May 042018

I have to confess I felt like I was out of energy and had done enough for the day around the time I left for my doctor’s appointment yesterday morning. But I actually went running after breakfast.

IMG 1302

IMG 1303

And I would have been on time for the appointment if the train had been on time. I was only a little late, though.

My thyroid looks just the same as last time and I’ll continue taking my thyroid medication and come back again in six months.

Then I did the epic health food store run, took a train, and then went to the local health food store because there had been some things I couldn’t get at the first one. Also, I popped over to the pharmacy to get new meds and – of course – they only had one thing there and had to order the second one.

Then I took a break.

Then I helped making lunch.

IMG 1304

Yummy asparagus, potatoes and ham. I did leave the dishes unwashed because I wanted to record the podcast and managed to finish that fifteen minutes before my first student was due.

After teaching I was back to the pharmacy for getting my allergy medication.

And then I still wanted to get my writing in and maybe even start listening to the podcast and writing show notes.

I helped the boy with dinner and made pizza dough and did a massive pile of dishes that I hadn’t been able to do after lunch.

And then I just sat there jumping from book to book instead of reading and looking at instagram and twitter.

And then I decided that I was too fried to do anything else. I still felt bad about it.

When telling myself that I have to write every single day from now on I did leave myself a buffer. I get four days off this month. If I take more I need to make up for it to reach my goal.

It feels really bad to take my first day off on day two but then podcasting is always a little draining, and that on top of all the other things I did that day. And by dinnertime I was so cold I was almost shivering, always a sign that I’m out of energy.

So I’m hoping that today will go better in the writing department.

There is a lot to do today as well.

The cleaning and the pizza and the mopping of the floors, and quite a bit of teaching and the getting the podcast ready for publication, loads of stuff.

I better get the writing in early. Otherwise it will be rather hard yet again. 

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