Nov 202018

I woke up just before the alarm and then wasn’t all that keen to leave the bed because it was really cold. There was even a sprinkling of snow on the lawn and the hedge. Streets were clear, though.

Spent some reading time researching books to read and downloading free romance novels. Then my husband showed up, lit a fire in the wood stove for the first time this season and I spent two hours re-knitting the first sleeve on my cardigan. Sleeve cap is finished and I started the part of the sleeve where I don’t need to pay as much attention.

No run and no grocery shopping even though we are dangerously low on cheese again.

We had pasta e fagioli for lunch again:

IMG 1978

Then I tried making myself write while reading romance and eating chocolate. It would have felt much better to just get it over with but we all knew that before…

The I taught one student. The second one canceled because she didn’t feel well and the third one just didn’t show up for no apparent reason. Weird.

Then the boy and I watched ‚Doctor Who‘! Which is always fun. And then I had to help the boy finding a photo of a musician to print out for art class at school. I did introduce him to Amanda Palmer and he actually liked her music. As I had thought he would. Finding a picture of her is pretty easy but getting our printer to print it out properly turned out much harder.

And then I finally managed to write a little.

Today there will be an appointment at the optician’s because of my new test lens that I didn’t test properly because I was sick, and I really need to go grocery shopping were basically out of everything and so I need to take the bike and brave the big store that’s further away, and then I will teach all the students.

And then there’s the monthly webinar with Orna Ross in the evening.

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