May 142018

Apparently, I seem to have been in bad need of a day where I did nothing at all.

I woke up at the usual time and made breakfast, started reading the new Gail Carriger novella and crocheted some more on the shawl I started yesterday:

IMG 1327

Then I decided to rip the shawl back because those colors will be perfect for my husband but not for me. Unfortunately, too many holes are considered too feminine in our society so I looked for a different pattern. I found one that I really liked but I would have needed a double-ended Tunisian crochet hook for that and a second ball of yarn. I only realized after buying the pattern.

So I did the obvious and ordered new crochet hooks. As one does.

I did find another pattern for a cowl for my husband eventually. I’ve been working on that all day and I really like it.

I got nice flowers for Mother’s Day:

IMG 1330

My hibiscus died some time last year and I’m happy to have a new one. I really hope that I will be able to keep that one alive.

I called my mother on the phone and helped making pizza:

IMG 1331

Oh, and someone commented on that plate on instagram. It was a present from my colleagues when I left the school I had been teaching music at for a few years. I try not to look at it too closely because the sheet music and the instruments are all wrong. It makes me want to pull out a red marker and correct all the mistakes. But it’s one of two plates in the house that are big enough for pizza.

Then my husband left to meet a friend in the city. I had big plans that included sewing and writing but in the end I barely managed to do the dishes. I did manage to eat an entire bag of potato chips but I don’t think that’s something to be proud of. I am building up a rather unnatural amount of resistance against the whole sewing project. I can totally see myself sitting there, wailing, at the end of the year while still wearing the same ratty pair of yoga pants.

It finally started raining which was glorious, everything was all dry and sad. And I managed to take care of everything in the backyard in time.

There was a bit of writing but not all that much. And I actually managed to go to bed on time for once so I’m giving myself a gold star for that.

Today there will be running and teaching and writing and crochet and music and the usual stuff.

New week, new chance.

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