Oct 032018

I almost managed to write first thing in the morning! Unfortunately, almost doesn’t really mean anything. I might get closer, though. I didn’t really want to resist the siren song of „Night and Silence“. I’m three quarters through the book so that will be done soon. Part of me wants to do nothing but sit and read until it’s finished.

I did get up on time, made breakfast, helped the boy get ready for school (these days that means making tea for us both and reminding him that it’s time to get ready) and then I wrote for 25 minutes.

Since I had been to the health food store the day before I had time to try the optician (not time for me right away, got an appointment for Thursday), go to the bakery, buy thread for the Kew dress (funny enough I’m about to run out of orange thread) and buttons for two finished cardigans.

I came back in time to help making lunch, and today the boy was home early as well:

IMG 1835

Did the dishes, hung up laundry, made a little music, started preparing the podcast, taught a few students, did some more stuff on the computer, taught another student, made sure that the boy left for the orthodontist in time and came home in one piece, started writing this post, watched an episode of Star Trek with the boy, read some more and went to bed on time.

Today is a public holiday in Germany, so no school. One of my students said she’d show – we’ll see how that goes. I’m planning to go for a run and record the podcast. My husband is planning an elaborate lunch, something involving marinated bresaola, polenta with sage butter and fried eggplant.

I have registered for yet another webinar tonight but I’m not sure about it, it will be starting around my bedtime and I might have taken that one before as well. I’ll decide about that in the moment, I guess.

That, by the way, is what a day off looks like when you’re me.

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