Jul 102018

As they tend to do.

I did get enough sleep, woke up before the alarm and decided to write morning pages. After ten years of almost daily morning pages there came a time when I stopped doing them, but I might take them up again. We’ll see. I also might journal once and then not for weeks.

I thought it might be a good idea to not jump online first thing in the morning for a change. What I’d really like to do is write fiction first thing in the morning but at the moment I can’t make myself do it.

Then breakfast and reading and meditation (only five minutes) and reading in the ‚Daily Stoic‘ and then I procrastinated a bit and it was almost time for my husband to have breakfast. But I was so angry at myself for not writing for days that I decided to try writing anyway.

And it went very well.

I wrote for 6 1/2 minutes before my husband showed up an got 250 words.

So much for the „I don’t have time to write“-excuse. It doesn’t go that fast all the time but still.

My husband felt low because he has all these things he needs and wants to do and every time he does one thing the other thing sits there undone. As one does.

So we talked and I pulled all my productivity and time management tricks out of my head. I also checked his account to see if all of his students had paid for the month and helped him download an MP3 on a USB stick because he needs it on the downstairs computer.

Not that he can’t do these things himself but he was unsure which USB drive to use and other things. Those small hangups really can hinder progress.

Then I went on my 6.44 k run:

IMG 1527

I ran longer than planned because the app stopped when I took that picture and didn’t restart on its own. I ran all the way around that field you see before realizing.

IMG 1528

It was hot. I met my husband on the way and we talked some more. And then I met him again at the end of the route (we ran separately). I ended up running 7 k but that’s okay.

Then we made shrimp risotto:

IMG 1529

Then teaching. I between students I finally managed to make dentist appointments for all of us. Phew. I have been wanting to do this for months now.

Then plying and a little spinning:

IMG 1530

And a little more writing (more than six minutes this time). And to bed on time.

Today I will go to Munich to get my hair cut and then there will be some light teaching in the afternoon. It’s supposed to start raining some time throughout the day, I hope I’ll get home dry.

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