May 062018

Somehow I did quite a bit of things and got nothing done. One of those days.

In the morning I actually went to the bakery to get breakfast for my husband and son. I walked/ran 10k and it was fun. My hip hurt a little but that’s gone by now so I’m good. I took quite a few pictures:

IMG 1308

IMG 1309

IMG 1310

Then we had leftovers for lunch but a lot of work with them because I had to make the salad and prepare a mountain of herbs. There was asparagus soup which is not photogenic but tasted great:

IMG 1311

And then fried potatoes with egg and salad:

IMG 1312

That’s one of the few things I eat with ketchup.

Then I took a long break and did the lunch dishes around three, and then I took a shower and then I folded three loads of laundry and put them away and hung up another one and I painted my toenails and then it was already dinnertime. I did sing and play the piano a bit but that was all I got done.

I’m hoping that today will be more productive and somewhat leisurely at the same time. But Sundays are tricky too.

Okay, all the days are tricky.

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