Jul 312018

I have to say yesterday morning seems so far away now that it’s actually hard to remember.

It took me ages to get going but I managed to show up at the doctor’s office half an hour after they opened. Was told to sit down in a little room and wait. Phew. I had to wait a little more than half an hour for the doctor but that is pretty good without an appointment and on a Monday morning.

Doctor who was wearing very distracting red and blue checkered shorts looked at my foot, listened to my story and asked if I wanted an antibiotic. Yep. I got a nice little bandage on my foot as well and went my merry way with instructions to show up again if it wasn’t better by Friday.

Then I went to the pharmacy for my prescription, to the bakery, to the health food store and to the tea shop, as one does.

And back home.

Did the dishes, talked to my husband whom I had barely seen in the morning. We had pasta and homemade arugula pesto for lunch:

IMG 1632

I’m still not all that happy with that pesto but my husband loves it. I did start to take the antibiotics.

Then I taught two students, prepared cucumbers for making pickles and did a pile of dishes again. I managed to rest my foot for about ten minutes before I had to go.

Then I went out for Stammtisch and to meet Eliandhra who is in Munich at the moment. Couldn’t have real beer because of the antibiotic but I did have dinner so I could take that pill so that’s alright.

I went home and got here around 11.30 which means that I didn’t get quite enough sleep but that’s okay. The bandage looks a little worse for wear, I don’t think it was meant to be walked on for more than 10,000 steps. It feels as if the foot is getting better, though.

Today I will leave for Munich yet again to meet Eliandhra and tonight I have another student at six. I have firm plans to spend Wednesday firmly planted on my easy chair with my foot up on the ottoman doing nothing.

I am hoping to get back to writing eventually, though.

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