Sep 102018

I did change my routine for once and wrote for ten minutes first thing in the morning.

My plan was to write like crazy the whole day and finish the novel. Well, let’s say things did not go quite as planned.

I did set up a new bullet journal in the morning. I bought one of the official Leuchtturm bullet journal notebooks and it is nice and hefty but I’m a little unsure about it. Mostly because it’s turquoise. Today when I was carrying it around the house, together with my ebook reader in its orange cover and the iPad in its bright red cover, it didn’t really look like it belonged to me. Up to date I have had an orange journal, a red one and one in purple. I think I need to go back to my usual color scheme after this one. On the other hand I am using mostly turquoise and purple ink to write in it…

We had barbecue for lunch:

IMG 1749

I started the afternoon by playing two of the alternate endings for „The Room Three“ which means I’m now all through with it. The game is gorgeous and I found the puzzles to be just the right amount of difficult. Most of the time. I did use a walkthrough for some of them in the end because I couldn’t figure them out. If I had taken notes while playing I probably wouldn’t have needed the walkthrough.

I already bought the next game in the series. Unfortunately, it only runs on my phone which will mean playing on a teeny tiny screen. I better get my new reading glasses beforehand. (Note to self: order new reading glasses next week.)

Then I procrastinated some more, and some more, and some more, and then I wrote a bit. Total words were 660. I keep thinking if I just sat down and spent a day writing I would be done with this thing at last. And then I never actual write for more than twenty minutes.

Sorry for the whining.

The boy and I watched some Star Trek. I pulled the crochet blanket out again and worked on it. That was it.

Today I will probably start teaching again. Official first day of school is tomorrow but we told our students they could come in today. Which usually means that we’ll sit around and wait to see who will show up.

I want to run today and do my measly strength training and all the usual things. I do have a list. In a nice, new turquoise bullet journal.

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