meditate. Bad idea. My days go much better if I take the time to breathe and sit still early in the day.

I wove all the ends in on my cardigan (no picture, sorry) and then I finished the second sock for my husband:

IMG 1996

Then I ran all the errands, including buying buttons for the cardigan, tea, everything for lunch and other food. Lunch was about as Bavarian as it can get:

IMG 1997

I even went out a second time – in the snow – to get dark beer.

Then there was teaching. With lots of breaks. And then we finally got to watch the new episode of ‚Doctor Who‘. I had gotten an email from iTunes support in the morning that they had added the episode to my account. Phew.

And then I looked at my novel. Not because of NaNoWriMo but, well, I still want to write regardless. And when I set the deadline for Christmas my software told me that I’d need to write 1,900 words per day until then to finish it. Assuming that the second in the series will turn out as long as the first one.

1,900 words day in and day out is a lot. I’m not quite sure I want to do that. So I changed the deadline to the end of December. Better.

But if I attempt to finish that novel until New Year’s Eve it means I have to write about 1,600 words per day. Again.

Novel writing month in December, it seems.

Today there will be running and teaching and all the usual. And apparently quite a bit of writing as well.

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