Jul 262018

No writing at all which is bad. But otherwise it was a god day.

I went running a little earlier than usual:

IMG 1600

We do need rain.

IMG 1601

7.2 k with lots and lots of walking.

Then I helped to make lasagna:

IMG 1602

This time I forgot to take the picture before starting to eat. I was really hungry.

Did the dishes, want to write but there wasn’t enough time because I talked with the boy for too long.

I taught a few students and in between I watched the Tour and spun:

IMG 1604

Then I taught another student and went off for my monthly meeting with parents of gifted children.

The good thing was that I talked to my husband before leaving and he said that I should take a jacket even though the weather forecast said it would be hot and dry.

I started biking and it was much cooler than I had feared and then the first drops started to fall and it became really windy and then I ended up riding through a veritable downpour. At least I had my rain jacket. My skirt, sandals and hair were dripping wet but at least my tank top wasn’t soaked. I really should get a rain cover for my bike helmet.

The meeting was really nice and there were far more parents there than usual.

When I biked home everything was dry again. That downpour had been over fast and had only been in that area. There had been no rain at all at home.

When I came back home around 10 there was still light in the kitchen and the boy just had dinner. He had met with my husband at the school summer party and they had heard my husband’s students play with the school band. They had just come home.

Consequentially the boy overslept this morning.

Today I will go grocery shopping and record the podcast. There will also be teaching, of course, and I want to card some more spinning fiber because I spun up everything I had carded the day before.

Two more days before summer break …

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