Apr 292018

Twenty-three years ago my husband and I got married. Almost 25 now.

I woke up early, as usual, and got up just a little later than usual, and was just about to start writing when – to my great surprise – the boy showed up for breakfast. It’s highly unusual that he shows up earlier than my husband on a weekend.

I ran (and walked) my 8k and it went very well. Was even fun.

IMG 1289

Afterwards I got ready to go out for lunch. I even blow-dried my hair.

We tried a new Greek restaurant and the food was very good. Wy too much, though. And then we got the first ice cream of the year.

Then back home, where I sat down and did nothing at all for the next ninety minutes. I eventually managed to write a litte but not much.

And then the boy and I watched some TV shows and I read some more (I think I read about half a book yesterday) and I managed to go to bed almost on time, even.

Today there will be a little yoga, and maybe taxes, and writing, and knitting, and reading. Maybe some music as well.

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