Nov 182018

Still a pretty good day, though.

Woke up from the alarm and started slowly into the day. My husband was still in a rather bad mood with no motivation for anything but then he went running and when he came back I had already peeled the potatoes.

I did spend most of the day reading the last Ben Aaronovitch novel which left me unable to do anything else.

We had kale for lunch, from our yard from last year. We had put it in the freezer:

IMG 1972

I did the dishes and quite a bit of laundry. Then I tried to make myself write but only went on reading. I am rather happy that the minute I started feeling better I was actually doing things again. Part of me is always afraid of sinking into perpetual sloth.

Since my husband had complained about feeling lonely and excluded we all sat down for dinner together as well, and then the boy and I watched Star Trek together. And at the end my husband even joined us. Family TV watching! It’s good for us to do things together even if it’s only watching TV. We also had a discussion about „Emilia Galotti“ by Lessing over lunch because the boy has to read it for school, and we tried explaining to him why this might appear stuffy and old and not relevant to him now but how it was rather exciting then. We even looked up Lessing while eating, as one does. So I did learn quite a bit yet again.

I had planned to at least write some words after that but didn’t want to. I am rather screwed NaNo-wise. No idea if I even want to try to finish on time.

Today there will be a little yoga. And definitely writing. I might have to follow Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s example and forbid myself to read fiction before I have written the required words myself. We’ll see.

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