Oct 102018

Slept until the alarm went off again. Weird. Also good but usually means no writing before breakfast.

And then I found that I wasn’t feeling all that great. I’ve been wondering if I’m getting a cold for days now. My husband is wondering if he has a GI infection, so clearly something is making the rounds.

So there was breakfast. Again no writing because I felt the urgent need to research my symptoms.

Slow morning. Then we realized that the heating wasn’t working. I went down to the basement and after turning the furnace off and on again a few times it seemed to work again.

I went to the tea shop (and had a lovely conversation about branding and marketing with the owner), the pharmacy and the drug store. Well, actually two drug stores but didn’t find what I wanted.

I didn’t help with lunch lot and also forgot to take a picture. It was great, though, potatoes, burgers and peas. Then I did the dishes, hung up laundry together with my husband and ate a little chocolate.

Then there was all the teaching until rather late. In between I researched GIMP again. I am waffling about getting Photoshop but I don’t like the subscription model and it is a little pricey in the long run. So I invested in a new book about GIMP instead. Beforehand I did make sure that the program will do what I need.

When I came back into the kitchen the radiator was ice-cold. Furnace wasn’t working again. Seems we need to call the heating guy again.

I got ready for bed almost immediately afterwards. Then I managed to finally write a bit.

Today there will be running and some grocery shopping (we need potatoes from the farmer’s market and there won’t be time for the supermarket on Thursday this week). Only two students so I’m hoping for sewing and writing and GIMP-learning in between. And helping the boy get ready for five days away.

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