Jul 302018

So yeah, I will definitely try to get a doctor’s appointment today. This is not fun. I’m hoping that I will only need antibiotics.

Another rather slow day yesterday. Had breakfast pretty late (around 8) hung around cooling and elevating my foot while knitting and reading and helped to make stuffed bell peppers (from the garden again):

IMG 1630

It was so hot that even my husband didn’t want to eat on the porch.

Then I retreated to my bed and started to get the podcast ready for publication. Then I started uploading the video to youtube. Several hours later it was still uploading, sorry. I will probably publish the podcast some time today.

Then it was time to sit in the room where we keep the TV (we keep calling it the guest bedroom but there is no bed in there anymore) and spin:

IMG 1631

Last day of the Tour and I spun the rest of what I had carded a few days before. I have no idea how much I have spun at the moment but I kept a list somewhere. My goal was to finish the yarn for the mystery knitalong and to spin the burgundy merino after that. Which I did.

There is still a lot of merino left to spin but I’m okay with that.

Went to bed on time.

Today, right when the doctor’s office opens I will either call or go there. I hope that I’ll get an appointment soon. In the afternoon I will teach two students and in the evening I will go to Munich to meet people in a pub.

Full day ahead.

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