Apr 032018

So another rather lazy and chatty day with my parents.

The big thing for the day was going out for lunch. The food was amazing, veal cutlet with mushrooms and croquettes, some soup before and chocolate pudding afterwards.

I chose to walk back because otherwise I would have spent the whole day sitting. Half an hour walking was really nice.

Then there was more chatting and TV (at the same time) and cake and tea and more food and then my father asked, „So, when are you making that Hefezopf? When I told him that I had decided not to he informed me that it has been decades since he last had some. So I got up from the sofa and made some:

IMG 1231


Today I will be going home. There is construction work on the tracks so instead of taking a train (and then another and another and another). I will have to take a bus, and then a train and then hopefully reach the one I was supposed to take in the first place.

I will have to leave an hour early. After a good hard look at the train and bus schedule I decided to leave an hour earlier than that, even, so that when one of the buses or trains is late (which they will probably be) I will still catch the original trains. My ticket was pretty cheap but I am bound to take certain trains. Because of the construction there should be a way around that but the fast train that I’ll take from Hannover to Munich is always really, really crowded so I’d like to be able to take advantage of my reservation.

Also I’m supposed to arrive at home around 9.30 pm and that’s late enough.

Yesterday, the boy sent me a message asking, „So, when you will be home today?”

Um, not yesterday. Today. In the evening.

Leaving two hours earlier will mean getting out of here earlier. So that’s good. It also means traveling for ten hours instead of eight which is not quite that good. But I already picked out a burger chain to have lunch in along the way.

So I’m really hoping everything will go smoothly, and that I won’t die of boredom halfway home.

I have knitting and reading and podcasts and spinning, so I should be fine.

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