Jun 102018

That went a little different than planned.

Woke up, didn’t write, had a leisurely morning. So much so that I went running an hour later than planned.

IMG 1414


IMG 1415


IMG 1416

My husband was nice enough to make me lunch at 11.45, though, and so I went to the spinning meeting only and hour later than planned.

Spinning meeting was really nice and had a big buffet. I met the woman who had asked me about my spinning wheel and wanted to try it, I met someone I had last seen in December, and someone completely new.

I still went home rather early. I didn’t really feel like spinning and decided I needed a little peace and quiet.

I had taken the bus because I afraid of thunderstorms but there weren’t any in the end.

When I came home much earlier than expected my husband said, „Oh, then you could come with me to my friend’s birthday party after all.”

I thought a little. Two people things in one day is usually a no-go. But the party would be near a lake and my husband never go anywhere together and I felt spontaneous so off we went. About two hours later.

I even started a new pair of socks so I would have something to do with my hands.

We took the train and walked from the train station to the lake, it was all rather idyllic. We met people that my husband has known for more than forty years, people who went to the same school than him and grew up around here.

There were these Thai balloons:

IMG 1422

We went home rather late but before midnight. Since I woke up at my usually time I didn’t get much sleep.

So today I won’t do a lot. I want to write a bit and I had this slightly crazy plan of tackling the piles on the dressers in the bedroom. I have been whining about those for years and just the other day I got this idea that I could just spend a day going through them, sorting, putting things away where they belong and this time actually deal with what’s in there.

There are knitting supplies I inherited and unfinished projects that go back years and a mending pile that might still contain the boy’s favorite t-shirt from kindergarten.

I had whined about those piles yet again on my podcast the last time and a very friendly podcast listener was giving me advice about how to deal with the stuff (she was also offering to put a zipper in one of my almost finished sweaters) and I might have had enough of hearing myself complain about this.

I hope. Not having piles and piles and piles there would be great.

On the other hand I am really, really tired today.

  4 Responses to “Daily Journal – Day 272: All people all day”

  1. Ich habe bei den Kindern auch noch Stapel liegen (wir sortieren gerade die Kleidung auf die einzelnen Mädchen und beschriften diese und in der Wäsche war noch einiges). Sollen wir uns das für heute mal vornehmen (11.06.) vielleicht so 20 Teile wegzusortieren?

    • Okay, ich wollte heute eh wieder an die Stapel. Ich werde das jetzt so peu à peu machen.

      Sorry, ich habe deinen Kommentar heute früh gelesen und dann vergessen, zu antworten.

      • Vermelde, Hälfte der Kleidung vom Stapel haben wir gestern auseinandersortiert (ca. 14 Teile, also nicht so viel, wie es sich anhört, aber immerhin deutlich weniger Kram auf der Kommode) Letztendlich waren wir nach 10 Minuten durch, nach nochmal 10 Minuten Vorbereitung. Also gar nicht so viel Zeit, wie man ähm ich immer denke und das deshalb vor mir herschiebe

        • Yay! Diese Sachen kosten nie soviel Zeit wie man denkt, aber trotzdem schiebe ich sie endlos. Als wenn sie super-unangenehm wären, was sie auch nicht wirklich sind und danach geht es einem immer viel besser.

          Ich habe mein Ausmist-Projekt mal wieder auf die lange Bank geschoben, weil ich mir zuviel Großprojekte auf einmal vorgenommen habe, hüstel.

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