Nov 102018

I actually slept until the alarm woke me up at 6. That’s what happens if I turn out the lights around 9.30.

After my husband’s breakfast I started doing the dishes and cleaning the house right away and for the first time in three weeks I cleaned everything I had planned. (The house isn’t really clean as such, it is just not disgusting anymore.)

Then I took a shower and wrote a few words while waiting for my husband to come back from his run.

We went out for lunch and I completely forgot to take a picture of my food. Picture lamb shank, salad and rice with pita bread. The meat was so tender that I didn’t really need a knife.

Then we went back home, I did my singing warmup and made a second pot of tea and started teaching.

I did need the second pot of tea because I was starting to come down with a cold. I had a sore throat and the feeling of pressure in my sinuses. Great.

I taught all the students and counted myself lucky that I still had a voice. Even for singing. I have to say that I keep forgetting how much I enjoy making music. Since my week off last week I have been throwing myself into every song and piano piece with great joy.

After work I started waiting for the boy in earnest. I managed to start making his frozen pizza right on time. He looked rather tired but also pretty happy when he entered the house. Getting out of his room seems to agree with him, especially when he has the chance of meeting other people with similar interests.

He said that his presentation went fine and that several people told him so but he is thinking they were just trying to be polite. We tried to convince him that those people wouldn’t have mentioned the quality of his presentation at all if it had been bad.

I’d really like to infuse him with a bit of confidence but that isn’t really possible.

He talked a lot which is rather unusual and shows that he did enjoy his trip. Then he went to bed early because he didn’t really get enough sleep there.

As for why his backpack was so light for this trip? He forgot to take a towel. He did use the t-shirt he wore on the first day instead so it all turned out okay. He only realized that he could have bought a new towel when he was sitting at our kitchen table again. Funny.

I decided to skip writing in the evening once again in favor of an early bedtime, hoping that that would drive the cold away.

Today there will be running, and maybe I’ll go to the optician again to get yet another test contact lens. I have big plans for an afternoon of writing with maybe a little knitting thrown in and the watching of last Sunday’s episode of „Doctor Who“.

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