May 132018

Another day where I woke up too early. I need to go to bed earlier again.

I really wanted to start writing right away but didn’t. I never do.

But I did start writing right after breakfast which gave me 32 minutes and 980 words. Woot!

I went running rather early and did not do the breakfast dishes. Running was great but around kilometer six my hip started hurting again. I didn’t like that.

IMG 1322

I only took one measly photo because I have the feeling that that is draining the battery.

When I came back home my husband had a) started to worry because I was out for so long, and b) lunch ready. I really loved that.

I took a shower right away, ate my lunch and went off to spinning meeting on my bike. I have to say that after those 11k my legs weren’t all that thrilled about biking. But I got back into the groove.

Spinning meeting was nice as usual and people apparently liked the cherry lemon muffins I had made. There are dried sour cherries in there plus lemon juice and peel so they are rather luscious. I had three myself.

IMG 1326

I did leave early because I wanted to be back home And spent an hour sitting on my husband’s terrace starting a new crochet project.

Then I watched some Netflix without the boy because he didn’t feel like it and then I actually sat down to write some more words.

Today there will be a whole lot of nothing. And writing, and music. And maybe taxes, I’m not quite sure yet. I have all these big projects that are fighting with each other so I don’t get any of them done. I think I should stick to one and finish it, and then the next.

And the taxes are the one thing that does have a definitive, outside deadline.

We’ll see.

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