Jun 122018

It still was a good day.

For once I did want to keep sleeping when my alarm sounded. Not quite sure why.

I am trying something new again, I decided to measure my writing by how long I’m working and not by how many words I’m writing. And I also decided that setting my goals higher and higher wasn’t working at all.

So I decided to try aiming for one pomodoro of writing per day, better two. And in order to get that done I was diligent about my time in the morning, and the minute the boy was out the door I started meditating and then I started writing right away. For 25 minutes.

That made me feel much better.

I also did the math on spinning for the mystery knit-along I talked about yesterday, and then was very happy to find that I still had a hundred grams of the fiber I ordered in my stash. So I could start on the first skein of yarn immediately.

I also went for my run. It was too hot already at 10.30, I should run earlier. And that made me pretty slow. But still. I got out the door, and I ran. That is good. And – maybe most important of all – my hip doesn’t hurt! So my new way of running seems to work. Which is very, very good.

IMG 1427

IMG 1428

Then I went to the health food store. I did forget that the boy comes home for lunch early on Mondays. Just like every Monday lately. I have now put an alarm in my phone to remind me.

Helped my husband make lunch. Sugar peas from our garden, that was really good. My husband was Thai-inspired, and used Thai curry from the health food store that turned out to not be hot at all. So next time we’ll put some chili in there:

IMG 1429

Then I did the dishes, read a little, did my singing warmup and started playing a Brahms waltz that I want to learn.

Then teaching, then a little more writing, then a little spinning and then to bed.

Rather good day.

Today I will go to the grocery store, and teach and repeat mostly what I did yesterday. I’m totally okay with that.

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