Apr 252018

It’s funny at the moment. I am really busy and doing a lot but I’m not getting anything done. Especially the writing. Which is the most important thing.

I did make a plan, though. I decided that I will write three books in the current series before returning to the one I started last November.

My husband was all confused when I tried talking writing strategy with him. So, In 2012 I started writing this urban fantasy series. I took me two years to get the first novel revised, then I wrote a rough draft of the second, started revising that and decided it was too bad, wrote the second one again, wrote a rough draft of the third one, and revised the second second one.

Then I dragged my feet. Then I found a nice person willing to read it and she confirmed what I already suspected – the first novel is not good enough to be published. Fixing this would mean more than a rewrite, I would have to take the ideas and the story and start from scratch. For all three novels. Totally doable but I have to say that after spending six years on this I am just a little reluctant to start the whole thing over yet again.

So I tried writing a chick-lit novel in November and failed, and the I started a paranormal mystery that should be the first in a series. I wrote the rough draft, and then instead of revising that I started yet another novel, another urban fantasy that I was really excited about, and that one I am still working on. I’m not quite halfway through the writing.

Now all the indie publishing advice says that you should wait with publishing until you have three in a series, and then you should release them one after the other.

My plan had been to finish the current book and then to revise the one I wrote before. But now I’m thinking it would be much better to write the first three books in the series I’m currently writing, plus a novella or short story on top, publish those and then maybe go back to the paranormal mystery and write a few books in that series. I will have to revise it anyway which means going back and reading it so reacquainting myself with the world and characters should be pretty easy.

The plan is a good one. Never mind that this book is seriously kicking my ass and is going very, very slowly.

And that – the very, very slowly part – is why I feel totally unproductive.

I did a lot yesterday.

I delivered a letter by bike because we’re out of stamps, and then I rode to the other end of town to get gas for the lawnmower. It’s always a little weird to pull up at the gas station on my bike with my little canister but I did it.

Then back home and off to the grocery store. A wonderful lunch on the porch:

IMG 1277

(And no, I didn’t eat all of those mashed potatoes. They were good but that was way too much.)

Then I talked to the boy a little, and did the dishes and thought about writing and my story. I have to figure out what happens next and I just realized that I have an inkling of what might happen in the next two books as well. Very exciting.

I taught my students and one of them didn’t show up and I still couldn’t do anything productive because I was waiting for her.

Then I decided to skip strength training because I didn’t feel like it. No, I don’t think that’s a valid reason either.

And then I felt all lost and weird because I had decided to skip dinner (which is a whole other post for another day) and that upends my usual evening routine. Which apparently these days involves sitting in bed with the laptop telling myself that I will write more words any minute now until I’m too sleepy for that.


Today there will be running and maybe going to the farmer’s market for potatoes and teaching quite a bit and more procrastinating about writing, I’m sure.

Yeah, life in progress.

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