Jun 012018

I did that thing again the night before where I nod off while sitting in bed without actually going to sleep. Which is one of the dumbest things you can do. Usually I find myself about an hour later, still sitting there with a crick in my neck, finally extricating myself from the sheets to go and brush my teeth.

As I said – dumb.

I was seriously angry at myself for not reaching enough of my goals for May. Which always happens to me when I set up my bullet journal for the following month. I mean, I already knew that I didn’t finish the novel draft but somehow having to transfer that goal to the following month yet again makes me rather cranky. Maybe I should work harder to reach my goals…

I decided not to run, don’t quite know why but the crankiness was getting stronger. Again, pretty dumb, because running is usually pretty good for resolving crankiness.

I did manage to record the podcast, though, and afterwards I felt  a little better. I wrote the show notes, took pictures of my projects (and then took them again when I found they were overexposed), cut the audio, cut the video and then uploaded the video to youtube.

Then I gallivanted off and watched some Netflix with the boy. We actually reached the cliffhanger of „Big Bang Theory“ season 10 today, and then I got to introduce him to „The IT crowd“. I think it will be fun to watch that together. I haven’t seen it yet either.

Then I waited for the video to finish uploading, and then – I had uploaded the uncut raw version of the podcast (including the countdown and clap that I use to sync audio and video) and without audio for some reason. Hm.

So I get to do that again today. Fun!

At least I still had the cut version with the audio. Which was a bit of relief.

So. Today at about eleven my husband’s uncle and aunt will descend upon us, or rather upon my mother-in-law and we all get to sit around and eat Weisswurstfrühstück while listening to the pearls of wisdom they share with us for a few hours. While drinking beer. Because this kind of breakfast is a Bavarian affair.

I am predicting that the rest of the day will just go poof! again.

I have high hopes of getting some cleaning in before that. And we all know what happens to my high hopes, usually.

But the weekend is completely open (at least so far). So, high hopes again.

Yeah, I know. Dumb,

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