Apr 022018


Well, nothing noteworthy.

I’m still at my parents’ and I didn’t take a single picture so far. I should remedy that today.

Yesterday I woke up early after going to bed way too late. Bad combination, that.

I managed to write 250 words (and that was it for the day). I set up my bullet journal for April and made some rather delusional goals for the month as usual.

Then I went over to my parents’ and spent the day listening to my father ranting about various things. I still said no to a lot of food but am starting to cave earlier. I’m guessing a two-pound weight gain for the four days. Sounds about right.

We went to my favorite aunt’s in the afternoon for „coffee and cake“. It’s a German thing and about as traditional as British teatime. The cake was excellent. And as usual, I didn’t drink any coffee. Everybody seems to think that I’m a health nut so I got an extra helping of vegetables for lunch (not the best thing for a person who is fructose-intolerant) and got offered green tea in the afternoon (can’t stand the stuff, and don’t drink caffeine after noon – maybe I am a bit of a health nut).

I did manage to extricate myself and walk all the way back on my own which was bliss. Managed to walk all of 5,000 steps today.

And I am really starting to look forward to going running again. I guess I’m over that cold now. I hope.

Today there will be the usual sitting around while people around me talk about stuff I find boring for.a few hours, then we will go out for lunch, then more of the same.

I just found out that there will be construction on the train tracks when I had planned to go back, and that will mean having to take a bus instead of the train and completely changing my plans. If everything goes well that will add an hour to my trip.

My mother offered to drive me to a different train station but that would mean she’d have to drive for an hour instead of me sitting on a bus for half an hour. I think me sitting on a bus is more reasonable. I’d rather have taken the train as planned but that’s not to be.

I’m a little torn between being happy about writing anything at all while traveling, and being angry at myself for not writing thousands of words. Also, I’m starting to miss making music, and today I have regretted not bringing my ukulele.

At home, my husband should have left for Italy which means the boy is home alone now. Well, almost, because my mother-in-law is still at home, and I’m guessing the two will be checking in with each other, and she’ll feed him at least one big meal every day.

Only two more days and one more night, and then I’ll be back home again.

You think I could just click my heels? Pretty please?

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