Aug 162018

I basically spent the day with my husband, him telling me everything that happened on his trip and me derailing the conversation.

We both went running and met on the way. My husband, true to form, is getting to know everybody he keeps meeting on his run and stops to chat a lot with the dog walkers. Which is nice. So yesterday he introduced me to a nice bus driver and his rather friendly Rottweiler. My fear of dogs is mostly gone, by the way. Which is very good.

I decided to start my running program over from week two. It’s not really about running 21k any which way, and it certainly isn’t about doing a race, I just want to have a structure for my exercise and stretch myself to improve. I forgot to take a picture again, sorry.

And I might have found an app for my new strength training program! I didn’t quite know how to do it and where to start and now I have a little thingy telling me to start on Monday with two sets of pushups and leg raises. It will be wall pushups and I have to look up how to do leg raises again but that is entirely doable.

We had lunch really, really late because of all the talking all day:

IMG 1672

Finally we’re having real food again.

I then sunk into a stupor for a few hours, started tackling the blog, and then taught one student.

The boy and I watched some Star Trek, I even spun a little, and then the three of us started wondering where Oceania was and Samoa and so we pulled out the big Atlas and Wikipedia, as one does.

Today there will be grocery shopping and some more talking, I’m sure, and I’m hoping to get some things done as well. Other than reading. Or finishing the sock I’m knitting.

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