Nov 032018

I slept rather late, woke up from the alarm. Was in total vacation mode and lounged in bed for an hour before getting up.

The boy was up early again. Very strange.

Then I got an acute case of procrastination. I ended with me decimating all the cheese in the house and all the chocolate and reading a third of the last Heartstriker novel which I highly recommend, only not instead of cleaning the house. I did measure myself and the gauge swatches and decided on a size for my sweater.

I barely got started cleaning before it was time to go out for lunch. Lunch was really good and it was great to be out with my husband and son. A rare treat:

IMG 1943

Then I decided it was time to buy more cheese (and chocolate). Came back home, started getting the podcast ready for publication, wound two skeins of the burgundy merino. Then I hung up a load of laundry and started knitting the sweater.

Watched an episode of „Deep Space Nine“ with the boy and while we were doing that my husband came in and put the fiber advent calendar package on the table. You know, the one I have been waiting for for more than a week. Looking at the address label made it clear why I hadn’t gotten it yet. Not only was the street wrong by one letter but the number was also totally off. As in 15 instead of 50.

But it is here now. It does look a little worse for wear but the bags with the fiber look unharmed.

I am very happy that that has gone well in the end. Now I only have to wait for another month before I can see what color the fiber will be. But that is the nature of an advent calendar.

Then I still had to write all the words. Fun! And decided not to. Dumb move and not fun. That made the day a major procrastination day. Boo.

Today there will be running and writing and knitting. Not much else because while we were planning to see a concert it turned out that this time the trains wouldn’t be running and we would have to take some busses instead. That combined with a double concert made us reconsider so we might stay in tonight.

You won’t hear me complaining, I am pretty happy staying home. Maybe that will give me some much-needed writing time.

Yeah, I know. The time is not the problem.

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