Jun 272018

I did sleep slightly longer that night but only a little. So the sleep deprivation goes on.

I did manage to write a little after breakfast but my husband was somewhat early. I can’t blame him, though, because I heard him open the basement windows half an hour before showing up for breakfast. And he waited that long so that I could have my precious writing time. Aw!

By then the day seemed already hectic because we both had quite a bit of stuff planned. So I went running a little earlier than usual while my husband cooked lunch ridiculously early. So that I could cook jam afterwards.

And it worked.

I ran my 3.22 k:

IMG 1475

IMG 1476

Then I made sour cherry jam. Thirty-nine jars of sour cherry jam. Why yes, that will last us through 2019 for sure. Especially since I don’t eat any jam at all and the boy only very little:

IMG 1477

Then there was chili con carne (and sin carne for the boy):

IMG 1478

And then there was an epic washing-up. I had used all the pots in the jam-making.

Then I taught my students, and because one of them is away to rehearse for the school’s summer concert I taught one if my guitar students how to knit. I really like her and she is picking things up very fast. It only took her two weeks to learn the picking on ‚Behind Blue Eyes‘ which is slightly crazy. It did take me quite a bit longer when I learned it a couple of years back. She also picked up knitting pretty fast.

And then I taught a very new, rather delightful new student.

My husband was meeting a friend for dinner so the boy and I decided to sit down and watch some Star Trek together. I did spin a bit.

So. While I would have preferred to get more writing done I am rather happy with how the day went. And this is it for the jam-making, unless I decide to go and buy apricots. Which I probably will. Because my husband loves apricot jam. And apricots are one of the very few fruits that we can eat because they are low in fructose.

Today there will be running, a little farther this time, and teaching, and writing at one point, and ukulele practice because I made a promise to my two rather small ukulele students that I’d practice every day for the coming week (they are supposed to practice every day as well), and then, just after my last student I will head out to the parents of gifted children-Stammtisch. (You can also attend if you’re just a gifted parent. These things go hand in hand rather often.

And I want to prepare the podcast. Yeah, slightly busy day, I guess.

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  1. Inspiriert durch dein Bild habe ich gestern Aprikosen gekauft für Marmelade. Sind leider weniger lecker als die von letzter Woche. Und noch nicht ganz reif, hat also noch etwas Zeit. Außerdem muss ich noch Erdbeeren jagen, Erdbeermarmelade ist Grundnahrungsmittel für den Mann.

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