Nov 162018

I slept for about ten hours or so and felt much better in the morning.

I didn’t feel well, though. I’m hoping that things are looking up but who knows, maybe this cold is morphing into something else. Only time will tell.

So I spent another day mostly in bed. As much as I like reading and drinking tea not doing anything else is getting old.

There was chili for lunch:

IMG 1971

And then I went back to bed starting to read yet another novel (novella, actually, „The Furthest Station“ by Ben Aaronovitch because I had pre-ordered his new novel that came out that morning and then realized I hadn’t looked at the novella that came out a year earlier at all) – excellent read, by the way.

I started a load of laundry, ordered some stuff on the internet, taught a few students and that was it.

The boy had asked me, „Can’t you cancel lessons if you’re feeling like this?”

Well, I could. Only then I would either lose the money or would have to re-schedule and I’m not feeling bad enough for that. I did re-schedule the only student I could, by the way, and told the boy we’d do his lesson on Saturday.

And early to bed. No writing again. Things are getting a little urgent with NaNoWriMo.

Today there will be cleaning, I hope, and there will be frozen pizza because I decided I’m feeling bad enough to prefer the taste and nutritional value of cardboard over the energy it takes to make pizza from scratch. Then there will be all.the.students and then it will be the weekend.

There’s a concert tonight that we thought about attending and a birthday party that might have been fun and another concert tomorrow and such.

I’ll be here, at home, lounging around in bed instead. I’m hoping that I can make myself write again soon. I did buy yet another book on writing, „You’ve got a book in you“ by Elizabeth Sims that is highly motivating and almost got me to pick up my laptop again yesterday.

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