Sep 122018

I totally forgot that it was 9/11 until someone mentioned it on ravelry. I did sit in silence for a minute then.

Yesterday was all in all a rather good day. I did write for ten minutes first thing in the morning and was reasonably on time for the boy’s first day at school. He was slightly disorganized, he will need some time to get back into his routine.

After breakfast things started spiraling out of control. First I got an email that had me thinking and debating a lot (nothing bad, just something that needs some thought), then the mother of one of my husband’s students called my MIL because our phone seemed to be offline. I zeroed in on the tech problem and found that the problem was with the phone company. We still had internet and we could call people but nobody could reach us and our voice mail was offline. Which is a rather bad thing, especially at the beginning of a school year when a lot of students need to reach us to move lessons around.

My original plan had been to run, take a shower, order a second pair of glasses and go to the health food store. Instead I went to the optician.

I had a long list, I wasn’t sure about the frames I had picked the last time and wanted to order ‚work glasses‘ for teaching and working on the computer and reading, and I also wanted to ask about contact lenses and clip-on sunglasses.

I was lucky and got my favorite optician who answered all my questions and will order the same frame again that I am wearing now, only in a slightly different color. It will be a little more expensive than the one I had originally picked but I like it much better. And it will be for the pair of glasses that I’m wearing the most.

There was still time to go to the health food store.

I helped to make lunch:

IMG 1752

It’s fish.

Then I did the dishes and prepared for teaching, taught all my usual students and mostly called it a day. I did write some more and drew my daily bad practice drawing as well.

Today there will be: running and music and writing and teaching. There are several things I could go to tonight but I’ll rather stay at home. I’d like to have more days like yesterday and the day before. Even if they sound boring when I retell them I have made significant progress on some things that are really important to me.

And that makes me feel very happy.

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