Apr 102018

That was a day where I made excellent use of Monday-energy.

Falling back into routine is great, I went running, and taught my students, and worked on the novel, and decided to make a t-shirt, and glued the pattern pieces together and cut everything out.

When the poor boy came home on his lunch break lunch wasn’t ready yet. My husband and I had both forgotten that he comes home earlier on Mondays. So I gave him a sandwich, and he had his warm meal at night.

Teaching was fun, I have my energy back. Well, most of it.

I didn’t quite write as much as I wanted but I did sift through one of the big heaps on the bedroom dressers, gave away two sweaters and a pair of shoes, and I helped my husband with teaching admin, looking through his bank statement to see if all the students had paid. They all had, and now this task is done for the month. He keeps procrastinating about it while I do the same thing at least twice a month.

On the other hand I had been looking at the pile of dust and dirt on the bottom of the hallway closet for months, and when my husband came to put his hiking boots away he took one look at the mess and went off to fetch the vacuum. Which led me to finally getting rid of the pair of winter shoes I haven’t worn in about ten years. This year I finally got new ones so I don’t have to keep them just in case.

Today will be another long day with a long to-do-list. It can’t really be helped. Since I’ll be away Friday evening and all Saturday I have to make sure to get everything important done beforehand.

So there will be the going to the health food store, and the writing, and the music, and the teaching, and the cutting out of fabric, and maybe a little tax preparation. Or maybe not.

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